Buying a New EV out of State


I'm new to Western Australia after arriving from the UK earlier this year. I'm interested in buying a new EV in 2022 and I'm considering the polestar 2 or Tesla model Y.

Would it be economically viable to purchase one in a state with EV incentives, e.g. NSW, and have it shipped here?



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    Would it be economically viable to purchase one in a state with EV incentives, e.g. NSW, and have it shipped here?

    Would those incentives not be based on your residency in that state?

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      Cheaper stamp duty, and incentives, would be applicable when registering the car in that state

      Pointless exercise if you're not

    • move to nsw to buy the car
      then move to Victoria to register it since it's cheaper
      then drive back, but get stuck in South Australia as the borders are still close so move to south Australia.
      then you decide and drive to Darwin and try to cross the border but its still close. move to northern territory.
      once the border opens u get lost and accidently drive to Queensland.

      welcome to Australia

      Tasmania is not counted

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    Just do it
    Report back in 6 months
    Prove us all wrong

  • I think the $3000 rebate will largely be eaten up by re-registration fees in WA, transport costs etc. (car has to be less than $68,570 inc GST)
    Also one would expect a NSW address to be required as part of this.

    But hey go for it.

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    Welcome to Australia. As also a Brit that moved here not too long ago, you're doing it wrong.

    This is a vast beautiful country with so much to explore and see. Especially being in WA… Get a 4x4 and experience the adventure! Go on exploration trips, camping, offroading, out to islands, see what it has to offer from emptiness to animals to forests to water activities and do all the things we couldn't back home.

    Don't waste the opportunity so many others aren't as lucky to experience.

    • While hybrid makes a good point recognise that Australia is a BIG place, especially when compared with the UK. Don’t expect to be making a day trip to Geraldton from Perth.

      You can easily get to many places in a 2wd hatch or sedan and a bit of walking or bike riding. It’s a misnomer that all the roads outside the city require a 4wd. Sure, a 4wd will go further, but it’s not ‘essential’

    • Thanks, I do agree and I'm in the fortunate position to be able to run two cars.

  • Would probably need to actually live in NSW to get it.

    Even if you could buy it in NSW and ship it across, the discount would get eaten up by the shipping costs so kind of pointless tbh.

  • Contact a stealership in another state and ask them.

    With the current shortage of all brands of new cars Australia wide you may find that the stealership wouldn't have much incentive to go to the extra work involved when many can't get enough cars to satisfy locals.

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    I'm surprised that WA doesn't have a $3,001 rebate just to beat NSW just to be even more smug than what it currently is…

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      NGL, we're pretty smug right now.

      • I hope you’re all getting vaccinated otherwise smug won’t be the correct word to use when the border opens.

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  • Cost $2k to ship a car from WA to NSW

    • or try to drive it and get stuck in middle of the outback :D

      • Just take a decent extension lead it’s not that far between powerpoints.

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    Thanks for all the replies, helpful as always.

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      thanks for the topic, we are all no help but had fun reading

      • Asks a silly question that would easily be answered by a 2 second Google search or basic common sense. Doesn’t get a single answer to bolster their conformation bias. Makes snide, passive aggressive remarks as everyone has a laugh at OP’s expense.

        • It really was helpful; I didn't know the costs involved with moving a car interstate or that cars had to be re-registered. We don't have these issues in the UK. The costs cancel out any savings I could get from gaming the rebate system.

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