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[Pre Order] Pixel 6 128GB $999 or Pixel 6 Pro 128GB $1299 & Get A Bonus Nest Audio (Worth $124) @ JB Hi-Fi & Harvey Norman


Bonus Offer!
Pre Order the Google Pixel 6 Pro and get a bonus Google Nest Audio!
Online customers will receive redemption code via email next business day from order completion. In-store purchasers will receive code at time of order completion.
Codes to redeem at jbhifi.com.au. Delivery fees apply. Offer valid until October 27, 2021.
Click Here to see the Google Nest Audio range.

It's unclear, on which colour you get for the nest audio. JB is saying their grey colour is 124 and charcoal is 148.

Similar deal purchasing via Google.

Personally prefer to do in-store pickup.

Harvey Norman: same deal quoting the nest audio is worth $148

Note: Pixel 6 and 6 Pro only comes with a USB-C cable. USB-C 30W wall charger and Pixel Stand 2nd Gen wireless charger is sold separately.

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  • +1

    I'm hoping for a good port in offer. Has anyone heard what they could be offering?

    • JB email has Pixel 6 128GB $499 upfront on $69 month (in store only).

      • Anything about the 512GB Pro?

        • +1

          Sorry the JB email just had preOrder with Nest like this deal and at end the 1 port in offer. Might have to ask in store?

        • My wild guess will be 999

      • What provider is that with?

      • What a rip

    • Yeah was going to hold out for a port in offer but limited stock and feeling the frenzy I jumped on the pre-order.

      Hoping to still see a port it offer come and possibly cancel my pre-order

  • Nice bonus but a shame I already got a nest audio a couple on months back. So no good for me!

    • How would you rate the nest audio?

      I have a nest home max and hopefully will improve sound around the house.

      • +2

        Works really well. Out in the entertaining area. Good volume and quality

    • get a second one and do a stereo pair :D

    • Probably can't hurt to have a spare one, put it in the bathroom so you can sing along in the shower haha.

  • Glad I got my order in, Google's store ran out of 512gb stormy black before 6am

    • +1

      512gb wow

      • I got this as well since 256GB isn’t out until mid-November

        • Well now I have to ask, what are you guys doing to fill up all that storage lol

          • @miinht79: All the photos I took over the last decade on my phone. Almost a decade of WhatsApp chats.

            My current Pixel 4 is a 128GB with 70% used.

            • -1

              @kerfuffle: Doesn't seem like a sensible location to store photos. It's like taking your backup NAS everywhere with you in your pocket.

              Can be easily lost or stolen. Surely the cloud or proper backup solution is a more logical location and costs a fraction of the amount.

              • -1

                @xmail: Obviously I have a back-up. 🙄 Multiple of them, in fact. Nor do I lose my phone as you seem to easily lose yours.

                Why do you care how much I spend on my phone, or whether I even paid full price for it? Why get 128GB if my current phone is 128GB? Why get 256GB if my current phone is a spicy pillow and I needed a new phone five months ago, and 256GB isn't in stock until mid-November?

          • @miinht79: Average size for high res photos is about 4-6mb each. With improved video quality you can easily fill-up the storage.
            I was ok with 64gb until I got a Pixel and started taking a lot of photos.
            High capacity storage is essential for Android to run as smooth as possible.
            If you run out of storage, there would be a performance drop because system constantly tries to delete cache files of the app u just closed to free up space for the next app u're going to open
            This might be less noticeable due to fast storages these days but it's there.

    • Yup. 512gb Stormy Black bought too.

  • +2

    Got 128G white with Audio at JB. Thanks OP! Pickup next week hopefully.

    • Your welcome. Same ⛵

  • +5

    I think I’ll wait for hardware reviews given the pixel history

    • Same. I have a Pixel 3 and the call quality is very bad. Basically useless on speakerphone as there can be either robotic sounding/tinny or echo when the other person talks. I love the phone but this one issue caused by their bad design on speaker location buried in the phone is enough to make me cautious in buying another Pixel.

      • +1

        Yea the pixel 5 was even worse. I think the phones are cool to try random new things that they won't support in the future, but as far as a daily driver goes, I gave up hey.

        • I will wait as well last time I returned my google pixel 5 as very unimpressed.

          • @JennyBenny: Ouch, seems many are saying it feels like a first gen product, not a 6th generation product. Hmmmm

    • Order now and secure your spot. You will get it by December. Plenty of time to cancel it if reviews aren't good.

