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Frank Green Coffee Cup or $40 Shopping Credit for HBF Members & Free Delivery @ Frank Green


Email received as an HBF member :

Because you’ve been with us for a while now, we think that deserves a little celebration. So, to you, we’re raising a glass… or, rather, a cup. We’re offering you a complimentary Frank Green reusable coffee cup as our small way of saying thanks. Use the below code at the checkout to claim your Frank Green coffee cup or $40 towards a product of your choice. Please note your voucher code will expire on 31/12/2021 and can only be used once.
The cost of shipping will be waived too, so you don’t need to worry about that. Just remember to also add this second code: HBF2021

The $40 code will be unique for every member but the Free delivery code that stacks, is generic

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    Geez how long do you have to have been with them for that? I've been with them for 10 years and no mail :sadface: would make a good christmas present

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      The only email I get from them is the policy price is going up and the services are now limited.

      • lol yeah me too. I've not tapped them up for much this year, but pretty sure I'm "in credit" as it were. Sorry if you've subsidised me.

    • Ha! 20+ years here mate… nothing :-)

    • I'm just under 2 years. I guess I got the email as my renewal is coming up next month

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        so I shouldn't add direct debit

  • big ask but anyone has a spare code?
    been looking to replace 2 of my leaky straw lids :)

  • Nothing here. Been with them years…….

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      What a quokka sh*t.

  • would love a spare code if someone isn't keen to use theirs

  • Keen for a spare code too if there's one floating out there :)

  • Nothing here too…

  • Would love a code too if anyone has one spare :p

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    Apparently my 23 years with them is not "a while"

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    I've called in to request a code as a 10+ year HBF member. HBF confirmed that its for people who've retained membership after moving from WA to the east coast. HBF doesn't cover as much over east (that's what I've been told by friends/family), so I guess they're rewarding those who stayed on.

    If there's any spare codes, I'd love to use one as well :)

    • Sounds like an excuse. I didn't move from WA. I signed up for the first time just 2 years ago.

      • They did say it was membership for 2+ years on the east coast, so maybe its just an east coast perk (regardless of the WA aspect).

    • I'm in NSW. I see their ads on TV here too. Not sure why people would care what state their PHI is based.

  • I'd also love a spare code. I've been waiting for a sale for a long while :(

  • Being a member for over 7 years. This must be very very targeted. Wouldn’t mind a spare code if someone can donate please.

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