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4 AA Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries & Basic Charger $25.46 + Postage (Free C&C) @ Ted's Cameras (Online Only)


Rechargeable AA / AAA battery charger from Eneloop features:
Worldwide 100-240VAC input via wall mount input plug
Charge output: 3.0VDC AA 200mA x 2 / AAA 80mA x 2
Charges 2 or 4 AA or AAA NiCd or NiMH cells
Built in safety timer control (13 hours)
Can charge AA cells up to 2700mAh capacity
2 x LED indicators
Includes 4 x Eneloop AA Batteries
Charge time for included batteries is approx. 10 hours.

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  • No price?

  • $9.95 delivery fee

  • Is there anything special about the charger that prevents the batteries from dying too soon or is it the same as a generic charger but they've paired it with quality batteries?

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      Basic charger (this one) is basically on a timer so no.
      The smart charger measures the battery level and stops charging when full.

      • Thanks for that

  • Shipping kills the deal sadly.

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    Use coupon 101702 to get $10 off, essentially free shipping or $10 cheaper for C&C.

    • Say's the code is invalid unfortunately.

      • Whoops forgot to mention, you need to be signed in as a Club Ted member, sign up here and then use the code after registering and it should work.

        • Oh sweet, that works. Much more worth it at $25.41! Thank you

  • Cannot work out what charger to use for my eneloops after reading the basic one gradually ruins them.

    The Panasonic smart charger is that what I want?

    • That's right. I recently bought the ISDT C4 Evo charger. Charges AA, AAA among others including ones for vapes (if you're into that stuff). A bit of an outlay but it's fully programmable with cycling, etc.

  • Does nayone know if this charger will work to charge aaa eneloop pro batteries? Is this charger better for long life of the eneloop pro batteries, like 5 years?

    • This is a "dumb" charger. You could argue it's designed to break your batteries in a few years.

      It's not significantly more difficult or expensive to manufacture a smart charger, but the battery companies choose not to, so you'll keep buying more batteries from them.

      If you've gone to the expense of buying good batteries, it's worthwhile buying a smart charger to look after them.

      I recommend Liitokala smart chargers, and they have a store on AliExpress. Cheapest is the Lii-202, through to full-featured chargers like the Lii-500, Lii-500S and Lii-600. Note that some chargers only charge li-ion batteries, you need a charger that can charge NiMh batteries to charge your eneloop pros. Also note that some chargers require you to have a USB-output power supply, to power them.

      • Would you recommend the Nitecore UMS4 / DS4 or one of the Liitokala chargers?

        • I'm not familiar with those chargers, but I have a Nitecore D4, and I don't use it any more, as I find the 6+ hour charging time to be inconvenient. Check the charging time with all battery slots filled.

          I also have an Lii-500, and that is my preferred charger. I set the current so the battery will reach full charge after 3 hours. Too fast a charge will make your batteries hot, which damages them. Too slow a charge makes it difficult for the charger to judge when full charge has been reached, and overcharging becomes a risk.

          • @Russ: Does the Nitecore automatic detection so you don't need to manually adjust the current for different batteries? It seems the Lii chargers require an additional adapter since they don't come with an AU plug?

            Also what do you think about chargers that have like 8 slots in them? Would it be better to just buy 2 x 4 slot battery chargers.

            • @miinht79:

              Does the Nitecore automatic detection

              The Nitecore D4 doesn't, but other models may.

              Also what do you think about chargers that have like 8 slots in them?

              You'll have to check the specs. Many 4-slot chargers have low charging current when all four slots are full. The Nitecore D4 only supplies 375mA when all four slots are full, so four 2450mAh batteries will take 6.5 hours to fully charge. 8-slot chargers are likely to have a low charge current when all slots are full.

              Good chargers are capable of supplying at least 750mA with all slots full, for example the Liitokala Lii500, Lii500S and Lii600 can supply 1000mA with all slots full. But not all Liitokala chargers are this good, some can only supply 500mA.

              Would it be better to just buy 2 x 4 slot battery chargers.

              That's a good idea. Unless there's a reasonable saving, I'd buy two 4-slot chargers in preference to a single 8-slot charger. Chargers generate heat, so an 8-slot charger will run hotter than a 4-slot charger, which could damage the batteries, and probably leads to a shorter life for the charger too.

  • Thanks for the reminder i still have 8 pack AA Eneloop Pros to collect.

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