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Someone threw a nice LCD TV in my neighbourhood; I'm planning to plug it in to test whether worth keeping it or not, to ensure it does not damage other appliances in the house, is there a specific method to test it?

Would connecting it to a normal powerboard does the job? OR should I get a different plug?

As far as I know, connecting it to a 'surge protector' power board does not do anything, as the surge protector power board will protect the device itself, and not the other way around (protecting the whole house).



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    What sort of damage do you expect it could do to other appliances in the house? (If you cannot answer the question then perhaps you should reconsider the whole exercise).

    The TV may turn on ok but that's no definite sign that it will work in the longer term or that it does not have another problem. The largest risk IMO is the TV has some fault which makes it catch fire.

    If you really want to test I'd just plug it into a long extension cord in the backyard and flick the switch from a good distance away, and keep it running for a little while to see how it fares over time.

    • Thanks, appreciate the suggestion, really good idea! At the same time learn to Stop, Drop, And Roll too :)

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    There is zero to very little chance of other home appliances getting damaged by plugging the TV in. If there is something wrong (internal short) it would trip the breaker for that circuit. Going by what you said (totally unnecessary though) just turn off all breakers except the one you are connecting the TV if you want that extra peace of mind. Worst that could happen is a cap exploding or that magic smoke coming out. Considering it had been quite wet in Melbourne for the last couple of days I would worry more about that if the TV had been out on a nature strip for a day or two.

    • Thanks, I see no water evident coming out of the bottom of the TV so far.

      Although it's a good idea to let it dry for a couple of days just in case

    • If there is an issue with the TV, will it trip the house breaker OR the powerboard breaker?

      • Not necessarily.

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    Plug it in and throw the switch. If it trips the breaker, put it out for next year's hard garbage night.

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    It will be a bulging capacitor for sure stopping the tv from displaying an image.

    If you are handy with a soldering iron you can make junk perfectly functioning TVs for years to come.

    If it's out of warranty most dumb d!çk$ just:

    • Assume it's toast and too expensive to fix
    • Want the latest tv so just a good excuse
    • CBF transporting to a repair centre
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      OP is asking if plugging in a TV will damage their other appliances. There is zero chance they do the repair.

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        That makes sense. Cheers

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          Shame tho. So much waste can be fixed so easily, but everyone wants a new one.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, will remember this. There is a tv repair center in the next suburb, I'll check it out if it turns out the TV is not working

  • Out of curiosity what is the model number of this nice Tv?

    • Samsung 32" (LA32A650A1FXXY).

      Funny enough, I have a similar model at home but in the 40", it's like seeing a long lost brother for my current TV for sure haha

      • That is at least a 10 year old Tv and would have had a good run by now. Not sure if it is worth all the time and hassle.

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        That tv is literally trash.

        I was expecting a TCL 65" 4K to make it worth your while.

        • Hahaha, I wish I can choose what's put on the nature strip :)

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