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Pilot G2 12x Black/Blue 0.7mm Refill $4.99 + Delivery (Free with Club Catch) (Free Pickup at Target/Kmart) @ Catch


Seems really cheap, single refills are $2 at Officeworks and dozen packs are selling for upwards of $25 elsewhere.

Blue: https://www.catch.com.au/product/pilot-blue-refill-for-g2-ge...

Edit: Black out of stock, blue still in stock

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  • Would've bought if these were Frixion (erasable) refills, for just regular pens though nah.

  • 12 pen refills would last me two lifetimes, or until I lost them

    • This.

      Unless you're buying for a workplace, the rest of the pack will have perished by the time you need the second refill !

  • Love these! Use them in Lamy Tipo and they’re excellent. Shame I missed the black ones

  • G2s were my favourite pens…back when i still had to write stuff down lol

  • +2

    Has anyone bought and received only one refill inside the package?

    • Yes, I received mine today and only found one refill. Very disappointed. What are you planning to do?

      • +3

        I contacted them and was told to send them picture of what's inside the package. Received a message today that they are refunding the purchase instead of sending me the remaining refills. Very disappointed with the outcome.

        • Very disappointing for everyone involved. At least we got a free refill but I really needed all 12.

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