Need Help Connecting Technicolor TG799vac to Superloop FTTN

I hope someone can help me. I’ve given my old technicolour modem to my sister to connect to Superloop fibre to the node. I previously had it working with Aussie Broadband prior to upgrading to FTTP but now I cannot get it to connect properly to her fttn.
I have reset it and connected. I didn’t think it needed to be in bridge mode. I just can’t find any settings to change in the advanced mode screen.
We just want a simple setup and do not want to buy a separate my router, just use the TG799 for everything.


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    that is an ancient modem

    though check the config settings and reach out to superloop for support

    Also pick up a free telstra gen 2 on marketplace if it works, will be way better

    • Thanks. Will do. She’s only in a small apartment so no need to improve on router. NBN service has only just arrived!! Surprised to see fttn only. However the Technicolor reports connection speeds at 105/47 amazing. She’s only bought 25/5 so won’t be that fast in real life.

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        Pretty common in apartments. All existing apartments will now get FTTB/N until they are eventually upgraded by NBN. honestly will be sufficient for 25/5

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        Got me a second telstra smart modem gen2 for $20 yesterday, to use as an AP. What a beauty.

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    Login to her Superloop account and reset the connection.

    Nah don't use bridge mode. Bridge mode is used when you want to connect a different router.

    • Login how? Through the modem?

    • So I found the command to reset port? After tapping I got this:
      diagnostic test is currently in progress. Please wait for it to finish before running another.

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        It should say reset the connection unless it's been renamed.

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          You’re a legend.

          It worked.

          Thanks for taking the time and effort to help. I love the ozbargain community❤️❤️

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    The modem definitely works with Superloop. I had one working as an exclusive Work from Home connection through the middle of 2020.

    Superloop use DHCP/ Dynamic IPoE so no username and password just like Aussie Broadband do, so it should literally be plug and play assuming you've inserted the phone line into the correct DSL port of the modem, not one of the Voice out ports for a landline phone?
    If that's correct, then it might be an activation issue at Superloop's end?

    EDIT: the time it took me to go find my old modem, problem has been resolved

    • Thanks ESEMCE.

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