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[PS5] Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate $70 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Cheapest it's been from Amazon AU for the Ultimate Edition according to CamelCamelCamel.

Standard edition is sitting at $69 (nice) which is $10 more than its historical low from last month.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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Amazon AU

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    Price matching target: https://www.target.com.au/p/marvel-s-spider-man-miles-morale...

    Also keep an eye out for Returnal, its dropped to $70 at target as well: https://www.target.com.au/p/returnal-playstation-5/65003480

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      Great callout, thanks. Was wondering why they'd drop it so low!

    • +1

      dammit, tempted for sure, but gonna choose spider-man over Returnal for now, these games are so expensive so gotta take it one at a time..

    • Does JB price match anyone these days? They are pretty useless in price matching.

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        I’ve found EBGames the easiest these days for price matching (back in the old days, they would call the other store!). Plus you get those dumb carrots which eventually make things somewhat useful if doing lazy trades etc.

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        They are meant to, based on their price matching policy which is on their website. But my experience has always been that even if you comply with the policy (not price matching grey imports etc) it depends on the particular mood of whoever it is that you're asking. I don't bother with JB now unless I have gift cards to use and they already have the lowest price.

        I've also found EB Games to be the easiest. The last few that I've done, no questions asked.

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    worth buying from target click & collect if you're not in lock down, australia post is bloody flooded already, so unless you want your parcel stuck for longer than usual, just go brick and stone when you can.

    • Get Prime, comes tomorrow!

      • Depends on where you live, and where the item is shipped from. I've had anywhere from 1 day to 8 days for prime shipping these last months

    • Just a heads up I’ve had no issues with Amazon in Sydney metro, most of my parcels are delivered by Amazon couriers directly not AusPost. I ordered some items on Sat night and they arrived on Sunday morning even!

      YMMV just sharing my experience in Sydney metro. I can imagine for example Melb metro being more constrained.

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    Great price for this, just a call out estimated delivery is November 2nd.

    • -1

      Not if you're a prime member. Delivery is tomorrow.

      • Depends where you live, I'm getting 2 weeks for prime delivery

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    i reckon this is about the price i paid at launch with that Big W error.

    i still haven't touched it tho eek.

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    Good deal if you haven't played Spider-man before… I'll wait for Miles Morales to drop sub $40.

    • Demand has gone up for this game.. I had played it at the start of the year and bought it off Gumtree for 50$

      • Happy to wait, got a big old backlog… paid $36 new for Spider-man on the PS4 within 6 months of it's release… great game but not dying to get back into it either.

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    thats a very good deal I got mine at jb hifi for 79 bucks. You get a REMASTERED VERSION of the original Spiderman from PS4 and you can only get the PS5 version of this with the ultimate edition of Miles Morales.

    You can not buy Spiderman remastered PS5 edition separately. so its 100% worth it to get both games.

    • -3

      Yes you can. Wasn't available separately at launch, but was made available digitally from December last year.

      • +2

        People say that online but idk if it's just not in Australia or what bc I could never see it on the store, but I could get it to load fine from the in game menu of Miles.

      • Hmm? I thought you can only buy remastered one if you buy miles morales. I don't remember seeing spider man remastered standalone in Psn.

        • there isn't a remastered version in the store. you need the spiderman miles morales Ultimate edition to get the orginal ps4 spiderman REMASTERED version for PS5 for free. thats the only way you can get it.

      • @Bernbaum Can you really? I beg to differ go to the playstation store and try to download the REMASTERED version of spider man then link us to that in the store.

      • Don't think this is correct. I tried last month.

        • yes exactly you can't buy the Spiderman REMASTERED VERSION PS5 version separately you can only get it with the ultimate edition of Miles marales

          • @kungfuman: You can get it separately, but you need to own Miles Morales.

  • I wish I had a PS5 by now. Been refreshing most sites several times a day, everyday since it's launched.. :(

    • +3

      I walked into JB hifi 2 weekends ago and put my name down. A couple of days later they called me up and said it was in. Don't know if was extremely lucky or not but it worked. Obviously need to be out of lockdown!

      • -2

        Yeah not an option for us here in Melbourne yet. We have spent 260+ days so far in lock down so that hasn't helped either.

        • +1

          There was a stretch of months where we were not in lockdown and you could've done it, retail should be open in two weeks~ anyway

    • Use PS5 stock alert on twitter. That dude also have Discord notifications those are more faster. Make sure you create account and save your card and address details to all sites so whenever stock comes your just tap tap tap and done. To save card details buy something cheap 40 cent stuff like Chupa Chupa. I got 2 one for me and my friend. More quick you are, more chances you gonna get it so do everything that help you make quick transaction.

      • Thanks for the ideas. I'll give them a try.

        We should be out of lock down this week and retail will likely open in Nov first week, hopefully I can place an order and JB or EB soon.

    • @Drj55 Have you signed up to Twitter to get notified mate?

  • Great game. I think I enjoyed this one more, pending recency bias. Definitely a lot smoother.

  • +2

    Great thanks for that, been wanting to grab this for when JB calls me to come pick up my console. Which they will. Annnnny second now.

    • +1

      Don’t jinx yourself :)

  • Is the remaster worth replaying if you’ve already played it on PS4?

    • +2

      I mean if you have time and would like a second run of story. Because remastered version spider man has 60 fps and graphics upgrades. It's a lot smother than when it came out originally

  • +3

    Good price, but think I might wait out for Black Friday given how close it is.

    • Yeah, I'm thinking that as well. $70 is good. But I bet it will be $59 around then. I can wait.

      • Will do the same - but in my case, I'm waiting for the best price to claim price protection insurance on.

  • Can I play this on my US PS account?

    • not sure if things are still the same, but typically you will have to create an AUS account to redeem the code and then activate your ps5 as primary console, after that all the contents will be shared across accounts.

      edit: it's called console sharing and offlineplay which needs to be enabled.

    • +1

      You will not be able to activate the DLC code for remaster. Codes are region locked.

  • Definitely worth it at this price as it comes with the Remastered Spider-Man and includes all DLC!

    • What are DLCs we are talking about?

      • "The City That Never Sleeps"

        It's additional stories/content for the original Spider-Man on PS4 that covers Silver Sable, Black Cat and Hammerhead! The season pass for these 3 plots is around $30 alone so if you're planning to and haven't already played them then definitely worth it!

  • Cheers OP bought a copy

  • Is it worth getting if you're outputting 1080p on a projector?

    • +1

      60fps and higher quality graphics. Resolution is only one aspect of current gen.

  • Now says $79 for me

    • Still $70 at Target

      • No delivery and no stock in Sydney.

  • +3

    Back at $70

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