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½ Price Dr Oetker Ristorante Pizza $3.95, Cocobella Coconut Water $2.50, Kinder Choc Mini $2.15 @ Coles

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    feel like its been 1000 years since dr oetker has been half price

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      He died in 1918

    • It was back in June.

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      Surprising, their pizzas arnt worth anything more than half price

    • ~3 weeks ago at IGA for me.

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    THEY USED to have a "Speciale" one too…no?!? … mushrooms bacon and salami. I'm guessing they cancelled it because not enough profit margin with 3 ingredients??? So now not even at half price I'm not interested even though their pastry and ingredients are half decent compared to the other frozen pizzas.

    • Mushroom and Bacon cancelled the Salami.

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        yells at cloud

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      Speciale was delicioso

    • Speciale was the go! Now its just mushroom + manual conversion!

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    The pizzas make good bases if you pimp them up. I use blanched asparagus and broccolini, capsicum, mushrooms and ham.

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      Why did you get negged for this? TOTALLY agree with you on this front! May your pizzas be plentiful :)

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        * adds an unlawful amount of cheese *

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          I get the mozzarella one so I don’t need to add the extra cheese.

      • Thanks. I wondered why someone negged me as well, but that is their right.

        In my case it means I get a bit more, fresh, vegetables and don’t have to pfaff around making bases.

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      Asparagus and broccolini?

      On pizza? … And people complain about pineapple …

  • The regular Dr. Oetker pizzas aren't anything special - but the stuffed crust ones are FANTASTIC. The trick is to brush a very thin coat of olive oil on the bottom and the throwing them into an air fryer on the pizza setting.

    That's literally the best frozen pizza I've ever had.

    Hopefully the half price specials will end up including the stuffed crust versions too …

    • The stuffed crust Dr Oetker are part of the 'Down Down' special, which are rarely discounted further.

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