MacBook Pro 14"/16" (M1 Pro and M1 Max)

Apple just announced their new line of high-end MacBook Pros with M1 Pro and M1 Max!

Looking at the specs looks like its going to be an absolute powerhouse. Will you be purchasing it?

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  • +8

    Bro I was really excited until I saw the price…
    I'm sticking to the Air for value

  • Finally. They put the Pro back into the Pro line.

    Posers can still get a 13.

    • They also put in a notch. Lmao

      • +1

        maybe dealing with copium on my part, but i think i'm ok with this, there's usually empty space between the icons on the top right and the dropdown buttons on the top left - i assume in full screen, the entire bar will be completely unused?

        from the specs, this solved all the problems i had with the Intel 16" (weight, battery life) and the m1 air (limited ram) with the added bonus of the hdmi port + 120hz mini led

        Now the wait… Delivers: 03/11/2021 - 09/11/2021

  • Are the HDMI 2.1?

    • The HDMI port is 2.0 only. The thunderbolt ports support HDMI 2.1

  • I should have started saving for it years ago…

  • +2

    looks like squid game is a really appealing choice now.

  • +2

    The notch is pushing it a bit too far especially for a laptop. How annoying for watching full screen videos.

    • It’s still 16:10 without the shoulder space, so full screen shows below the notch and with mini led I expect the top 72 pixels is totally black.

      • Punch hole would have been a lot better

        • Indeed. I have a dell latitude with a tiny webcam in a tiny bezel. It's likely that the MBP webcam will be better but frankly the one in the dell is more than enough for zoom etc. If you want broadcast quality you would buy a proper camera anyway.

  • Top 16" SKU here I come!

  • +2

    Tight ass me is waiting to see if the existing M1 Air's will be reduced in price.

    • These new machines aren't really a replacement for the Air so I wouldn't expect a price drop.

      Apple is remarkably stable in their pricing so they'll probably just replace the current Air with a faster M2 air next year at the same price. Then I guess you could get a clearance/refurb M1 cheaper but it's normally not a massive drop and it will be old tech.

  • -1

    Does anyone even use HDMI? I'd prefer another thunderbolt port. If you want to connect to a projector or TV then use Apple AirPlay.

    • +1

      Lol. I see you've never used a laptop for business.
      The absolute wreckage of trash projectors and screens in meeting rooms is diabolical. Might as well say use the quantum computing fusion drive for the chance stuff is set up for anything more sophisticated than HDMI.

      • -1

        It looks like your business needs an upgrade. Most office projectors from 2013 onwards have wireless display options for both macOS and Windows.

        • +2

          I'll tell that to all the places that don't while I read out my screen for their benefit.

          I'm sure that it is theoretically true that businesses have newer projectors, but I don't encourage you to rely on that belief if you want to present something at somebody's office. At the end of 2019 I saw a projector that only had VGA!

  • +4

    The percentage of people who need the power of the Pro's would be tiny. The Air is by far the best value and will be ideal for most people.

  • +1

    Anyone have any thoughts between the 8 vs 10 cores 14” m1 pro ?

    • +1

      Yep, tossing up between the 8 core 512GB, 8 core 1TB, or 10 core 1TB.

      Not in a rush to preorder so I'll probably wait for reviews to see how they compare before dropping that much on a new laptop.

    • I went for the 8 core, will still be decently faster than the MBA M1 and hopefully lower fan noise than the higher core models

  • +1

    I want the all the ports but in the MacBook air so I have to just pay MacBook air price

  • Where's my Boss Mac mini? :(

  • Looks like they made room for faceID, but then couldn't get it happening at the last minute and just went with a single camera.. bit weird, but generally looks pretty slick.

  • Apple GC Flybuys sale + last weeks Zip pay cashback could have not have come at a better time.

    • Damn I really should have gotten onto that. I was waiting on a sale at Woolies again because I get 5% off the gift cards there. But the Cashback might have been a better deal :(

      • Flybuys 15% (equivalent) still happening @ Coles. Worth it IF you’re after one of these new beasts.

        • Wait is that the gift card deal thats going on? Thought it ended yesterday?

          • @SitarBoy: Sorry, looks like you’re correct.
            I was actually looking at it again yesterday surprised thinking it was still going (I didn’t look at expiry date.)
            It was good whilst it lasted.

            • @stuarty9: Ahh well ill wait for the next round of the gift cards.

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