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[Back Order] Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC PC Gaming Speakers $199.20 (RRP $249) + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas) @ JB Hi-Fi



Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC PC Gaming Speakers react to in-game action and music with four customizable lighting zones. 240 Watts Peak (120 Watts RMS) power feeds the down-firing subwoofer and two satellite speakers for clear, pure sound. DTS:X Ultra engine renders 3D surround sound. USB, 3.5mm, and Bluetooth compatible; switch between devices with Logitech Easy-Switch™.

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    It's interesting that we've reached the point where the main selling point of a set of speakers is the lights they have haha.

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      Tell me about it!

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      Yes! RGB on everything, case, fans, coolers on GPU & CPU, rams, SSDs, PSU, keyboard, mouse, headphones, and now on speakers!

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    Thanks @Twix for fixing it up!

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    Unfortunately would not rate these. The bass is basically non existent, like I can’t even feel it when I place my hand on it. I’m in the process of contacting Logitech to try and do something about it.
    Yeah the lights are cool, but not really that worth it.

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      I have these speakers, make sure to do the firmware update from the site: https://support.logi.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024848873--Dow...

      They fixed the volume on it

      • Do you only have to download the latest releases firmware to also get all the previous versions updated too? Or download them all one by one?

        • +1

          Can download the latest only

          • @clot10: Thanks clot! brain is not working today

      • I have the latest firmware. I’ve actually read that the latest firmware is the issue. Some people have forced a rollback of the firmware to fix the issue. I will see what Logitech say.

        • Yeah, this latest one should've fixed the bass issue, they still aren't perfect but for me, they are fine

        • +2

          i had the same issue as you when first buying it. Initially i downgraded the firmware and used an EQ app to tweak the audio a bit more to what i want.

          Heres the link to the backdated software: https://download01.logi.com/web/ftp/pub/techsupport/gaming/G...

          I've now installed the new update and that provides subwoofer control fixing everything bass related

          • +2

            @stonks: Okay. I will check again, maybe I’m not on the latest. I was pretty sure I was but now I’m hoping I’m not so it’s an easy fix. Still a bit annoying to have to do all this just for them to work how they should.

          • +1

            @stonks: Thanks @stonks, thought these speakers were trash for the longest time, didn't think there were firmware updates that could save them.

            x1000 better bass now!

    • +1

      1st level tech support: "Do you have any other hands you could try putting on the speaker?"

      • You laugh but one of the “solutions” was to “make sure there is power at the power source” -_-

  • +3

    Idk what the other guy in this thread is on about. I have these speakers and they're superb. If anything there might be a little too much bass, can feel the bass thumping the table at pretty much all volumes. 50 volume on Windows is loud enough for your neighbours to hear and the optimal range is around 20-30. Sound quality is really good, you can customise the lighting to whatever colours you like or you can have it do screen sampling to get the colours from whatever you're playing / watching. For $200 these are quality.

    • Same, I initially got these from Amazon for 234 after waiting ages for them to drop from 269. The right speaker was buzzing so I held on to see if prices would change.

      Once jb came out with this deal I tried price beating at office works but they didn't have stock anywhere, and the closest jb with stock was somewhere in VIC I think?? So I resorted to price matching at Harvey Norman (I know, I know) but yeah I love these speakers

    • Look up bass issues with them, there seems to be quite a lot of people experiencing the same issue unfortunately. A lot of people have rolled back their firmware to fix it, seems a bit silly.
      The sound quality and screen sampling are good, but yeah so far I’ve had a bad time with the bass.

      Are you on the latest firmware?

      • Oh really? That seems like poor quality control, I just updated to the latest firmware. However I've had these for over a year and a half and have never had any issues with the bass.

        • +1

          Yeah maybe. Maybe I’ll try getting Logitech to replace them. Perhaps it’s just this one, but yeah a lot of people have experienced bass issues so it could be quality control.

    • I'm not so sure superb is one way to describe them. Sure, you could make them get as close with tweaks and 3rd party tools, but out of the box, they are kinda meh. I spent a long time tweaking my set to sound beautiful (to my ears at least) and then the latest firmware with subwoofer volume control messed that up. A rollback to the previous firmware didn't undo the damage that had already been done.
      In short, the latest update makes the unit better than what you got with the OG firmware, but worse with my tweaks.
      Word of caution - rolling back to an older firmware might brick the unit.

  • You can set the volume on the speakers as well as within Windows so make sure you adjust the volume on the speakers first then adjust accordingly within Windows

    Mine were quite low out of the box until i adjusted them on the speakers and the sound quality was much better, adjusting only in Windows doesn't do much

  • Wouldn't rate these speakers. Short cables, bad sound. You're paying a premium for the RGB, but you suffer for poor sound quality.

  • I plugged my Logitech Z-680's in again on the weekend after a break (moved house etc.) of about 18 months.
    They still sound fantastic.
    They take up a lot of room though.
    How would these compare in terms of sound?

    • Can’t comment on comparative sound as I don’t know what the Z-680s are like but the bass box for this thing is pretty big and the speaker units themselves are bigger than you think. But there are only two of them vs like 5 I’ve seen in some Logitech speaker sets.

  • What a weird promo video on the page. Who would play in complete darkness with these, you'd be asking for an epileptic fit

  • If you're after good sound I'd avoid these. I use to think Logitech speakers were good until i got a set of Edifier R1855DB, paid the same as this ($199) and the audio quality is in an entirely different league.

  • Used to have these, they're ok, the lights are shit. Like so many Logitech products I've tried the LED colour never quite matches what you select (eg. white is always blue-ish). The content matching is nowhere near as good as they show and you're better off with HUE's version.

    Sound is decent but I found trying to go low volumes always sounded really weird. Bluetooth was unreliable. Connecting with AUX always had a static sound. USB was fine.

    I vastly prefer the Edifiers I got for not much more and I just have hue lights behind my monitor. Plus you can put things on top of speakers when they're not dumb shapes.

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