      • There we’ll be loads of stock later and potentially way better prices and deals

        • With chip shortage I don't think there would be any huge discounts like we used to. At max $250.
          But you would have more storage options. Which is not worth the wait considering $150 store credit they're offering now. They will discontinue making them like Pixel 5 when we get close to Pixel 7 launch. Your best bet would be refurbished or JB hi-fi remaining stock or second hand.

          • @Mi2: I don't think there will be a shortage of pixels, they are the least popular mainstream phone on the market.

            • +1

              @onlinepred: They expect to sell around 7m Pixel 6 which is a win considering Samsung hardly reached 30m globally for S series.
              They used to sell 60m each year.
              Lower demand=Lower supply. Rolex an example, but not the best example.
              Google expected to sell less than 1m pixel 5 and they sold the same amount. That's why we didn't see huge discounts for P5.
              They don't overproduce like Samsung does.

    • Yes, no rush until decent reviews are out (and some better deals). Sounds like a long wait on some pre orders anyway so could always cancel.

      The pixel 5 sh1&$ me when in the car, can barely hear you say Hey Google so the microphone seems rubbish. Granted is a bit noisier environment and using a Spigen case but literally have to yell. The earpiece and loudspeaker Vol aren't as loud or good as my pixel 3xl either (given they are under the screen).

  • +1

    Really disappointed about colours.
    I was about to pre-order until I realised 256 and 512GB are exclusive to black colour which I hate.

    • I don’t mind the colours and like to have a different colour phone which inevitably will go in a case cause of the kids.

      • -1

        Same. But kinda tired of black cases.
        I want to use something clear this time.
        I need more vibrant colours in my life.
        Everything in my life has been either black or grey & getting depressed because of it.

        • The Google cases are nice, in the textured cloth type of finish

    • +6

      Give up your OZB badge if you pay full price for YT premium.

      • Better fill me in please .. I want to keep the badge

        • Indian YT premium is really cheap ;)

          • +1

            @RipperOB: Weirdly .. I have Australian YT premium but get some indian songs on the top 100 songs for Australia ..

            Maybe if I have indian YT premium them I'll get all Australian songs?

        • use youtube vanced on android - a modified youtube client that's imo better than youtube premium because it includes stuff like sponsorblock

          on desktop use ublock origin + sponsorblock

          cost = free

          • @spiev: Isn't that technically in a very grey area since that's how the content creators are meant to get their money? Ads, sponsorship, etc etc.

            I guess that's kinda why many of the content creators moved towards Patreon.

            • @iridiumstem: sponsorblock just skips the sponsored segments - the video sponsors have no idea you skipped it, it's just automating you forwarding through a sponsored segment for nordvpn or whatever

              imo it's less ethical/a bigger grey area to give google money, but that's probably not a common opinion. regardless, life is too short to watch the same BMW/kfc/commbank ads six times in a row on youtube, so you gotta do whatever you gotta do to skip the damn ads, be it by paying for premium or fiddling around with your devices.

              • @spiev: This is just my personal opinion, but if you feel that Google is bad then you do have the choice of not using their service.

                They are charging people for the service via advertisements, circumventing those, regardless of how awful the company that runs them are, is questionable.

                They are paying for the servers and the ad revenue is also what pays the content creators. Sponsorship I think is eh, again, grey area. I think they'd slowly make it more intrusive (almost like a PPL) and more difficult to skip them if they can. There will be legal issues associated with it, so who knows what will happen.

                I digressed a little, but basically I personally think that circumventing ads (without paying for it) is a personal choice. Ads have had sercurity issues etc etc. I don't see "Google is awful therefore they should not get my money" particularly convincing, I'd say just don't use Google products as much as you can.

                • @iridiumstem: I disagree with your opinion but the implication adblocking or using a browser extension to auto forward through sponsor segments is a legal issue is just completely fictitious.

                  • @spiev: The legal bit was about product placements or PPLs (I just realised that this abbreviation is only used in certain country oops) in Youtube. This is the reason why Youtube is pedantic about when the video is sponsored, it needs to be stated in a very specific way (or so I've heard).

                    So I think the advertisers will make it more difficult to skip the ads, eventually blending into the content itself (like product placements seen on TV series). That I think was more what I think would happen, not, what my opinions are on skipping ads or sponsorship.

  • Same deal at officeworks.

  • +3

    Don't know why the Pixel 6 got a price hike in Australian market. $999 AUD would be equivalent to about $750 USD, however it is priced $599 (before tax) in USA. $150 USD GST and import tax?
    Pixel 6 Pro has similar pricing here and in USA. Pixel 6 would've been great for $900 AUD.

    • Almost every piece of technology gets a price hike in Australia… wait until you see laptops especially gaming ones

      • +1

        Yes, I've noticed that. Just weird because the Pro version didnt get the price hike.

