[QLD, NSW, VIC, SA] Metal Bed (Double / Queen) $149, Upholstered Bed (Double / Queen) $179, Delivery to Metro Areas @ Meesa


Edit: I realised this morning that discount stacking (buying more than one of the same product) wasn't working. I've activated this now as there was a lot of abandoned carts with people trying to do this :) - I don't think multiple discount codes in one order works in our system.

Hi OZB, we are clearing our beds on our website. Only accepting orders from metro Melb, Syd, Adel, Brisb, Canberra.

Codes are as follows:
METALDB - https://meesa.com.au/products/astrid-metal-bed-frame-black
METALQN - https://meesa.com.au/products/astrid-metal-bed-frame-black
FABRICDB - https://meesa.com.au/products/clara-upholstered-fabric-bed-f...
FABRICQN - https://meesa.com.au/products/clara-upholstered-fabric-bed-f...

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  • $10 and $20 cheaper than Kogan/Dick Smith depending on model. Significantly cheaper than Catch. Nice.

  • +1

    Do these squeak when in use?

    • +13

      Only if you're doing it right

      • Which position do you suggest?

        • +1

          Go for gold and try them all.

        • T-pose to display dominance.

    • Looking for a serious answer as well! Couple combined weight ~170kg.

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    Has anyone ever bought from this store before? Keen to get one for spare bedroom but the website literally only has two products for sale which are currently advertised here. Bit sus…

    • Hi foxes28
      We are relatively new and prior to this we mainly sold via Catch. If you give it a week, some of the orders we received via this post should be received :)

  • No WA :(

    • Hey Ehty, shipping is too expensive. We can do WA but not at these discounts. If you are interested, DM me your postcode and I can advise how much it would be to WA.

  • The page says "Wooden slats with less than 8cm".

    Does that mean the wooden slats are 1cm-7cm?

    • 1mm

    • +1

      Haha, they are mainly around 7cm according to our inspection reports and the one I have. It's because companies like Sleeping Duck has warranty requirements where the slats are less than a certain threshold.

      • Ok thank you.

  • Hi OP, is there any change of mind policy? What if we receive it but don't like how it looks?

    • Hi ntt

      Given the bulky nature of the items we won't be able to accept change of mind returns. We have taken many photos from many angles to ensure you get the best idea of what it looks like.

      • yeah. but we can't touch it through photos right?

  • Anyone who has bought can post a review given this is a new website? Considering the Upholstered Bed ( Queen). Will post my review if I do pull the trigger later. Thanks.

  • Is this deal still active? Can't seem to be able to find the place to input the coupon.

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