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Ferrari SF1000 Edition Wheel Add On $482.96 (RRP $599) Delivered @ Amazon AU


From Amazon AU page,

Thrustmaster Formula Wheel Add-On Ferrari SF1000 Edition Replica Wheel
Was: $599.00 Details
Deal Price: $482.96 Prime FREE Delivery
You Save: $116.04 (19%)

  • Officially-licensed Ferrari product, featuring the official labeling and markings found on the real F1 SF1000 wheel
  • Life-size (1:1 scale) replica of the wheel from the 2020 and 2021 Ferrari one-seater race cars
  • A world first: clear, precise interactive screen, showing up to 69 different items of information on a 4.3” / 109 mm IPS LCD display
  • Rigid yet lightweight material, for perfectly-balanced Force Feedback: 0.12” / 3 mm-thick carbon fiber faceplate
  • 21 LEDs: 15 for the engine speed, and 2 x 3 for FIA flags
  • The first interchangeable magnetic Push/Pull paddle shifters allowing users to shift gears, no matter how the wheel is turned
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +28

    More than you can afford pal.. ferrari

      • +2

        FOV police are currently looking for that guy

        • +1

          Ultimate bachelor by the look of his pad

          • @spillmill: More like for the guy who is trying to hard who can never afford a real life Ferrari.

        • Guy_looking_through_telescope.jpg

        • -1

          I'm slightly triggered by that lighting behind the tv. I imagine it's incredibly annoying.

          Also I feel like vomiting just thinking about that fov.

  • This is the same price on JB Commercial (I think it might even be $465ish).. I've been tempted, would probably pounce at $399

    • +2

      You might be waiting awhile for it to be at $399. $465 is good if you can get it at that price delivered. Stock is also an issue with these wheels. Even the standard F1 steering wheel has only just gone down to $269 from $389 Pagnians

      • +1

        I know. I might not end up getting it at all and I'm ok with that. It's a pretty cool wheel though

    • How do I sign up to jb commercial?

      • Through your union if you can

      • Currently $543.74 + delivery (from $12.00) on jb commercial

  • +13

    can I install this on my 98 Camry?

    • Only if it has the inverted rear axel equalizer.

    • +1

      Compatible with PC (Windows 10), PlayStation and Xbox

      • +4

        So no Camry 98… just Camry 10 :(

        • +1

          Do you have twin overhead foxtails and chrome plated grease nipples?

  • +11

    I'd be spending this kind of money on Fanatec rather than Thrustmaster.

    • +5

      That's if you don't have a Fanatec. If you are in the Thrustmaster ecosystem it's an upgrade

    • 100% agree. Fanatec is far superior.

      • Simagic is far superior to both of them.

        • That's debateable.

          Simagic and Simcube are substantially more expensive for arguably no more performance.

          Those Asher wheels are nice though.

          The biggest difference are pedals though. Heusinkveld Ultimate Plus are what I got and they are epic but I'm told the Sprints are not far off.

          • @imurgod: Arguably no more performance lol. Obviously you have never used a direct drive wheel. The difference in performance is night and day. I own the simagic m10, and while it is less power and only a stepper motor, the performance in force feedback and the fidelity and level of quality far exceeds anything fanatic or thrustmaster have made, and at a very reasonable price.

            • @Patchy01: I own a DD2 so…

              The M10 is great, don't get me wrong, but no more than any of the fanatec DD wheels (arguably they're worse given they use stepper motors)

              They also take a lot more configuration to get them to feel good where the fanatec stuff just works.

              You can't tell me the M10 provides anymore performance over any of the fanatec DD bases.

    • I'm still drolling over CSL DD, maybe someday I can upgrade to it

      • CSW 2.5 still hold their own extremely well

  • +6

    Cheaper than the Mac Pro wheel add on…

  • -1

    So is this for like a game console or something, or do I put this on my real car or?

    • +1

      For Thrustmaster compatible steering wheel bases

  • +2

    Thks OP, been waiting and waiting for one of these. Best I could get recently wss $20 off and from some untested seller. So good it's coming from Amazon if I have any issues. Christmas present sorted.

    • Glad it helps! I was so close on choosing thrustmaster wheel over logitech back then.
      Brb, gonna wipe my tears from my g29 steering wheel..

      • I feel you. I was looking at Fanatec and Thrustmaster options. Ended up going a g29 because it was on special for like 270 brand new and for that price I could probably resell for the same price I bought it for if I wanna upgrade down the track.

        • That's like looking at a BMW and Mercedes but buying a Camry instead 😆

          The Logitech's are great starter wheels though, reliable and cheap, and yes you could probably resell for not much loss.

  • Will it fit in my Honda?

    • +7

      Yes it will fit in boot or passenger seat

  • +9

    Perfect for Farming Simulator 22.

  • +1

    Thrustmaster really needs a high end wheel base

    • +1

      They have a direct drive coming.

      • only for PC currently. The company has long been a proponent for belt-driven devices – which are particularly popular with rally and drift communities – but now looks to be taking the fight to the likes of Fanatec and Simucube in the high-end dedicated sim racing market segment.

        Perhaps what intrigues us the most, however, is the ‘Hybrid Drive’ system, as it’s specifically stated as working across multiple devices and available as a bundle – implying a wheel rim and pedals to be included.

        • +1

          And the real racing simulators belong on PC. Consoles will likely follow later. Anyway, I've already got a DD so I'm not interested!

      • +1

        The CSL DD is hard to beat at that price.

        I wouldn't be going thrustmaster when you can go fanatec

  • +1

    Once you're getting in to this price you may as well go that little bit more and have Fanatec.

  • +11

    is there a Jenson button?

  • perfect for my next high yielder

  • +1

    I am so very tempted to get this, I'm just waiting on a T300RS GT to come on sale first..

    • +1

      I caved, been eyeing this off for ages, love my T300 wheel base, solid belt drive. Now I just need the cockpit.

      • have a look at the wife-approved playseat challenge, can be fold and store away on difficult situation

      • +1

        I caved too, ended up not going used with the T300RS GT and found a new one for $628 shipped.

        Is it the cheapest it's ever been? No
        Is it the cheapest it is currently? Yes

        Did I write my car off on the weekend and does this have an impact on my buying in this case; Probably..

  • +3

    does it have oil spray button like it did in the Monza 2019 race?

    • This may enable in-game "advance" fuel mode :grinning:

      • You mean fuel flow miscalibration to enable additional 10kmh down the main straight of Monza! (aka Ferrari cheat scandal)

  • +2

    Be sure the team connects the drink prior to using, or
    You will not have the drink, sorry.

    • Hahaha you'll be well hydrated with this team fortunately

  • If only Thrustmaster would hurry up and reveal their dd base and details like whether wheels like this will be upgradable and usable with it.

  • Good for GT7?

  • Perfect for Farcry 6

  • My Logitech Gran Turismo wheel is good enough without coming off desperate like this wheel does.

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