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ESET Internet Security (Digital Key): 3 Devices 1 Year $5.99, 5 Devices 1 Year $9.99 @ Shopping Express


A repeat of this deal for those who missed it. The product key will be emailed and must be activated by 31-12-2021. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Android.

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  • Not again!

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    do people still buy antivirus software?

    havent had any for many, many years… no issues (yet)

    • Yes I do

      But I've been using it since windows xp days when Windows Defender wasn't good enough they said.

      Do we not need antivirus anymore?

      • +5

        Pretty much everyone on Windows 10 or 11 who say they're not using an AV would be using Windows Defender anyway as it's enabled by default.

        In terms of business the need for security solutions is increasing that's for sure. EDR and Threat Intelligence in addition to AV is common with both software and hardware solutions.

    • Hackers are getting smarter now, they don't touch your bank if there wasn't money in it!

      • Pays to be poor! Yew :)

    • Yes it helps Grandma sleep at night knowing her computer is protected.

  • is it any good ? i am not a tech guys so please help

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      Personally, I wouldn't waste my time.

      Microsoft provides Windows Defender which does a great enough job for consumers.

    • +1

      Yes , I rate it as one of the best and definitely less intrusive than others on the market. (I install security software on many hundreds of pc's every year)

      • If you care about how intrusive something is, it isn't doing a very good job. Defender out of the box is not intrusive, full stop.

        I am sorry but unless you need some of the features some of these products have such as for child controls (in which case other software is probably better), then it is a complete waste of money.

        • -1

          For $6 it's a no brainer. And yes, it's better than defender. Better smarts at blocking potentially dodgy sites and embedded scripts.

          • +1

            @Maz78: I disagree - Windows Defender is hands-down better than ESET based on benchmark testing/anti-malware protection capabilities. I've rolled out ESET, Sophos, Cylance, Crowdstrike etc. to large-scale organisations in the past and the main common factor is that they all end up bloating and causing issues with compatibility in one way or another.

            I do agree for the average joe/consumer, $6 for stacking security on top of Defender is a no-brainer but I would have to disagree that it's better than Defender. Microsoft are pouring so much money into Defender - check out their Ignite that's soon to happen next month.

    • -2

      yes its a lot better that what Microsoft offers. and if you use your pc for anything related to work you can ride it off on tax.

      • +1

        I disagree - Windows Defender is a lot better than ESET based on benchmark testing/anti-malware protection capabilities.

        But if the average joe/consumer wants to spend $6 to stack security on top of Defender then why not but I wouldn't do it personally myself. The AV market is dying as is evident with the pricing.

  • Surcharge (1.00%) on paypal, visa and Mastercard

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    I remember using NOD32 years ago but I haven’t had an AV software since before 2010. Never had a problem but I guess I probably don’t fall for the ‘local girls in your area want to meet you now’ either haha.

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      They want to meet you too?

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        Lucky guys aren’t we 😂

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      But she said she is only looking for me :(

  • Will this extend a current licence?

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        Turns out my current licence ends 22/12/2021 so this is perfect timing for that :D


  • I am using a trial version with 3 PCs, it said 2 over used. I have no idea how to add the 3 device 1 year license to it.

  • Can't be a lot of steam left in the AV programme market if keys are being sold for this cheap?

    Thanks for the post OP, guess it's just hard to know whether Windows Defender is doing its job or whether we are all just blissfully unaware.

    Hopefully someone who frequently visits vulnerable filthy, disgusting midget porn websites will post and share their views.

    • +1

      I find Malware Bytes is the sweet spot. Tougher than Defender and replaces AV

      • +1

        Yup.. I run registered Malware Bytes on all my PCs ($20 USD lifetime key was well worth it) and it's got browser malware / bad site blocking as well as AV. Though in the past I have also used the freeware ESET online scanner to find (generally really new) viruses / infections which Malware Bytes did not detect or could not remove.

    • +2

      Nah what's actually happening is that these keys are sold to OEMs and stores for them to bundle with new PC builds. They can of course just resell them cheap and ESET don't mind.

  • I got this in the last deal and it seems to be trouble free, don't seem to notice any slow downs etc. Seems ok.

    • How many viruses has it caught since you installed it?

      • Stupid question 😅

        • So nothing blocked and no warnings, other than legitimate banking sites? lol

  • It blocked all the banking websites! I need to contact tech support tomorrow!

    • you mustve done something with the settings on your end. Gotta read them before you accept or cancel :)

    • -1

      Good thing you are protected from accessing your own, legitimate bank website! Close one, you could have been HACKED!!!1

  • +2

    Redundant product, not required.

    Windows Defender (when updated regularly) is perfectly acceptable, along with logical use of attachments and links (don't open anything unless you're 100% sure its trusted).

    • Yep, haven't used a 3rd party AV in ages. Windows defender is more than good enough. Use a VM if you ever need to execute something you don't fully trust.

      • Also windows sandbox is good instead of loading a whole vm

    • I downloaded a large file from my teachers TAFE drive and it contained malware. Something that windows defender did not detect. What does that mean?

      • umm… don't download files from TAFE drives? That's just asking for trouble.

  • -1

    How many sprays does it have?

  • Kaspersky Cloud free version. DO Try it.

  • So will they email me the key to activate after I buy iy?

    • Yes

  • Are they emailed during business hours only or is it an automated message?

  • I recommend getting/waiting for the total/complete version instead (whatever it's called). Last time I looked these cheaper/lower/lesser versions don't have ransomware protection. And for those who probably have/will say: "Just use Windows defender"… apart from the fact MS has an awful track record, I was reading a guy on a forum last night saying defender designated AND REMOVED his torrent software. MS deciding which software you can install is just not on!

  • I tried to use it today, and realise that they still haven't send me the key…

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