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I really hope they redo this deal come black Friday.
24/11/2021 - 21:46
You sir/madam are an absolute legend. Used the xda link and used the trial and error method as suggested by commentors ie (replace 0 at end...
20/10/2021 - 21:42
After several weeks finally got my unlock code from Microsoft. I promptly chucked in an optus sim to go through process but I keep getting...
20/10/2021 - 12:24
If only Thrustmaster would hurry up and reveal their dd base and details like whether wheels like this will be upgradable and usable with...
18/10/2021 - 01:38
Yea currently going down that rabbit hole atm. Hopefully will get mine soon. Thanks to you and @NewbiefromVic for confirming on right track.
11/10/2021 - 15:32
trying to get device unlocked via ATT but didn't realise I needed to confirm request via email link. Stuck in a loop as it wont let me...
29/09/2021 - 11:00
I think the 2 devices could co-exist on 11given the improvements on the new one. Ahhhh well first world problems
23/09/2021 - 10:39
Microsoft says it will try to get an 11 update out for the older device soon. Taken from verge article after the preso. Doesn't instill...
23/09/2021 - 02:39
Worried that without beta program it maybe disaster or still sometime to wait.
22/09/2021 - 20:18
Hoping for a nice surprise tonight. Hopefully Microsoft don't let me down.
22/09/2021 - 19:51
Yea the hardware is impeccable though I can see why many have had the usb cracking issue as that part of the frame is so thin. Yea the...
15/09/2021 - 21:55
Finally arrived. Not much in the way of protective packaging...just a bubble wrap bag. As a result the box was a bit banged up but...
14/09/2021 - 11:05
Galaxy 4 has been awesome. I think you will enjoy it. Wearos headed in right direction. Funnily enough given Samsung's dedication to...
14/09/2021 - 10:11
Finally out for delivery today. Funnily after having wired anxiously for a month might just sell it on cause unexpectedly got a fold 3 and...
14/09/2021 - 09:17
now bring on the unlock process......have heard it take up to a month
09/09/2021 - 20:22
mine also just scanned in, in Melbourne. So hopefully next week
09/09/2021 - 17:23
fingers crossed end of this week. otherwise my z fold 3 will keep me busy
07/09/2021 - 20:42
Typically a fan of auspost but a bit disappointed this time round.
07/09/2021 - 10:22
Ahhhh geez just realised my sat text was a false alarm. Still no news.
06/09/2021 - 08:10
actually got an update this morning. am in melbourne and hoping it will be delivered today.
04/09/2021 - 11:22
Yea got a similar response. Given auspost is pausing deliveries from retailers it could either way as to how soon we will get the package.
03/09/2021 - 04:16
Same... have asked the question on twitter. They are usually really good and helpful hopefully will hear back soon
30/08/2021 - 23:39
Another day and no update.... frustrating
30/08/2021 - 07:28
anyone else get confirmation that has arrived a shopmate warehouse
17/08/2021 - 20:48
Mine shipped too. Supposed to get to auspost site on Mon
11/08/2021 - 14:58
I wonder whether woot with twig when they realise a whole bunch of orders going to the same random address.
10/08/2021 - 16:38
Got below third party pen to use. Hopefully will work okay....
09/08/2021 - 19:51
Mine was getting denied. I had to call my bank (CBA) to get them to get their security system to stand down and allow transaction to go...
08/08/2021 - 15:53
Has your payment method been accepted. Keep getting denied. If I were smart would take it as a sign.
07/08/2021 - 19:00