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30% off Gourmet Traveller Gift Card: $100 Gift Card for $70 Delivered @ Australia Post


Stock these up to go to Nobu Melbourne or Koko. 30% the total price…. nice.
I purchased 20 of them to give them as Xmas gift. Lockdown will be finish by then.

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Australia Post
Australia Post
Gourmet Traveller Gift Card
Gourmet Traveller Gift Card

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    Piss me off it can't be used on promo offers !

    • You sure? This is just a payment method I assume it goes through eftpos

  • +1

    Some restaurant does not allow split payment.

    • +3

      Does that mean if the total is $116, you can’t pay with this card and a credit card for $16?

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    Will be this the biggest discount offered on GT giftcards? for example the best discount I've seen on GoodFood was 25% off.

  • Any good restaurant in Melbourne to use this that people can recommend?

    • anchovy, cumulus, neighbourhood wine, ryne, rockpool, cutler and co, lee hoo fook, marion, flower drum, grossi etc.

      • Thanks!

      • Yakimono opens soon and looks insane! Has a real neo noir vibe (think John Wick x Blade Runner)

        • +1

          menu looks pretty underwhelming tbh. generally not a fan of chris lucas restaurants. however, if you are a fan they are selling vouchers with 20% bonus value on the lucas restaurants website.

          • @Toasitha: Interesting. I’ve actually never been, but I rate the moody futuristic aesthetic. The food obviously needs to match the atmosphere. What makes them underwhelming to you?

            • @JutakuHome: obs its a personal preference but nothing really stands out to me. also if its anything like his other restaurants its bound to be overpriced for what it is. i was keen to visit 'society' but now that martin benns left the house i gave up on that. theres an article on melbourne food and wine on yakimono

              “In this latest chapter he gets to put his love of Japanese flavours to the fore in a restaurant that he describes as “a high-impact, irreverent” take on Japanese street food, fuelled by restaurateur Chris Lucas’s “mad love of Tokyo but with added Australian sensibility”.

              Raw could be tuna with smoked paprika (a simple-looking dish but a real flavour-bomb), we’re grilling everything from barbecued octopus with crisp and sweet chilli to wagyu rib steak with ponzu and daikon. 

              So much to choose from. There’s hand rolls, like the grilled oyster mushroom, the shiitake and aioli. There’s soba cha, or some sweet spicy barbecued baby-back ribs. I’d order the cabbage slaw with spicy mayo and nori with that. Or any of the gyoza; the pork and ginger with sansho, say. The curried sweet-potato gyoza with miso, apple yoghurt are great, especially with the sauce.”

              • @Toasitha: Very helpful. Thank you

              • @Toasitha: +1 on everything you said!

                Was really looking forward to Society…Sepia was one of my top 5 restaurants in Australia. So sad I didn't make it down to Society before Martin Benn & Vicki Wild left (although, she left before it even opened?).

                Chris Lucas = (largely) style over substance. Not terrible by any means, but overpriced and not really all that special. (Chin Chin is/was ok, but not really worth the hype, and my last time dining there was pretty average.)

                • @caprimulgus: yeah i believe Vicki Wild left a month before Martin Benn. from what i remember she was still there for the soft opening though.

                  yeah kisume isnt that special either. there are much better places for sushi/ omakase

        • @JutakuHome - is Yakimono on the list of restaurants that the Gourmet Traveller gift can be used at?

      • -2

        "lee hoo fook"

        I'm a big fan of ho lee fook myself.

  • Any thoughts on the Sydney restaurants? The list seems a little undercooked compared to Melbourne

    • yeah not as good as melbourne but theres a few like ormeggio, otto, firedoor, pilu, rockpool

      • Firedoor is definitely my #1 on that list. Might end up getting a gift card for a night out there (if I can get a booking!)

        • ha ha good luck with that. last time i tried they were fully booked for like 6 months straight

        • +1

          Firedoor is outstanding. Would definitely be my no.1 pick to go back to!

          Quay would be my other pick. And Ormeggio high on my list to try.

          • @caprimulgus: Thanks, haven’t done Firedoor. Added to list.

            Agree Quay and Ormeggio both awesome. Bennelong and Catalina not bad either. This would actually be amazing to use for Quay degustation with paired wines. You’d save $150-$200 per person from memory. Best I’ve done with Quay was with 25% off using good food gift cards, which I quickly purchased while waiting for the snow egg to come out lol. Gotta love instant delivery :)

  • 3 years expiry date?

  • Ok, so if The standard pub has hawker Wednesday for $25, this can’t be used there?

  • In Perth it lists tbsp Cafe, which is a great place, then rockpool for a steak!!! Thanks OP!!!

  • Can you use multiple gift cards at once or only 1?

    • Great question! Would anyone know? I would like to to go to Otto in Brisbane which is on the list.

    • Would also like to know!

    • +2

      Yes you can. I've redeemed 4 cards one time. They're treated by their payment system the same as a prepaid card.

    • It depends on the restaurant. Find out from the one you want to go to before you buy in bulk. From the Gourmet Traveller site T&Cs (see the bit I bolded):

      How and where you can use our Gift Cards
      Your Gift Card may only be used at certain participating restaurants (“retailers”) who accept the Gift Card. Each participating retailer will accept the Gift Card in accordance with these Terms of Use and any applicable law and subject always to the individual trading terms of each participating retailer from time to time (for example, “no more than 2 cards allowed” or “no split bills” or "cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers including Entertainment Book Vouchers).

  • $100 OOS =S But $50 still available for $35

    • Tell you what I'll buy a few $100's x X with a $250 Coles MC's on Wed from a PO to get something extra :)

      • +2

        Only available online, just checked at a LPO

        • : (

          • @popsiee: I wonder if they will restock online items on a regular (daily) basis?

  • +2


    After reading this I'm feeling a little skeptical.. anyone has experience with these guys before?

  • If anyone's still interested, looks like AP has restocked some GCs online, no guarantee on how long they will be available for so try your luck.

    • I've whacked it with Coles MC's :)

  • $100 are back in stock - for now :)

    Just bought mine

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