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Parson's Paddock Shiraz 750ml 6 Bottles for $36 (Usually $16ea) @ First Choice Liquor


Never tried this Shiraz, the lady at the store assured me it was nice, as always YMMV

6 for $36 seems pretty good whenits $16 ea usually.

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    No gentlemen, just ladies.

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    According to price hipster these are only $8 each most the time at coles. Still a little bit of a saving I guess.

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      That is when it's half price, most places at the moment have it for either $15 or $16

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        it's almost always half price.

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      I work here and it is sold at this price 11 months ayear. The discount is only good if you compare it with the price at liquorland/coles. It is one of the best selling items. Good deal but nothing to rush for.

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        Agree. Been buying this 6 for $36 deal for over a year now and Parson's is always in it. Not bad for $6. $8 OK, higher no way. LL in Melb currently 2 for $15 this week if you don't want six.

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    the lady at the store assured me it was nice

    I don't think she would have told you it was terrible.

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    It's been hovering around $6 or $8 for the last 6 or 7 years.

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      Mate, it's $6 bottle!

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        Straight to the pool room spag bol.

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        "Comes from a winery called Project Wine :("
        "A bit like an alcoholic version of Grapetiser."
        Vivino reviews.

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      I've had the cab sauv (don't think the shiraz) and they are very poor.

      You know what you're getting when you're looking at bottles this price, but you still hope to find something that surprises you and delivers value. Pepperjack, Sister's Run are a couple that come to mind (at the $15-20 range)

      • It's really odd reading cab sauv instead of cab sav! You're not wrong though, but takes the point out of shortening it lol

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    These have been 6 for $36 for years. Not bad for a cheap wine, very drinkable but not really worth more $$.

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    This is a Coles group own brand wine. It tastes like a $6 wine but they do a high-low special cycle to make you think you're getting a bargain. Okay for $6 but you would never pay $16 for it.

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    It’s an okay cheap wine - definitely drinkable. Decent deal, I think it’s normally $8 on ‘sale’ which is about every three weeks or so.

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    Been this price forever. It's not a great wine, but it's drinkable. I have a few cases of them in the garage to top up at the later end of a Saturday night. I would not bring this out for the dinner guests but it punches above the average $6 bottle by some margin.

  • Thanks OP, I am going to stock up. We bought 6 x 2 tester package last month and out of the 6 different Shiraz Parson's Paddock was the best by far.

  • It's always at this price at FCL. Same price also for the Cab Sauv.

    Not bad for $6 a bottle, tho.

  • Don’t forget 15% cash back from shopback


  • Pretty common to see it for 6 for $36. It's the only time i would buy it.

  • It’s actually 6 for $36 for a bunch of different wines https://www.firstchoiceliquor.com.au/search?q=specials_text|6%20for%20$36 also once you get to 6 each additional bottle is $6 so you don’t have to buy in multiples of 6.

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    Its never ever $16. You often see it bundled in with another deal. For $6 a bottle I guess its OK for the price but dont expect too much

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    Just look for the Eagle of the Wolf Blass range when on sale at $5-6, you can’t go wrong as an alternative SA quality wine at rock bottom price. About 15 years ago, during the great wine glut I’d pay $2 for these (I sware the bottle alone and white label and freight was more than this!) - killed a lot of vineyards in the Riverland

    This is about that sort of quality and do the fooled, rarely is a $30 bottle much better

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    Usually $16ea

    No its usually 6 for $36. They just jacked the price so they could say it was in sale..Coles Group are getting very cheeky lately doing this, especially the liquor side of things.

    As for the wine, it's not very drinkable now (it's fairly young & rough/harsh), but put it away for 4+yrs (umtil its 5+yr from the year in the bottle) and it'll open up and be better them most $15 bottles.

    If you're after a cheap drinkable one now, go for their $10 Pensilva Estate Shiraz, the 2017 is quite tasty and certainly is up there with any $15 bottles. It's slightly below a Pepperjack Shiraz in quality, but about 1/2 the price..

    • As for the wine, it's not very drinkable now

      Had some tonight, it was quite nice, definitely not harsh. I like the Pensilva estate too.

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      have you tried the El Toro tempranillo from Aldi? Whilst im no wine snob im usually a bit picky when it comes to reds (i dont drink white wine) but i've found i enjoy this drop quite a bit

      • Yeah I'd rate that over the Parsons Paddock rough stuff.

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    If you want a cheap but really good Shiraz, get the award winning Big and Bold cleanskin Shiraz from First Choice or Liquorland at $5.50 a bottle. An epic wine for the money.

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    Waste of $36….hate to sound like a wine snob but if you’re going to bother drinking wine as an adult, do yourself a favour don’t buy $6 wine. For $15 - $20 a bottle you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience. I really don’t see why you’d be buying this tier of wine unless you’re 18 and just looking for a cheap way to get drunk….you only live once, don’t drink bad wine!

  • i will vouch for this wine and it has been this price for a couple of years, plus it is thrown into mixed dozen deals - it's fine as a slugger to wash down with a steak or a mid week spag bol - do not be afraid and give it a roll! i chill mine for a bit, or chuck in an ice cube - no shame at all - or leave the opened bottle overnight in the fridge seems to improve it! i have drunk plenty of more expensive shiraz than this which don't give me the same level of appreciation/satisfaction.

  • noticed the $20 off discount for order over $200 click and collect applies automatically even if you set as delivery.

  • 6 for $36 deal gone. Farewell Parsons and Loophole.
    [Reported as expired.]

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      Tested. Still active. https://imgur.com/a/wUQ103F

      • Dammit. Glitch in the Matrix.

        I ordered other stuff as the 6 for $36 tag was gone. Just tried 6 and it reverts to $36, double dammit.
        MODs Please disregard my Report as Expired.

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