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Dell S2721DS $299, S3422DWG $549, S2722DGM $299, S2722DC $309, S2721DGF $429/ $449, XPS 8940 Desktop $2149 (OOS) @ Dell eBay

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    The XPS 8940 seems decent t

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      Till gamers Nexus open it up

    • Still waiting for one of the previous deals Aurora from Dell to arrive this whole year … (looks like the same specs here)

      Had a previous XPS 8940 deal arrive on schedule and continue to work, though.

      Dell eBay is probably more reliable than Dell Australia direct, especially with the extended delivery estimates we had earlier. Had several issues with their website and customer support giving the silent treatment after they sent details to a random email address and had incorrectly formatted details (compared to previous Dell Australia and Dell eBay store orders, which were accurate using the same accounts)

    • The best I've seen the 8940 for a while.

      Having said that, I did purchase my 8940 a year ago for about $1800. The 3070 at that stage wasn't LHR which I suspect this one is.

      And yes, for my needs, the 8940 is awesome. (I dont plan to upgrade it apart from the RAM and yes, it does get hot but not that bad).

      • No heat issue on your 8940? Thats what I am worry about.

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          I just leave the side open.

        • Have the same at work in standard form sure it gets abit hot but its fine, the moment you pop the side off its better.

          If its for personal use you may aswell just get fans for it, or if you want to go all out put side fans.. There's a huge modding community around the 8940 so its pretty much just copy somebody else.

          People even post about the mods on Dells own forum.

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        I got one 8940 in September. It was non-LHR, running at ~62 MH/s. Not sure about this batch though.

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        If you just need a pc for gaming it's good. However if you are thinking of upgrade etc in the future. It's painful. I had to sell my 8940 after 3 months because the terrible power supply which is non-standard. Regarding 3070. Non-LHR 3070 is discounted. don't even think about it. Now Non-LHR 3070 is valued $2000. It's unrealistic to see it in 8940

        • it's non LHR, that's why it sold out quickly

  • The S3422DWG is showing OOS before this deal

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      There will be 2000 dropping at 10am.

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        Still showing OOS

      • Did this actually happen? I've checked multiple times (10am till now) and it said OOS every time.

      • this model has already removed from ebay store. cry…..

        • It's back now and in stock!

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            @bopter12: thanks for reply. sweet

            buy one. ^_^

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      Hey mate
      Think it works out cheaper if you go through Dell site directly and with a student discount code (extra 7% off). I ordered it the other night for and comes to about $510.


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        If you have student discount code :(

      • how do you get the student code?

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          Not OP but I'm guessing either here or through unidays

      • Also used my $100off$200 to bring the price down to $410.56

        • Could you please tell me how to do that?

          • @Kenw: just a vourcher from my purchase of Dell product before. search dell advantage in the classified, someone may still sell it.

            • @couger: Get it, thank you for reply!

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    "Seller is away until 22 Oct, 2021."

    So… back for the sale?

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    I'm no monitor expert but looking for something for my home office (mainly 2d autocad drafting - hp elite laptop) And to use with a new Xbox Series S.
    Assume something 1440p and high refresh rate/speed, not sure what other 'specs' to look for.

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      You're pretty safe with those specs and a good brand like Dell. For pc gaming, input lag can be worth checking because mouse movement can be Twitchy fast. 5 or less ms is good. Doubt it matters for console. I'd personally want an ips panel rather than a va. Especially for autocadding just because it's nicer to look at.

      I'm no expert either so someone might correct me.

      • Thanks! Not sure if any of these are IPS and good refresh rate though :(

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          The S2721DGF ticks both of those boxes and should be in the sale when it goes live.

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    I predict Aussie dollar to hit 85 US cents within 6 months

    • +5


    • Yea, why?

    • Because of crazy inflation within US? I wouldn't be surprised either.

    • Yea, why?

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      Ozbargainer calls for AUD>USD to hit 85c. Economists hate him! Find out his secrets here >>

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    The computer is super cheap for specs. 3070 is worth at least 1k+ own.. since it includes a pretty good 1TB SSD and i7 I paid 100$ less for a similar system but got ryzen 5 5600x and 3060 ti with 500 ssd and I couldn't find a better deal then. Except for the fact is looks pretty standard it seems like a very good value

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      Yes but watch Dell use non standard motherboard and case making the only parts that can be easily moved to a new system when it dies RAM, CPU and maybe GPU if the power connectors are standard. Obviously it’s great if you can get good specs at a low price but there’s 0 upgrade path for these Dell prebuilts, you can see it in reviews by gamers nexus

    • Can anyone confirm if the 3070 is LHR?

      • didn't they bypass that limit by mining two coins at once?

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          Yep they did.

    • Would the 3070 on these Dell's be throttled?

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    No S2721DGF this time?

