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USB Lightning Cable for iPhone & iPads $1.99 Delivered @ Cellart via Kogan


– 1 Meter Long.

– Brand new premium quality.

– Supports Data Transfer & Charge Efficiently.

– Connects to the USB Power Adapter for Convenient Charging from a Wall Outlet.

– Compatible with all Apple devices.

Comes with 30 Days money back guarantee!

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    Not MFi, not worth a cent. Kogan on top of that. No thanks.

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      This is the way.

      • This is the way

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          This is the way

          • @HairyChickens: This is the way
            Literally cannot state it better than the original comment. You might as well throw away your cash

    • how important is MFi for cable ?

      • +2

        Very important to Apple's bottom line.
        No one buys certified Android cables because there's no such thing.

        • is this a good deal ?

          • @phunkydude: Well given it costs about $1.10 to post anything from A to B, that means you’re paying about 89c for the product. I’d say it’s hard to find it cheaper delivered. And I’ve not used a MFi cable in a while for charging. I do have original apple cable for my pc if I needed it hooked to my pc.

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        Pretty important for your $2,000 device. The certification is a quality assurance process to ensure the cables avoid damaging your device through cheap parts like pins, incorrectly wired connectors or degradation causing shorts, battery damage or potentially fires. It may be rare but it's just not worth it. Also they tend to stop working pretty quickly and cause charge/sync issues. Get an Anker braided cable and it'll last you 10 years.


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          Not every device is worth $2000. We have an older iphone we use for customers to send pictures to and there's always a shortage of charging cables.

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            @dmbminaret: You can buy quality MFI cables from Amazon basics for around $5-6

          • @dmbminaret: always a shortage of charging cables? bro, they are dirt cheap on amazon.

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        The problem is non-MFI cables usually stop working. Mysteriously often after Apple updates.

        People often say its because MFI are certified as quality cables and you need them to protect your expensive toy. But it's just part of Apple's closed eco-system. You want to do something with an Apple product, you must pay Apple a fee.

        On the flip side, branded Apple cables (Blitzwolf,.Amazon, Anker, etc) are usually very durable which is why I prefer them. Cheap cables (even MFI cert ones) fail too easily and usually when you need them (like im the car,.on a weekend trip, etc)..

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    Genuine Appel

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    Waiting for EU USB C legislation to become a global standard one-day

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      Dream on!
      Portless would be better

    • +1

      If only Apple cared what people think.

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      Next iPhone won’t have a port. Simples.

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    I'm saying no to Kogan now.

  • if it breaks just get a refund from kogan

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      Good luck with their customer service… They don't even have a phone number to call anymore

      • -1

        You can ask them to call you.

        • +2

          I'm yet to find that option, their self service sends you around in circles and I always end up at submit a question. This leads to a 3 business day wait for someone to email, and another 3 business day for every correspondence over email.

          Absolutely trash company in my current experience.

          • @cook99: 100% correct. This is why their $300 Free Kogan Credit Visa Card deal sound good to begin with and turns into a nightmare when you try to cancel it before they charge you Annual Fee

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    Kogan unbranded rubbish. May as well get it straight from AliExpress and have the benefit of reviews.

    • Meh…and wait 2 months for delivery?

      • +1

        AliExpress is actually quite good at the moment. Around 2-3 weeks at the moment for standard shipping.

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    Not MFI = will stop working on next "security update" from Apple.

    MFI certified has nothing to do with quality, its Apple control of profits.

    As much as I hate it, I only ever buy certified. Neg as this cable isn't even worth the postage costs.

    • even for charging ?

    • MFI certified has nothing to do with quality…

      This is an incorrect statement. It very much has everything to do with quality control and there are strict guidelines and requirements needed to be met to pass. They just found a way to monetise it on top through licensing.


      • +1

        I disagree with you, MFI doesn't give any quality guarantee. I have bought MFI cables that became unreliable after only a handful of uses, and even Apple's own cables seem designed to break within two years.

        If Apple were so concerned with quality, how come Anker, Blitzwolf and several other brands are considered far superior?

  • Lighting cable is not just wires and pins

    When I am opened up an lighting cable pin, I saw a micro circuit board with some diodes and other parts integrated into the lighting pins. I suspect these parts are to regulate the voltage and current going into the phone.

    I have noticed the really cheap lighting cables sometimes overhead at the lighting pin end and melt

    • +1

      They don't do voltage regulation, nor current regulation in terms of setting the charging current. Apple won't say what the chips do, but from the articles I've read, one chip has a cryptographic signature, so Apple can invalidate cables that aren't MFI certified. It also reports to your phone how much current the cable is capable of carrying. The other chips appear to protect against ESD (static discharge), because the poor design of the lightning connector means that the contacts are easily "zapped" because they are exposed. The same poor design also means that it's easy to accidentally short the connector while plugging it in, or just if you drop your keys on the connector when it isn't plugged in. So one of the chips disconnects power if the connector isn't plugged in.

      Most USB cables don't need such chips, because the contacts aren't exposed, and are nearly impossible to accidentally short. And non-Apple phones just reduce the charging current if they detect the cable can't supply enough current. Cables that support USB-PD might have chips, because they need to communicate their voltage and power ratings. I don't know how those things are communicated, it may be by connecting different resistors between the pins.

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    No MFI means it will stop working at anytime, even not at all.

  • +1

    waste of money

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