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10% off VR Accessories for Quest 2, Quest 1, Rift S, PSVR, HTC Vive + Delivery (Free Shipping w/ $65 Spend) @ Kronos VR


Hey everyone,
We're offering everyone at OZB 10% off your next purchase with Kronos VR, who provide high quality virtual reality accessories for all your favourite VR headsets.
Checkout with the code WSCVAXKK5YJ3 to claim the discount.

Some of our top products include:
- KIWI Design's Pro Controller Grips for the Oculus Quest 2 —> comfortable, premium grips to keep your hands secure to your controllers. From $49.99 down to $44.99 with our discount.
- VR Cover for Oculus Quest 2 (2-Pack) —> a soft cotton cover for your Quest 2 that absorbs sweat and keeps your face more comfortable in your VR experience. From $44.99 down to $40.49 with our discount.
- Kronos' VR Headset Mount Station —> an aesthetic mount for any VR headset, which keeps it secure and displayed openly for everyone to see, whilst being easily accessible to jump into a game. From $39.99 down to $35.99 with our discount.

Jump onto our website at https://kronosvr.com/ to see how we can take your VR experience up a notch!
Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for any questions or queries.

Happy VR Gaming from the team at Kronos VR :)

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  • Need replacement foam for Oculus Rift DK2

    • Hey FireRunner,
      There used to be VR Covers for the DK2, but they've been out of production for several years now, so we aren't able to supply them unfortunately :(

      How have you found the DK2? I never tried it myself, and got introduced to VR with the CV1.

      • It was a long shot anyway, have tried finding something but yeah, it's been years since anyone has made anything for the DK2
        As for using it, I've yet to try. Saw it for $68 delivered and though why not? Might be a complete waste of money, lol
        It lacks motion controllers so probably has a much more limited library compared to CV1 and newer headsets.
        Need a free weekend to set everything up and try it in some sit down only VR games

    • KIWI Design's Pro Controller Grips for the Oculus Quest 2

    I have those, not really comfy, This part rubs against my hand, that little button.

    • Hey Hornpub,
      Agreed, the buckle part can rub a little rough if the strap is pulled tightly, but otherwise a fantastic grip!

  • Does your Quest 2 carry case fit the Halo strap?

    • +1

      Hey Rorzaborg,
      From our testing, it doesn't fit our Halo Strap or the Adjustable Strap - it is designed for the original strap. We are considering supplying a larger case to fit either of these straps or even the official Oculus Elite Strap.

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