Help with Phone Socket Issue after Disconnecting One Socket

Hi guys I have some people replacing a couple of windows and I disconnected one phone socket to make way for them to install the architraves( Cables come through a hole in the architraves) I saw the phone wire coming down on the side along window prior to installation. I don’t think the nails to fit new windows on the reveal would have got it. Now my
Modem connected to the other socket is not working. I have no idea why, I have yet to rewire the socket back. Called internet provider they say no outage is detected my DSL light just doesn’t come the phone line somehow shorted or something? Do both sockets need to be connected for the line to function? My other socket where modem is connected to is all the way across the other side of the house.


  • Get a registered cabler to sort it out.

  • I was hoping to at least know what’s wrong with it will it work if I rewire the socket back? I’m puzzled my modem is not connected to this socket I took off

    • Can't tell without checking the cables in person. It depends where the cable fault is.

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        All good mate, just rewired the socket the way it was and i'm back online mskeggs was right my kitchen socket runs off this one.

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    I’m puzzled

    That's why they have licenced cablers, to fix the stuff-ups unlicenced people have illegally made.

    • i fixed it myself, mskeggs was right, my other socket runs off the one i disconnected.

  • Old plugs were generally connected in sequence, so if the one at the back was the main one (as was usually the case in old houses, to have a phone in the kitchen, and a kitchen at the back of the house) then that would be feeding back through to your secondary socket …

    Go cable, it'll be cheaper than getting a tech to chase the cables :)

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    Likely the second socket piggy backs on the first.
    This is low voltage wiring, so no safety issue, but the law says an AUSTEL licensed cabler should do any work.
    Back before that was the law we certainly did it all ourselves, without any concern.

    • thanks mate i think you may be right i see two separate cables, each one has Blue White Red and Black inside the sheath(i have no idea what each one is never needed to know really), took a photo of how they were connected. this is how it looked

    • All good now i connected the old socket and back online thanks mate.

  • It is also recommended to only have 1 phone socket connected if you are using FTTN for your internet, having other taps can degrade your signal
    How is your signal in general? Good, bad, average. Are you getting the speeds you are paying for

    • yeah i'm only u sing one socket, i get a very stable connection with 9 second ping and 39mbps down and 10mbps up on a 50/20 plan i'm about 780 meters away from exchange. my area is due for a FTTN to FTTP upgrade, i cant get 100/40 plans as i cannot get a line speed beyond 39/10, pit work was already done, still waiting for the upgrade.

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      Hey, you were right, my son knocked off the surface mount and i had to eventually get a cabler in and i had 3 lines in the house with bridge taps, he removed them and i only have 1 line now guess what, speed i used to get was 38 down 10up, now i get 50 down and 15 up!!! so a 30% increase.

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