Help Building a PC Similar to XPS Desktop

Can Somebody help me out with a build similar to a Dell XPS Desktop. It would be used for AutoCAD, Solidworks, and video editing with a budget of $2000. Looking for something reliable and durable with room for upgrades along the way. Link for reference.


  • That XPS desktop will probably be $1899 in the upcoming eBay 20% off Dell sale
    Edit: Actually it's a better model with 3060 Ti instead of 3060

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      Thanks mate… I thought that ebay sale was only for monitors. I’ll definitely keep an eye on it.

      • I would personally recommend to avoid dell prebuilts like the plague. Look up gamers nexus review on one. They have proprietary parts, low quality hardware and small power supplies. You should probably go for a techfast or BPC prebuilt.

        • Thanks for that. There are mixed reviews and don’t see anything like the xps on techfast or bpc for less than $2k

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            @Sainttiago: I own an xps and it's great. It's all true about the parts but the system works well, undervolting is a necessity though. Highly recommend

  • Is there a reason you want to build instead of buy complete?

    • I’ve always seen people commenting that building it could save some money… I thought I could give a go

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        Before Covid, that was the case.

        While I haven't parted out a system since Covid, I've been hearing that if you need a decent video card, you're better off buying a prebuilt. Something due to the price of video cards on the market are stupid high but prebuilt doesn't have the scalping rates. I don't know if this translates to Australia, but I looked over your system and approx prices in my head (admit my prices would be out of date so I could be way off - prices have been going up lately but new generation of Intel CPU's are coming out this month) and came to the conclusion that it was about on par with how much I'd be able to build a system currently.

        The current benefit would be expandability on your terms/quality on particular subsystems that were important to you, but I assume you're not super cluey in IT, so that benefit would be void anyway.


        • You are right. I was actually looking around and the video cards prices are insane. Thanks for your help.

          • @Sainttiago: You're welcome.

            I could help look over what's needed for the machine, but I don't know Autocad/Solidworks, and video editing depends on what software you're using and media you're editing to what you need.

            • @TheBird: Well thanks I appreciate if you can look. I use adobe premier and after effects for editing the videos of the 3d renders created in solidworks but there are not massive amounts of data I just want something similar to the xps I got at work which is similar to the one I mentioned just a couple of years older.

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                @Sainttiago: For PP and AE, you want the processor with the fastest cores, so stick with Intel. Personally I always suggest i7 11700k or if you wait a little, 12700k. The 12700k will cost you a little more, but it'll last you considerably longer (performance wise) before you'll need to upgrade (assuming the initial benchmarks we're seeing are real). PP doesn't typically require a powerful system, but you feel the benefit of a beefy CPU when rendering. You'll need a video card, but you don't need anything special for PP. 3060 is heaps. Unless you're doing 4k, a 1050ti is kind of fine. AE is similar since it uses the same engine, but I didn't use AE that much.

                The memory (16gb is pretty much as low as you want to go) and hard drive systems depend on what you're editing. Size of projects and bitrate/resolution of media.

                • @TheBird: Thank you. That’s really helpful. Do you have anything against the Dell xps? Looks like a lot of gamers don’t like them

                  • @Sainttiago: First hand, I don't know anything specific about them. Second hand, I have heard that Dell have a bit of an order backlog (so it might take some time to get your system, but it's best to confirm that yourself).

                    AFAIK, they're just generic boxes with a badge and software slapped on. I have a few Dell laptops and a Dell server. If they're anything to compare, they're decently built for a their price range. Nothing spectacular, but still decent.

                    Some gamers are fickle beasts with self affirming feedback loops. I have a friend who swears by AMD and has done for decades. He's finally become right through no fault is his own.

                    That all being said, for my personal computer, I prefer to stay away from prebuilt machines so I can pick and choose each and every component so it's exactly what I need. If I'm working in an area where the computer is going to get stressed often, I'm also more picky with a work machine. I'm very picky with cooling systems. Basiclaly, anything that affect stability or noise levels, but for most people, I understand it's not worth the time or the effort.

                    For general tasks, I'm happy just grabbing any terminal/laptop to use so I'm far from an elitist.

                    FYI. For a bit of weekend work, I used to design and source editing systems for PP editors.

  • did you end up buying any ? I have similar question but my wants ( hobby side) are along your requirements, but towards simple and less (photo/video edits)

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    I got one xps from this deal
    Agains all the reviews but I’m happy with it.

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