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      Yes but the price has gone up to $429. I don't have the latest link yet.

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        Refurb currently $379 at outlet

        • +7

          For anyone thinking about the refurb, I got one last deal. Box had definitely been opened, but monitor appeared to be brand new. Still had plastic films over logos and very clean.

          • @wmd: I'm tempted to gamble.

            • @PorkHunt: Was going to say does come with 3 year warranty but appears to now be out of stock again.

              • @wmd: Yup scratch that it's gone.

          • @wmd: How long does delivery take?

            • @netjock: I ordered 4pm on a Thursday, it came on the Monday.

              • @wmd: One other thing. Some of the refurbs don't have premium panel warranty (for white pixels)

            • +1

              @netjock: @netjock - I ordered mine on a Thursday, was deilvered the following Thursday.

              Since it was NSW to WA I regard that as good.

              The box had obviously been resealed, but the panel seems perfect.

      • Still pretty good compared to the $800+ an Acer Predator with lower specs used to cost on special.

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    I really wanted to get the 2721dgf to bad that one isn't on sale

  • The monitors all seem to do AMD Freesync, so any of the Dell/Alienware provide NVIDIA G-Sync?

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      The AW3821DW has G-Sync ultimate

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      FYI Nvidia cards since the 10-series (eg GTX 1060) also support FreeSync.

    • I dunno much about any of this stuff, but I do know when I the 2721DGF into my 2080 Super that Windows pops up and says "G-SYNC Compatible Display Detected"

  • which dell 34 or xiaomi 34?

    • im thinking exactly the same thing. comparing price wise theres prob $50-$100 depending on the sale/discount.
      the Dell has 4 usb ports and a dedicated audio out port.
      otherwise everything else is pretty similar

      • For xiaomi 34, i think historic low is around 420, i paid mine around 480. I am happy with xiaomi but I'd choose dell for extra 20 bucks.

        • Have both. Picture wise can't tell the difference although xiaomi has 120% sRGB vs 100%. Can you tell a difference from the 20% from an actual photo print ? I can't.

          Happy with my recently purchased Dell. USB ports definitely a plus for the same price point ($499 Xiaomi (Kmart) vs $495 Dell).

          Used for gaming and work.

          • @IamaCam: Which one is better for playing games? My video card is 3080

            • @firetree: No difference? Both 2k 144hz. Maybe dell has more options in menus for customisation but little value to me. Both do a great job with sim racing and fps for me (3070)

              • @IamaCam: Thank bro, I was thinking the Alienware 38 monitor but it’s not as low as last time in $1299

          • @IamaCam: thats what I was thinking. extra usb ports never hurts haha. actually I want to take my destop under my desk to have more space (usb ports would help), but then dust might become an issue too. decisions decisions

    • +1

      I have the Xiaomi 34 - it is a great monitor … buuuuuut … if I was to complain about anything with it, it would be the lack of USB ports (there are none) and switching between input sources (HDMI / DP) takes a series of button presses through the OSD menu. I know the Dell has USB ports, but not sure what the process is to switch inputs.

      • On the DGAF it's automatic. Manually, it's a few button presses.

      • +1

        On Dell S3422DWG, through Dell display manager utility you can assign a shortcut key for switching back and forth between 2 inputs, e.g., CTRL + SHIFT + I. Otherwise, you can assign a physical button as a shortcut for changing inputs, 3-4 presses to change. There is an auto input scan as well.

        • Ah nice. Appreciate the replies guys

    • The Dell!

    • might wait for a usb c 34"

  • +1

    no laptop?!

    • Yeah I was about to ask the same

    • There will be.

      • -1


  • AW3821 is still selling at same price ($1499). Maybe next time… or wait for a Samsung deal for a 49inch

    • Been the same price for a while now. Would have increased this time if the dollar rate was lower.

    • I would take it for $1299 definitely this time. Because I just upgraded my desktop to 3080.

      • Same here. But at $1499, I will wait.

        • Hopefully BF will give a go

          • @firetree: i just checked. this monitoring is selling for $1749 on Dell's website. if dell ebay lists this monitor at the same price, the final price with 20% off will be $1399. I will probably place an order.

            • @aec: I will have to wait for the price drops to $1299

  • Does the Alienware 55 inch AW5520QF OLED make a good TV as well ?
    Wall mountable?

    • You're better off getting a cheaper 55" LG OLED C1, works better.

      • this may have a better specs for gaming?

  • Anyone found an eBay discounted gift card?

    ShopBack for me is saying “EBay isn’t available right now”

    • gift cards on ebay kinda disappeared for a while

    • Suncorp have 3% off if you have an account with them. Easy to get a free account if you don’t.

    • +1

      Try the Celebration Swap gift cards. Still 3% but you need to swap it for an eBay gift card.

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