Multi Device Bluetooth Ergonomic Keyboard

Hi All,

I have an awkwardly specific request to find an ergonomic keyboard that will allow bluetooth connections to multiple devices.

I'm currently using the Logitech K375s, and I love having multiple devices connected via bluetooth. I work from home often and like to have my work device and personal device on the desk, I love being able to easily switch between them quickly without having to reconnect bluetooth or move usb dongles, looking to upgrade to a more ergonomic keyboard with the same functionality.

So far all I have found is
Logitech k860 priced around $180 from various local places.
Jelly Comb KE68 priced around $80AUD but can't find any shipping options to Australia.

Have I missed anything or are these the only 2 on the market?


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    edit: nvm, just realized my recommendations aren't ergonomic. The K860 is probably the best option.

    • Would be interested to see anyway even if not ergonomic.
      Really just looking for an upgrade to something high quality, the K375s feels a bit cheap for all day use. That k860 looks very nice, but have never actually used an ergonomic type before so unsure if I want to spend that much just to find I don't like it.

  • Have a look at the Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard as well - they connect via Bluetooth, however, not sure if it supports multiple devices. I have the K860 at home and the older Sculpt at work and love them both.

    • I was just about to buy the $99 deal on kogan before posting this, but unfortunately only supports connection to 1 device.

      There is a free app I used to use called mouse without borders that lets you share mouse/keyboard between devices which could work for me.

      Out of interest how would you rate the sculpt vs the K860? Is the K860 worth the extra $80?

      • tbh, there is not much between the two keyboards. Maybe a slight preference to the Sculpt's keys 'shape'. The K860, key's are flatter, where the Sculpt's are, well… sculpted :) but both have excellent typing action.

        The Sculpt's connectivity method (usb) feels old school - I can't use it on my ipad for example.

        The biggest difference between the 2 packages are in the mice - the sculpt mouse is trash. I can't stand it and chucked it. The K860, however, is paired with the MX Master 3, which is a phenomenal mouse. I have an older MX mouse that I use alongside my sculpt keyboard.

        Think of it like this - you pay $80 extra for the MX master 3 :)

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