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[PS4] Biomutant $40 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Came across Biomutant for $40 this morning. Got one! Knowing my luck will be the PS+ game now.

Steadily starting to drop in price, hope this helps someone out :)

This qualifies for free shipping also.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Pm target I think

  • I was eagerly awaiting this game before launch… apparently it’s not all that. Something like 60% on metacritic

    • I was the same, saw the launch reviews and held off until now. I’m happy to play, explore and listen to podcasts for this entry price :)

  • Pass. Terrible reviews.

  • I enjoyed this. It's an indie game with a huge scope. The game play is fun and you need to enjoy exploring, otherwise the content is more limited though. The game is probably 10 hours or so without exploring.

    Although, the budget is obvious with places like petrol stations obviously copied and pasted into different locations on the map, over time you learn the locations and when you come across it, you know where to look for things.

    I think full price it probably wasn't worth the price, but at $40 it's great.

  • I actually enjoyed the game. Pretty good and different. Its like skyrim where you have multiple main storylines but there is a lack of direction where the story goes. It is way too long tho, 30-40 hours to finish this game, got bored and rushed through the end.

  • This game should be cheaper by now..

  • -1

    It's actually a great game. If you're into XCOM, this is fun alternative.

    • +1

      This is an action-adventure game so quite a bit different. Any chance you're thinking of Mutant: Year Zero? Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden https://g.co/kgs/MZC6Re

  • +1

    Don't believe the reviews. I've given up on them. I try to make up my own mind from watching gameplay videos etc prior to purchasing. An example :

    Days Gone (Rated 6/10): was a game I thoroughly enjoyed even though it had horrible reviews.

    Death Stranding (Rated 9/10): worst game I have ever played. Complete snoozefest and a hard pass. I wouldn't even give it a 2/10. Not sure which joker gave it a 9.

    • I'm with you mate, I'm well over 20 hours in Days Gone right now and I can't recommend it enough. Yeah it's a bit rough around the edges but it's quite addictive with tons of exploring, crafting and looting.

    • +1

      I like both with different reasons but yeah I agree with you on that topic

  • About to get it but hesitate once you talked about PS+ November

    • I reckon you could still unload it pretty fast on the Marketplace for $30 if it happened, add Playstation Australia to your facebook (if you use it) and you would be notified very quickly.

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