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LEGO Creator Expert: Porsche 911 Collectable Model (10295) $197.99 Shipped ($30 off) @ Zavvi AU



  • This LEGO set features two iconic Porsche models: the 911 Turbo 3.3 Targa and the 911 Turbo 3.3 (1987–1989).
  • Features the iconic front and rear bumpers, angled headlights, printed logo, an air-cooled flat-six engine, and three unique license plates.
  • Explore the beautifully crafted interior, highly detailed and accurate to the real deal.
  • The Porsche 911 Turbo model car features a wide rear axle, an integrated spoiler, plus a turbo-charged engine complete with an intercooler and moving pistons.
  • The car includes a removable roof, which stores easily under front hood, and the iconic Targa bar, with rear glass behind the driver.
  • The officially licensed LEGO Porshe 911 set is perfect for any petrol head who is a fan of the classic car.
  • This advanced building set comes with coffee-table-style instructions, with inspirational design details.
  • The set contains 1458 pieces
  • Age: 18+
    Number of Pieces: 1458

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Zavvi AU
Zavvi AU


  • Price in title

  • +5

    Bought this from Zavvi's recent deal for about AU$155.

    • Really interested in their service but wondering about the buying experience. Has your set arrived without issues?

      • +1

        Yes no issues. Note it was the UK style box that has tabs you press open rather than a tape seal that you can cut.

      • Bought London bus and it arrived fine. Just funny it came in a protein box…had me wondering what got shipped to me

    • Thanks. I'll wait till next time they do that.

    • Well bollocks, I didn't see that one and that's absolutely a price I would have pulled the trigger on, "not quite $200" is pretty close to retail

  • Caved and bought this on the lego store last week as I don't think this will ever get out of exclusive mode.

    Meh double VIP and its already on its way. I'll live.
    Looking forward to adding to my creator expert car collection

    • Pretty much every Lego set bar few exceptions gets out of exclusive mode. Why would you think an Expert Creator vehicle of all things would remain exclusive?

      It's been available at other retailers for a month already. We just haven't seen heavy discounts yet, other than the recent Zavvi AU$155-ish.

      • Yeah know toyworld etc have now. but they rare budge from RRP.
        I was more waiting for an Amazon to get..I want now anyway. Now where is that Delorean we all want.

        • Pretty sure I also saw it on Myer or DJs a month ago but can't find the listing. Perhaps removed due to sold out?

  • Shipping has been very slow lately. Purchased a few sets, none has been dispatched.

    • Yep. I ordered set 42131 from the deal you posted here and it still hasn't shipped. I emailed them after a week and they said there was a system problem and the order hadn't processed properly. It updated but has been stuck on waiting to ship for another five or six days.

      • my bulldozer set has just been shipped. no email update. no tracking number. weird.

        • Mine was marked as shipped as well. No tracking even though its says tracked delivery. Oh well, wait and see I guess.

        • Mine finally arrived today. Paid for tracked shipping and received a tracking number three days ago lol.

          • @Blokeinhisundies: nice. it turned out that all orders that I didnt receive email updates and tracking number are all posted using British Post. and they are very slow compared to their current shipping arrangement with Fedex/Arrow Technicolor

  • Can someone that brought from Zavvi AU before comment.

    Would buying from Zavvi AU incur foreign transaction fee and GST/Custom fees? Reading some older post people being saying they charge in EUR and item get hit with GST/Custom fees upon arrival into Australia.

    Looking at some Lego sets around $400-$500.

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