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2x Moisture Surge (100H) 50ml - $68 (Save $68) Delivered @ Clinique


Clinique is offering a buy one, get one free deal on their Moisture Surge™ 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator ($68). Add one to your cart and a second will be added automatically. Effectively $34 each.
There was a deal posted in August 2020 for the 72-hour version, however this deal is for the "upgraded" 100-hour version.

Alternately, this two for one deal is also available at both Myer and David Jones if you have coupons/gift cards to use, etc.

HAPPY10 gives a 10% discount for new users on purchases $75+.
SBJU863X is the student code for a 10% discount.

Reviews @ Mecca

Don't forget cashback.

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    I used this, but I think the Neutrogena is better for me.

    The cream gel gives me pimples but slightly better hydration, so I think water gel is preferred for me.

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    Don't forget the 10% off at student beans if you're a student

  • 8.5% to 10% Cashback (depending on your favourite cat back site) is pretty good too!

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    You can also get 200ml for $117 from Catch using coupon from student beans. Free pick up from Kmart or Target

    Works out $58.50/100ml instead of ($68/100ml from above)

    Extra 6% off with gift cards from Suncorp

    • Plus shipping.

      • +2

        Or free pick up as per comment

        • I forgot that we're finally out of lockdowns, it's so ingrained in my head! #freedom

        • can we stack HAPPY10 and SBJU863X ?

          • @lordra: I don’t think coupons can be stacked on Catch unfortunately

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    Also participating in the Amex Vogue Fashion Night In offer. You can use the remaining $32 at another retailer. Or buy a $32 gift card from David Jones to meet the $100.

  • will this make my wife happy?

    • +8

      That’s durex brand

    • +2

      Most people enjoy a good moisture surge now and then.

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    Cashback won't work if you use any of the coupons.

  • Thanks! One extra gift sorted.

  • Thanks OP

  • +2

    If you can get a Esteelaunder staff card from gumtree, then you can buy nearly eveyClinique things with a super cheap price in their special shop

    • +2

      Interesting, never knew such thing existing. I had a look at the store card (the one which is a square cardboard $20 each). Is that one use only? The actual staff card will cost about $80 on gumtree which is only worth it if someone buys alot annually.

      • The card shows one time use. But staff is nice and only need check your card when you do payment. They will not take back the card. So its unlimited use.

        • I wouldn't say it's unlimited use, they kinda take it off you when you make a purchase in the corporate store. If you don't purchase and browse, they should let you keep it. Some items are up to 50% off, but this deal is pretty cheap -possibly Cheaper than the corporate store since it's on average 40% off. I tried to look on their online store to compare price but they currently don't have any online.

  • What's so special about this to justify the price point? (ignorant person, fishing for prezzies for oh)

    • +2

      Its a very good moisturizer that holds in your skin for an extended period over cheaper moisturizers. I also find it very light and fragrance free so feels fresh on your face.

    • +2

      The gel allows for a light feeling and doesn't feel greasy/heavy when worn which is what I love a lot about it. I have dry skin and found that it helped hydrate my face quite a bit.

      • Do you use it under or over make up? Some of the reviews were confusing.

  • +2

    I bought this from the last deal! But then I found out they are not cruelty free so I won't be buying again :(

  • +2

    Clinique is nothing prestigious and half of $68 should be the normal price for this ordinary moisturiser.

  • Clinique is one of those brands that is still only around because people who used this growing up and in the past can't let it go. It's nothing special.

  • +1

    Thanks, this will be great for summer.

  • +1

    Myer, extra 20% off today, Saturday 23/10. 2 for $54. CASHREWARDS, 12% Myer

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