[VIC] Free Vegetarian Meals Delivered in Port Phillip Area for Needy @ Hare Krishna Food


I recently came across this on Hare Krishna Food For Life facebook page. Looks like they have been doing this since start of lockdown in Melbourne.

Do you live in City of Port Philip?

Are you in need because of the coronavirus emergency? You may be eligible to receive free vegetarian meals delivered to your home.

Genuine needy may only apply.

SMS 0408 213 789 with your

  • Name & Address
  • Email address if you have one
  • Concession/Student Card/Why are you in need?
  • Number of meals to deliver

Place your order up till 6am on the day of delivery (meals are delivered from 1-2pm daily).

To contact us email [email protected]

Support community by liking their facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/Hare-Krishna-Food-For-Life-10272540....

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  • +42

    The event at South Melbourne market was promoted on here and they ran out within an hour.

    Please only claim this freebie if you're really genuinely in need of help.

    • +2

      Well said, also they should have charity box or something for people to contribute what ever they can or if they can…

      • Kind of similar to the Bon Jovi Soul Foundation

  • +16

    I hope people dont just take advantage of their generosity

  • +7

    Salute to all donators and volunteers involved in Hare Krishna food mission!

  • Amazing work.

  • +5

    Please people only use this service if you are actually in need, if you're not in need and are just looking for a freebie grow the (profanity) up

    • Serious question, wouldn't the truly needy lack an address anyway?

      • +3

        Not necessarily. There are plenty of people living below the poverty line with a roof over their heads.

  • +1

    Hot Take: If you're on OzBargain you don't need this.

  • +2

    I sorta feel that services for the needy don't belong on OzBargain? It's not a bargain, it's charity.

    • +1

      Agree… however this post could lead to a person who is really in need for food.. or our fellow ozB members can point out the needy to Hare Krishna Food 🤷‍♂️

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    I'm very uncomfortable with this being posted here. On one hand if it helps with visibility for the needy to know this service exists, great. On the other hand I strongly suspect his would contribute to abuse by those who aren't needy.

    I'll just echo the calls from others. Do not take advantage of this if you aren't in genuine need. It doesn't sound like they have more supply than current demand.

  • +1

    Terrific thing to do .. and their food is good as well .. I am definitely a carnivore but Hari Krishna food even impresses me .

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