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The Iconic: 27% Cashback with ANZ Max (Capped at $30 Per Transaction, 25% Cashback without ANZ Max) @ Cashrewards


Stack with 30% off birthday sale.

During the 12 hour promo, cashback for The Iconic is capped at $30 in total per transaction (multiple transactions permitted). Valid 10am AEDT 19/10/2021 to 10pm AEDT 19/10/2021.

Purchases made through THE ICONIC app are ineligible for cashback.

Purchases via THE ICONIC OUTLET are ineligible for cashback.

Cashback is ineligible if using store credit or gift cards as partial/full payment.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4351)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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    Hi, does anyone know if first shop $20 off can be stacked on top? The code is listed for shopback but no codes listed for cashrewards

  • What is ANZ Max? Is that just paying with any ANZ card?

    • Yes just register you anz card

      • Hi Fomooo and nightelves.
        You just need to link a qualifying ANZ card and also pay with that linked card to enjoy Max benifits : )
        Full FAQs here:

        • What about using that card via PayPal?

          • +1

            @twig: Hi twig,
            That info is in the FAQs, but in short, unfortunately no.
            You'll need to pay with a qualifying ANZ linked card, and not via PayPal.

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    Nice deal. Bought a pair of UB 21's that weren't on sale on the adidas site.

    Link to the one's I bought

    $162 from the website and brought down further to $132 with CB. Happy days!

  • Some shoes I've been watching still aren't included. Boooo.

  • Haven't got a confirmation email from CR in a few hours, are they slow today or should I be concerned that it didn't track?

  • Does anyone know if I can use the discount code sent to be by the Iconic, for $20 off a $100 order? I got the code for signing up, as I haven't ever used the site - but not sure if this code would make me ineligible for Cashback. It's ambiguous, because obviously the specific code is not going to be listed on their site, but they seem to acknowledge all other open deals on the Iconic's site.

    • Won't work with individual codes, only widely available ones listed on the cashback site

  • Some items are 40% off, are they still stackable?

  • the last cashrewards iconic special didnt track for me (last week) waiting to put in a claim for that. I hope this one tracks, i just placed an order.

    • +1

      Track ok? Mine tracked within minutes 👍

      • Yup, I got a email soon after i placed the order saying it got tracked. So the other one last week definitely has an issue as i still havent received an email. Bah. I hope i get the cashback claim…I never would have placed the order or would have used other discount codes i had if the cashback wasnt going to claim.

  • I think The Iconic may have to increase their 30-day return window to at least 45 days, given the increasing Auspost delays…

    Has anyone had any luck returning an item after 30 days during the past 18 months?

  • I know it's not the iconics fault it's Australia post. But be warned I ordered an item on September 27 and it's been almost 1 month without delivery.

    Get express post if you ever want to get your item. Don't get anything shipped by australia post standard right now!!

    • thats strange, I placed 3 orders last thursday, 2 arrived on monday and the third one arrived on tuesday.

      • Yeh Australia post is really inconsistent at the moment.

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