Whats a Good Monitor Arm for 49" Samsung Odyssey G9

Hi guys, I am looking to upgrade to larger 49" monitor. I know the Ergotron HX is probably the best/most suitable arm for this type of monitors. But we do have any other alternative that I could consider? Price is not a problem I know Egotron is probably the best option but if I could get away with a cheaper and equally capable monitor arm, that would be good as well.


  • Just get the Ergotron. I sat on my hands for ages but ended up getting it. Excellent mount.

    FYI the Aluminum finish at Mwave is like $100 cheaper than anywhere else.

    • Thanks! Does the aluminium model at Mwave already supports the Odyssey G9? I thought we still need the HX pivot accessory.

      • Yea will still need the hd pivot. I have the Agon ag493ucx so don't need it. But the mount is so well built and solid. Glad I didn't try cheap out. And saves heaps of desk space.

  • I recently picked up two ergotron LX mounts from skycomp. You won’t regret going ergotron - highly recommend. They are super well made.

    • Yeah I consider the Ergotron as an investment as it will probably support all the different monitors in the market unless something heavier than the G9 comes along.

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