Looking for Low Cost Cat Dentistry in Sydney

I was just quoted 1170 for a clean and one tooth removed under anaesthetic for my cat. Plus X-rays meds etc.

We have 3 cats who need a clean so Im looking for a lower rate if anyone has any Sydney suggestions.


  • Pet insurance?

    • She’s over 10 so not likely

  • Just ring around for quotes but that sounds about right so good luck.

  • Where in Sydney are you located?

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      Probably Catswood, Catbramatta or Catherine Field or possibly Meowbank or Puss Pount

      • Not Pawramatta?

        • I think you meant Pawcluse or Newpawt

      • What a catastrophe!

      • Maybe cheaper just going west to Katoomba to get the job done.

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      It’s Cattai of course

    • Petersham North

  • Looking for Low Cost Cat Dentistry in Sydney,

    No such thing.

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    just take it into a regular dentist, they will never know the difference.

  • We take our dog to petsoutwest.com.au Fairfield Rd Vet Clinic. Got his teeth cleaned under anaesthetic earlier this year for about $450 IIRC. No idea for a cat but worth a call.

  • Have you looked @ RSPCA Yagoona?

    who offer a dental suite set up for a wide range of procedures for cats

  • How bad is it? >$1000 is quite dear, unless it's multiple extractions under a long anaesthetic + dental rads, fluids, pre-op bloods, etc.

    • Yes it’s grade 3 all the premeds pain meds antibiotics pre blood test one canine extraction and possibly more which would increase price. Vet said suburbs might be cheaper as they have low overheads…

  • Will give them a ring

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