Is $2600 Expensive for Front and Back Rotors/Brakes for Mercedes?

I just got my car serviced at a Sydney Dealership. They were charging $2,600 for parts and labour to replace front and back rotors and brakes pads. Also to replace the auto transmission fluid $900.

Does this seem normal as I recall getting all the rotors and pads done for around $1,350 for my previous Merc. Any suggestions of where to get the auto transmission fluid changed and the brakes done?

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    You must be joking. There's no way. Show us the itemised quotation please.

    Are they AMG/Brembo specials?

    • how do i attach photos?

      • its definitely the amount but the brakes were split up into back and front

        • What car do you drive? It'll be some high performance car with a big brake kit.

          My dad had brembo brakes on his car and the costs were similar.

          Get another quote from a brake specialist.

          Auto trans fluid is expensive, that price doesnt seem too bad. Again, get a quote from a transmission specialist.

        • This sounds about right to me. BMW charged us ~1350 for front brakes, brake sensors and rotors on an X3. The tax we pay to go to a dealership



        What vehicle is it? Found this for X-class which suggests $1,000 for front and rear each.

        I don't remember my GLC or E-class ever being anywhere near that much in UK. I'm sure you can get cheaper quotes elsewhere though.

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          you'll also find that you can buy a 2010 S class for like under £10,000 pound sterling while its a $60k aud car here.

          $900 for trans fluid is taking the piss but about par for $180hr type labour.

          Go to an independent.

          However if you car is an AMG sport package with 4 piston calipers then those parts prices arent surprising… for a true AMG its about right lol…

          Again dont do shit at a dealer. You get shafted everywhere, parts labour consumables.

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            @tonyjzx: $180 an hour? More like $300 an hour, took my e90 to BMW for an airbag change as part of the recall, they charged $300/hr for labour…

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              @Trance N Dance: You shouldn’t have been charged labour for the airbag recall replacement. The Mercedes guy who changed ours over didn’t charge us anything,

              • @try2bhelpful: I wasn't charged, but rather on the work order it was listed as $300/hr for labour. Which I assume they'll bill BMW headquarters for, or whatever arrangement they have covering recalls.

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      All Mercedes have the same brakes whether it's an A-class shopping trolley or an AMG spec S-Class. Therefore the price is the same.

      Thanks for all the information OP

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    The local Merc dealer down here charges $270 ph.
    You may be able to get it done cheaper elsewhere but how is that going to look in your logbook?
    I kinda find it surprising that you wouldn't expect a Mercedes to be expensive to repair and maintain.

    • Well, My new Audi no longer has logbooks.. It's all digital with the Audi service centres.. not sure how that will work when I decide to sell it.

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        Brakes aren't considered a logbook service. You can get them done anywhere and as often as you like, including doing it yourself if so inclined.

        For digital logbooks, you can go to dealership anytime and ask them to print (or e-mail) you full copy. Should get a copy after each service anyway to check it's correctly logged. I stick them in glovebox.

      • You can register an account on their website linking you as the owner and all the service records show when you login.

      • Its super easy and cheap to buy a blank generic service book online and just get them to stamp it , then staple the service details on the same page its stamped on.

        now you have your own records and records to show the next owner in person when it comes time to sell.

        personally i find it absolutely ridiculous and downright stupid that a new car does not come with service books.

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      You may be able to get it done cheaper elsewhere but how is that going to look in your logbook?

      Spoken like a real n00b.

      Having a dealer stamp in the log book vs other mechanic isn't going to change the resale price of the car. The biggest factor affecting the resale value is the number of KMs, which will reflect in the overall wear and tear to the interior/exterior and mechanical components.

  • i got a new shape a class, bear it be an a class, both front brakes and rotors fitted was $320. Didnt take it to mercedes dealership tho.

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      That's cheap. Rotors would be at least $200 and $100 minimum for the pads (using decent branded stuff)

      $20 labour is really good.

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        That tells you they weren't using decent branded stuff.

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          No it doesn't. Christ, I can buy good quality brake rotors and pads for about that price.

          Just because a dealership charges you $400 per rotor and $200 per set of pads doesn't make them "decent" by virtue of price alone.

          • @pegaxs: I agree with you in the general sense that you can get good quality stuff for cheaper prices, but in this particular case, $320 for the front two rotors, pads and labour is just way too cheap (unless it's mates rates or something!).

            Being able to get parts for that price for personal use is one thing, but a business would need to be getting it even cheaper because they would still need to add their own margin and cost of labour to fit it.

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    Is it expensive, yes.
    Is it on par for stealership pricing, yes.

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    Everyone who asks 'should I buy a Euro out of warranty' should be referred to this thread

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      Everyone who services their car at the dealership should be referred to this thread. Brakes have nothing to do with warranty.

      • Bit unfair. I get my Hyundai serviced at a dealership under fixed price servicing. Is it slightly more expensive than an independent mechanic, yes, by a small amount. But if something happens under warranty I can simply say you are they only ones who have worked on it, so it's your problem instead of them saying the other mechanic did they, blah blah blah.

        • And don't you get free roadside assist as an incentive as well?

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            @MS Paint: Yes, free roadside assist, saving me about $100/year.

        • AdosHouse

          If your brakes are worn then that isn't a warranty problem unless they wore in a few thousand kms.

          • @brad1-8tsi: I was saying it's a bit unfair to say that everyone who gets their cars serviced at a dealership is being ripped.

            Brakes I usually do myself. I'm not paying for factory brakes, when I can chuck on DBA T2 and Brembo ceramic pads myself for cheaper.

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    I drive an M BMW, and am well aware brake pads and discs will cost in the order of $3k at the dealership. If you have an AMG it will be similar. Best to go elsewhere when you need that stuff done

  • Hope they are made of some new technological hard wearing gold compound for that price…..

    • Gold is very soft. Not sure it would be classed as hard wearing!

      • Good to see you read "some new technological hard wearing"

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    No, because if you are silly enough to buy a MB you are silly enough to pay MB prices…

    I have never understood how people can buy a $130,000+ luxury car and then complain about $2,000 services (not saying this this OP's case but what general industry experience has shown me.)

    • some of these luxury car type owners are very savvy with their money and may have saved every penny to be a position to afford luxury cars, and these savvy type owners may have found it difficult to understand and acknowledge they have to continuously pay overpriced maintenance items

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        Base model mercs and BMW's are not "luxury cars". In my experience, the people who buy these base model things have overextended themselves buying it initially, then can't believe that they actually have to replace brakes and tyres.

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          I worked at Capitol BMW in the Sydney CBD in the 80s. The number of entry level finance / law guys that bought 325s and then baulked at the service costs compared to the Corolla they had at university and let them go beyond the 60k timing belt change… and then cried in the office when the belt broke, the pistons kissed the valves and we presented them with a quote for ~$4500 1988 dollars. It was sad

    • You can get a MB for a lot less than $130,000+

      We have a baby A-class we bought 13 years ago and it’s still going well. It’s a little mini tank from a safety perspective and, if you put the seats down, you can get muchly IKEA stuff into it.

      The problem I have is the cost of parts but, also, the luxury guys sting you bigly for “extras” that come standard for lower end manufacturers. We were lucky because they threw in the metro pack when we bought ours.

  • Should see HSV, holden dealerships charged 5k.

    • Some of the Audi brakes run to $10k for parts

      • Nothing compared to PCCB replacement

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    Depends what model…


    I see you are in Sydney. Go into MB Artarmon and talk with Marty! The end…
    Otherwise, go to an aftermarket rotor like a DBA if you can get a fitment and use that.

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