Repairable Write off and WOVR Back on QLD Registration

Has anyone bought a
Repairable Write Off
from a Auction and got back on the road.
as a quick read,
Repairable Write Off needs a standard roadworthy and can reregister. But assume it cant be that easy
and WOVR is only for parts or scrap metal and can never go back on the road

I am specifically asking about QLD, but assume others would find this post interesting

I see many listed on grays that are clean clean clean and cant work out the underlining issues. definately no physical damage and running without issue.
Wanted to check if anyone has delt with this before before I go and inspect a few,

Here is a example I am looking at..


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    Wovr stands for Written Off Vehicle Register.

    A vehicle can be either a repairable write off, or a statutory write off. A repairable write off can be repaired, a stat write off can't.

    You can't simply get a road worthy and then register a repairable write off. It has to be repaired, you then need to get a WOVI check. You will need to be able to prove where you got the parts to repair it. Once it has passed a WOVI, you then get a roadworthy. You then go down to the rego place and register it.

    Edit - Grays is dodgy as all get out, the pictures are very different to real life. Also if they have been water damaged, they will look fine, but won't be.

    • What about a case where a car valued at $5,000 has suffered considerable cosmetic hail damage with a repair cost of $6,000. The insce company would declare the car a write off.
      As the hail damage is only cosmetic the car would pass a RWC and could be registered as is (with existing hail damage)
      Yes or no?

      • You still need to do the WOVI. But you are correct, no need to fix the hail damage, unless it is to glass, lights etc, but then it wouldn't pass rwc anyway.

  • I believe there can also be issues with getting fully comprehensive insurance.

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    NEVDIS Written-off Vehicle Notification:
    QLD, 19 Feb 2021, Inspected
    • I01C [Impact | Passenger front | Heavy structural]
    • I02C [Impact | Driver front | Heavy structural]
    • I17D [Impact | Chassis/structural rail (passenger) | Light structural]
    • I34D [Impact | Suspension (passenger front) | Light structural]
    • I38F [Impact | Airbag front | Major mechanical damage]
    • I41F [Impact | Seat belt pre-tensioner | Major mechanical damage]
    • I02C [Impact | Driver front | Heavy structural]
    • I01C [Impact | Passenger front | Heavy structural]
    • I41E [Impact | Seat belt pre-tensioner | Unrepairable ]
    I17D [Impact | Chassis/structural rail (passenger) | Light structural]
    • I34G [Impact | Suspension (passenger front) | Minor mechanical damage]
    • I38E [Impact | Airbag front | Unrepairable ]

    • Lol plus:

      Spare Key: No
      Owners Manual: No
      Service History: No

      Yep, just want I want from my Range Rover, no books…

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      So was damaged in Vic and probably auctioned Jan 2020. Then someon in qld bought it and spent 12months trying to get it repaired and gave up and is auctioning again?

      Sounds like a bargain.

      • So I wonder how did the buyer manage to get the car registered in QLD if it was not roadworthy?

        • Maybe I misunderstood the info.

          I read it as the inspection was carried out to put the vehicle on the register, not that the inspection was a sign of it being repaired and passed.

          Ie written off in Vic. Brought to qld still damaged and inspected after 12 months on the qld register without repairs. Since then has taken to oct to get it to the point it is now but it won’t pass rego inspection so they are selling without rego because they want to make it someone else’s problem.

          If it was actually registered why wouldn’t you well registered and get more $?

          If it was registered in qld does that means it has been crashed twice and written off twice?

      • It has been fixed and passed its inspection at the start of the year, and looks like it's been used as an uber since then.

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      Heavy structural as well as air bags, fixed by some random. No thanks. Plus it's an Evoque 🤮

    • How are you getting the link to this information. Please share

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        It's $2 to do a PPSR, (or free if you want to give Budget Direct your details) and easy to do given the Vin is listed

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    and cant work out the underlining issues.

    Are you a mechanic or smash repairer? If not, don't even bother, it won't be worth your economical time. Let alone the safety issues of airbags that have deployed

    Side note, eww Evoque… Are you a middle aged woman who spends half her time at the shops?

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      … .who spends half her time at the shops?

      Drove into a parking spot and cant reverse out? :)

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    If you have to ask this sort of question on a bargain website, you are not equipped to do the necessary repairs. You will end up with a half repaired car that is worth less than what you bought it for and won’t be able to be registered.

    • Are you saying that a automotive forum section in ozbargain, is not the right place to automotive questions,
      Even though there are suffice answers that have come through.
      If you feel this is not the place to ask, and their advice is not correct, where would you recommend asking such questions.

      • recommend asking such questions

      • No. I’m saying that’s gone who has to ask the question AT ALL doesn’t have enough experience to take on the task.

        • Interesting. However I found out the exact information I needed to move forward. Would be nice to know all information without actual learning it…

          Dont ask Automotive questions in the Automotive forum. Got it..

  • The one you dont see is water damage.. .mate lost many 1000's on a X3 he bought that he didnt know was flood damaged.. the seat control unit or something to do with seat and seat was over 3000 alone.

    Dont worry i look at the m/cycles that have just had a low side and think why written off…. :(

    Buyer beware

  • i am amazed at the numbers on the bidding history… this car is well sought after!

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