Dentist screwed up my tooth

Hi guys, looking for advice or opinions on what you would do if you were in my shoes.

I had a tooth with cavity and went to see dentist to get it fixed. During the procedure, I think the dentist drilled too deep and touched the the root as there was sharp pain, which I expressed to let the dentist know. After that, the pain went away.

After the procedure, I cannot really chew on the side of that tooth as I would get discomfort, and sometimes hurts. I was able to chew normally before that.

Do I have the rights to ask for discount if the only way to fix this is to undertake root canal treatment?

Thanks in advance.


  • It sounds like you had a deep filling, which is not too uncommon, especially if the decay has taken over. It does not mean you need a root canal. (But it also doesn’t mean you won’t need one at some point in the future.)

    When did you have the procedure done? It can take a few weeks to settle after a deep filling.

    Did they let you know it was a deep filling (before or after)?

    After my deep fillings, I was given similar letters like this upon leaving the dentist to help understand the healing process:

    • It's been over a month now as they are closed during lockdown. I was planning to go back few days after the procedure, because i could feel sharp edge on that tooth but because of lockdown it didn't happen. This was before I noticed that the discomfort wasn't going away.

      The dentist didn't let me know that it was deep filling at all and didn't provide any letter similar to that.

      Now I regret that I didn't keep the receipt.

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        Now I regret that I didn't keep the receipt.

        They probably have your details on file, unless you're an undercover agent and gave them some false ID that was erased.

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        Do I have the rights to ask for discount if the only way to fix this is to undertake root canal treatment?

        Now I regret that I didn't keep the receipt.

        Sounds more serious than worrying about getting a discount.

        (like others have said) Speak to your dentist to first, but I think seeking a discount isn't your immediate priority although that why we are on this website :)

        • have booked a session and will see what they say

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    I'd probably go back to the dentist and have a chat with them.

    But as the other posted said - if it's a deep filling then sounds like it's pretty normal/expected.

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    Have you contacted the dentist to ask if what you are experiencing is expected?

    • i did, the receptionist didn't know what to expect and the dentist herself wasn't available.

  • OP's username says it all… :+K

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      now that you mentioned it. user name taken from a quote of my favourite game.

  • What were the item codes on the final invoice?

    • It says "532-adhesive restoration- 2surf-post"

  • A discount makes the pain go away?

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      A discount will definitely helps to fix the issue.

      In a way, it helps makes the pain go away

  • Have you tried calling the clinic? Even though they might not fully be open, more than likely someone is still answering their phones and you probably can talk to the dentist. If they aren’t there, I’m sure they can call you back.

    I’d probably have gone straight back after a few days, lockdown or not they’d be open for emergency visits or could direct you to a clinic that is open. Forget the discount for the moment you need to get your tooth and pain sorted!

    • I did tried calling the multiple times for the past month. I did managed to make a booking yesterday.

      Thanks for your concern and hopefully the issue can be fixed easily.

  • I don't know the correct term, but when you close your mouth, does it feel like your filling touches the opposite tooth first? As in it might be too high?

    Hopefully it is just something like this

    • I do not think this is the case as they shaved the filling excess to make sure I can close my jaw properly, but might be wrong.

      • you are right, it's high filling and it's all better after the dentist remove some of the filling.

  • I don't think a dentist will drill further than necessary to remove the decay. I'd say you screwed up your tooth, and dentist tried to resolve it.

    • Nah. It can happen it isn't a precise activity as people like to think.

  • I had 2 molars out last month because the dentist said the holes in the teeth were too big to do fillings, but them teeth never hurt at all. I had other teeth hurt as I brushed my teeth too much and took off the outer enamel, the dentist had to put a layer of varnish on; all my teeth are sensitive.
    I am 63, and I have all my own teeth, minus the 2 the dentist took out, and minus the 2 teeth the black belt took out & minus 1 that died a slow death & got taken out 2 years ago.
    I had a filling put back in 2 months ago, but the dentist did not drill! Then I came back to have the 2 molars taken out. The dentist gave me a choice, do the filling or remove the molars. I said the molars ain't hurting, leave them & do the filling

  • Went to see the dentist and it's all now better.
    What cause the problem was as @mafroew suggested above.

    The dentist shaved the filling a bit and it's all better now. There's still slight discomfort but dentist suggested to go back if i can't get used to it to get it shaved more.

    Cheers, everyone.

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