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Orbitkey Active $19.75 + Delivery (Free Delivery over $55) @ Orbitkey AU


Also leather version can be had for $26.94:


Clever organisation for better living

The Orbitkey Key Organiser was launched in 2013 and refined once more via crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. What started off as a side project for two blokes to transform their own messy bundle of keys into a beautiful and silent stack, has now turned into a mission to provide clever organisation solutions for better living.

Key Organiser
The Key Organiser is fully customisable, accommodating between 2-7 standard keys, alongside add-on accessories such as the 2.0 bottle opener and USB. For bulkier items such as car keys and apartment fobs, the included D-ring attachment can be used.

You can now say goodbye to jingling keys, scratches on phone screens, damaged wallets and holes in pockets and welcome your new everyday carry essential!

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  • +2

    Stacks with 10% off referral coupon also if spending > $55 total.

    • What's the referral coupon?

      • +1

        Click on the "random (43)" button below "Referral Links" above and it will link to a page with a referral code to use for 10% off your order over $55 in your cart.

        • Thanks

        • Thanks.

          It wouldn't work for me (maybe because I was logged into my Orbitkey account, or because of ad-block), so I right-clicked and opened in an incognito window. Grabbed the code, pasted it into my waiting checkout screen and it worked.

  • Blooming heck! I had one in my cart from this morning just hadn't made final decision between that and another key organiser. Thanks OP, now purchased.

  • +1

    Thanks op, got 2 and added 2 of the travel kit to claim free shipping + signed up for the 10% off first order code which brings total down from 57.50 to $51.75

  • +7

    I scored a free one from this deal:


    So shout out to Athena for being awesome!

    But personally I will not pay more than $15 for this thing but each to their own.
    Previously I was using this one: https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32808759259.html
    It held up well and the quality is on par with Orbitkey if not better. It holds more keys and more robust than Orbitkey but it adds more bulk than Orbitkey

    • +3

      Personally dont like the metal design. I like the OrbitKey's material as it prevents my key from scratching my other devices in my pocket.

      • -5

        What other scratchable objects do you have in your pocket? I have my phone without protector and the Gorilla prevents the keys from scratching.

      • The metal design was actually fine, never had it scratched anything in my pocket, orbitkey got a metal D ring as well isn't it? I found I pull out keys easier and smoother from the metal one for some reason. The only thing I hate about the metal one is the weight, but I could imagine myself using it as a weapon though…

    • -3

      Even 15$ is still too much!

    • I also bought a cheapie from aliexpress that I currently use with my keys. The freebie from Athena was actually smaller so my keys didnt fit :(

    • Got to say that the Jibbonkey absolutely smacks the Orbitkey Active I got from Athena.
      Not really a fair comparison but I do not have a leather Orbitkey to compare it with. I would guess that I would prefer the Jibbonkey steal but Orbitkey is cheaper with this deal.

    • Ditto! Athena FTW

  • +2

    Would have absolutely gone for this if I haven't already gotten one from Athena. Props to them for honouring it.

  • +4

    Bought 2 x QingGear Lkey for $15 from AE as recommended by someone in the last deal, received within 2 weeks. Quite happy with the quality. Leather version though.

    • Thanks!

    • Thanks for that

    • +2

      Possibly me, this is what mine looks like 5 years later. I also have a key shaped flash drive and a bottle opener that also doubles as a flathead screwdriver which are handy.

  • Pulled the trigger thanks. Light grey one sold out.

  • Thanks OP. One for me, one for the missus.

  • +2

    what is the difference between this and a normal keyring?

    • +22

      This costs about $20 more

  • -2

    I bought 20 of these just now for Christmas gifts for clients, sorted :D


    • +7

      Can we fellow Ozbargainers become your clients? Just for Christmas

    • Buy one more. Where do I sign up?

    • +2

      Found the Athena PR person

  • +2

    I prefer keysmarts.

  • +2

    The original orbit keyring which I got from their Kickstarter program is one of the best things I've ever bought.

    I constantly swap car keys with th Mrs and they save me killing my fingernails daily.

  • +2

    I prefer a prison wallet

  • Oh no white sold out too as soon as I was about to buy. Oh well… next deal.

  • Still trying to decide between this and the Jibbon organiser, I like the no exposed hardware look on the Jibbon and full wrapped around leather. Only the light grey is on sale :( too bright to match with the rest of my dark EDC lol

  • Bugger OOS

    • +1

      You can blame the guy that bought 20

      • Who? Broden?

  • Do these work with large car keys (remote style)?

    • +1

      Yep - you use the D Ring to connect your fob - the orbit key holds your other regular keys.

  • why sold out so fast i wanted 2

  • -2

    need a free shipping code
    i dont pay for shipping

  • Seems like the right price for the product, am sad it's sold out. Leather lasted me 3 years before I replaced it for cosmetic reasons (still functional).

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