[3DS] Dragon Quest VII $59, Dragon Quest VIII $69 Delivered @ OzGameShop


Not too sure if its a deal or not.
Just a listing for some old 3DS games that have become really expensive lately.
Seen a few copies on Ozgameshop for those interested without having to get scalped on eBay.

Dragon quest VII: https://www.ozgameshop.com/3ds-games/dragon-quest-vii-fragme...
Dragon quest VIII: https://www.ozgameshop.com/3ds-games/dragon-quest-viii-journ...

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    Bought a copy back in July then it went out of stock, so unsure how long it took to get restock on the website.
    Same price as last time but probably the cheapest physical copy you can get.

  • What are they going for?

    Considering selling up my collection lately. No time to play 3ds.

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      If you have Australian versions, DQ VII is at least $70 and DQ VIII is at least $90. However, you could probably get more for them.

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        I have DQ8 on 3DS (I bought it when it was on special for $49 at ebgames). It's a great game and has gone up in price a heap. Despite this, I'm keeping mine since it's really fun and easily one of the best 3DS games while also being the best Dragon Quest game.

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    Not just these games either, plenty of other 3DS reprint recently. Copies of Shin Megami Tensei Soul Hackers, Devil Survivor 2 and Stella Glow, all of which were previously going for ~$200 each. Also picked up limited edition and dual packs of Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon which come up on OzGameShop occasionally.

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      Damn thank you for mentioning SMT Soul Hackers. I been looking for copies of SH, 4 and 4A for a long time(settled for digital version of 4 and 4A due to a sale). Their price been going crazy on Ebay.

      Gonna grab DQ8 and SMTSH for sure

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        You're welcome. :) I've been holding out for a cheap copy for a couple years now!
        Still trying to find Strange Journey Redux, but I'm happy to get these couple at last.

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          Been looking for SJR for a long time as well. Hope we will get lucky soon again :)

      • 4 in physical doesn't exist for Europe/Australia unfortunately.

    • Still no Devil Survivor reprint makes me sad :(

      • i brought it S/H for $120, i thought that was expensive until what it going for now.

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        Probably because of different publishers.

        • SMT: Devil Survivor: Overclocked - published by Ghostlight
        • SMT: Devil Survivor 2, SMT: Soul Hackers, Persona Q, Stella Glow, most of the Etrian Odyssey titles - published by NIS America (these got reprinted)
        • SMT: Strange Journey Redux, SMT4 Apocalypse, Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, Etrian Odyssey V, Etrian Odyssey Nexus - published by Deep Silver
        • SMT 4 - published by Atlus (digital only for Europe/Australia)
        • Yeah it is, reached out to ghostlight 2 years ago and said they had no plans to reprint, just annoying that they never put it on the e-shop…

    • Damn. Wish now that I got SMT DS overclocked over the sequel now they are doing reprints. Only Pal 3DS SMT game missing from the collection.

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    I can't remember the last time I shopped through OzGameShop. Them and 365 games were my go to for cheap games until JB/Big W started getting more competitive with their prices.

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      They're still one of the best places to buy PAL region games. Been buying through OzGameShop for about 10 years now.
      Only downside is occasionally long postage times, as I'm pretty sure a lot of their stock comes from the UK.

  • Their support is not the best, had a game go missing and after weeks of trying to contact them still no reply.

    • Pay by PayPal

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    Nintendo platform games are insane.

    I just paid $60 for the digital version of Metroid Samus Returns.

    Considered hacking at one point but couldn’t be bothered.

    • Bloody good game though. Same team that have now done Metroid Dread.

      If you are talking about the softmod option, I did it to both my 2DS and 3ds, was pretty straightforward once you get your tongue around it.

    • Metroid Samus Returns is selling for $210+, absolutely unreal.

      • Jeez, I know it makes sense.

        But wow am I glad I got the last copy at my local JB for 30~ when they were clearing them a few years back.

        • I've just started playing through my 3DS again so I'm looking to buy all these games I missed like Pokemon Ruby, Majoras Mask, Samus Returns etc but they're going for ridiculous prices. I hate that I won't ever be able to physically get my hands on them again.

          • @Kerrby: At least stuff without a super limited release, or currently popular (Samus Returns) tends to stay a bit lower now because of the eShop.

            It doesn't help in every case, but I have noticed its a bit rarer for games to be much higher than the eShop price.

  • Wow, 3ds games is worth 70 now?

    I have quite a collection to sell if I wish to. Hmmmm.

    • Plenty of demand for many of the games now - they've really risen in value over the last year.
      You could be sitting on some valuable games!

      • So where are people selling? I have quite a few but I assume ebay is going to get the best price (rather than in bulk to a reseller)?

    • +1

      prices are crazy now for 3ds. check out how much Metroid Samus Returns is going for.

  • I like 7 more than 8.

  • It's a shame these are likely the thicker UK boxes slightly annoying when the rest of the games are the thinner boxes

    • Most of them are barely noticeable thankfully - it's only a couple mm thicker.
      Not anywhere as annoying as the transparent European DS cases.

      • Oh yeah, those were huge. I've only got one, but I don't even store it with my other DS games because of the size difference.

  • Just picked up a copy of Layton's Mystery Journey, last time I tried to get a Layton's game I couldn't bring myself to pay the asking amounts, by comparison 27 bucks seems reasonable :-/

  • Damn, time to sell my collection if you can get prices like these!

  • DQ8 sold out, DQ7 will probably sell out soon.

  • For those who don't know OzGameShop is based in the UK, so delivery at the moment is taking longer than usual. They don't issue any tracking so you don't know where it is or when it may arrive.

  • I feel like old consoles are never going to depreciate as much as they used to. I usually waited until the next gen came out before I'd buy. These prices are insane considering how easy it is to softmod the 3DS for backups.

    • yeah, ps3 games/consoles dropped in price prior to covid. But once sony anncouned the PSN store was closing, there was a massive rise in ps3/psp/ and vita games.

    • +1

      You can blame game collectors and retro-game YouTubers in general for the price inflation of games.
      Not any fault of their own, but the unfortunate downside of creating discussions, lets plays, speed runs etc is creating demand.

      The popularity of Avalanche reviews with his horror game retrospectives has seen bumps in the games he has covered over time.

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