        • +1

          you think you guys get a hike, imagine us in New Zealand

          • @Bazz30: What's it like there?

    • +1

      Consumer protections are expensive?

      • Not for pro?

        • Higher profit margin?

      • not really, US has relatively easier return process and warranty claims

        • -1

          What happens when you're 300ms out of the short limited warranty?

    • +3

      Doing direct conversions is never how it works theres other costs to sell in AU market like having a small and spread out population that make it pricer to do. Better to just compare to other phones on the AU market.

      Pixel 6 $999
      Pixel 6 Pro $1299

      iPhone 13 Mini $1200
      iPhone 13 $1350
      iPhone 13 Pro $1700
      iPhone 13 Pro Max $1850

      Galaxy s21 $999
      Galaxy s21+ $1350
      Galaxy s21 Ultra $1550

      Very well priced. Base model is just ok and inline with the rest but the pro by far the best deal

      • the bezels on the base model are horrible. Looks like a smart phone from 2010

        • +5

          2010? Really? Get your eyes fixed man.

        • not sure about 2010 but it does look pretty cheap looking.. its Google after all

      • S21 was $1250 on launch day.

    • It's bit strange, but kinda makes the Pro better value is AUS, AU$400 difference in USA but AU$300 difference in AUS

  • -1

    hows this a bargain?

    • If iPhone 13 pro max or S21 ultra RRP was $700 would it not be a bargain because it's RRP?
      Or if this phone was $1650 + $350 discount would that be Bargain?

      • -1

        getting s21 for $350 is a bargain

    • +2

      its in the title

      "& Get A Bonus Nest Audio (Worth $124) @ JB Hi-Fi"

  • Im from New Zealand, if I order one to my friend in aussie and then he ships it to me in New Zealand, this should be sweet yeah?!

    they not on sale here in NZ

  • i got the Pixel 3 on here, for about $250 i saw the pixel XL 3 as well similar price.. it's a phenomenal phone, I've gone through a few cheap Realme 7 and redmis they were good but had android glitchy irritating problems .. but ~$1,300 for a phone.. some more space, better camera. better battery…over a $1K more..

    • +1

      Significantly better CPU combo and their are three cameras and significantly better screen.

      I'm moving up from a pixel 2. The last phone I bought on pre-order with Google. If this phone lasts me over 4 years like the pixel 2 did I'll be very happy.

    • +1

      Pixel 3s were over ~$1000 at launch, IIRC - they were the flagship Google phone at the time.

      I bought mine several months after launch for about $800.

      It's a great phone, but it didn't become cheap until a couple years afterwards, once it started running up against its End Of Life date (which is basically now).

    • Yeah pixel 3XL felt more premium and not as disposable, better speakers, mic, finish. The bigger screen chewed the battery a bit, which is the best thing about the pixel 5 is you can get two days out of it instead of flat every day. I like the smaller form factor of the pixel 5 for better pocketability and one handed operation.

      The pixel 3XL was $1500 originally, but didn't get it strait away but grabbed it for $750 when Google had that half price deal.. later price Protection claimed for $588 - great phone for that price. Sold for $300 ish, usually makes a good upgrade when pixel 5 cost $800. Not worth personally spending much more on a handset and don't know what I could sell the pixel 5 for yet.

      Sounds like the 6 (not Pro) would suit if I'm generally happy with the 5 and don't need a bigger screen.

  • Apologies as I'm out of the loop with pixel. Do we still get the free Google storage? Or has that stoppe

    • +1


      • What about for previous pixel owners/accounts where photos already backed up? Pay $2.50 a month anyway for 100gb

  • I ordered on the Google store to get the $150 credit for when the charging stand finally drops.

    I'm sure a million other fellow preorderers are thinking the same thing.

    Also getting it from the Google store you get 3 months of free binge or Kayo too. Not sure if that is just something you get with the phone wherever you buy it though.

  • Still happy with my Pixel 4a 5g
    Probably will skip till next gen

  • Well done on first post fellow ozbargainer! Not a cracker deal but gave ya a vote anyway +1

  • Everythingelse is good, except no Love for google stock andriod.

  • Damn…why do Americans get such cheap prices on every electronic? Pixel 6 is USD 599 over there. Taking into consideration the exchange rate, you are still paying almost $200 premium.

    • +2

      599 is before tax. So after you add our gst it isnt bad.

      Also their pro is $300usd more than their 6. Our pro is $300aud more than the 6. So we get a good deal there.

    • economies of scale and tech sold in OZ is priced more cos we tend to accept paying more for it

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