Split Woolworths Online Payments Across Multiple Cards

Does anyone know if it is possible to split an online WW order across 2 credit cards? I know if you are in store/self serve checkout you can split across multiple cards.

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    Not sure if it helps as I'm not sure what you were wanting to split it for, but you can split it with gift cards. You could use the 2 credit cards to buy discounted gift cards then apply them to your Woolworths order.

    • I have a WW Amex offer on my primary and supplementary cards and wanted to use both offers in the one transaction. Was thinking of purchasing a gift card, however the offer explicitly states "Excludes online gift card purchases."

      • then you probably cant buy a gift card

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        Ah right, no good then.

        If you are doing click and collect you can just make 2 separate orders for $50+ each and use both cards. No good if you are doing delivery though because of the delivery fee.

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    I don't know whether you can use multiple cards to pay for a Woolworths Online order…

    However, if you cannot use two cards on Woolworths Online and the Amex offers are valid for in-store transactions, you could go to a Woolworths supermarket (or Woolworths Metro store) and buy one WISH gift card using the primary and secondary Amex cards in the same transaction, and then use that WISH gift card to pay for items on Woolworths Online (or BIG W online or BWS online or Dan Murphy's online). I purchased a WISH gift card in-store a couple of weeks ago, and I used two credit cards to pay for it.

    The thing to keep in mind is that if Woolworths Online has to refund you for an item being out of stock, I think they refund you in the form of a new WISH gift card or a code you can apply to future transactions. They will not process the refund directly to the WISH gift card (which is strange, because Woolworths can process refunds back onto a gift card) or to a bank account or a credit/debit card.

    • Thanks WookieMonster, guess that's the only way to utilise both Amex offers on the same transaction (although kind of defeating the purpose of shopping online).

  • You can consider two separate online transactions, one on each card, assuming :
    - you don't mind spending $50 per transaction
    - you have unlimited delivery or can start a free unlimited delivery trial for 1 month - so that the extra transaction does not incur extra delivery fees.

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    Why don't you place two orders instead of one?

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