Bigboi Drying System Jr $99 + Shipping/Free C&C @ Repco


For the car lovers and new car owners they might be intetested in this. Have a full MetroVac Master Blaster version, which is high end, so don't know if this is any good, but reg $139 by the Repco site.

This would be very good for motor bikes especially for the wheels

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    Thanks OP, bought one.

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    Any reason to use this over a leaf blower aside from being easier to manoeuvre?

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      Generally as you say these are easier to handle as you can get into the crevasses more easily. Leaf blower can work, but you would want to keep the nozzle away from car to avoid catches. My MetroVac blower is on a hose with a small rubber nozzle on it. I also use it to leaf blow as it is very powerful. Alternatively being the Ozber's you can just tramp your car within the speed limit to dry the car.

      My method is to wash, rinse, blow dry wheels. Then start from top to bottom with blower getting in between all the nooks and crannies. Blow drying does not save time, but minimises fine scratches as your not using a micro fibre cloth to touch surface as much.

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      This is lighter, blows warm air and the nozzle is smaller creating way more pressure.

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      I use a leaf blower - works fine and no power cord needed. It is only unwieldy when blowing the roof otherwise no issues.

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    Is this ok to use on balls?

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      I also want to know if it's ok to use on this guys balls

      • Think there is a theme going here

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      Melb69 2 min agonew
      At 200km/hr you might find one or two of your precious manhood is no longer hanging the right way. In any event if that tickles your fancy go ahead. Do you hair at the same time.

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    I thought this was a bit of a BS product, but it's actually really handy. I've used it for my motorbike, but it'd also be fine for cars. Saves ages with microfibres. Very good quality.

    • I just updated the description saying the same thing that it's ideal for bikes and maybe say jetskis as well.

      • I wonder if this could work safely on cleaning out pc's.

        I know the xpower airrow a2 pet grooming tool was featured in a few youtube videos as being a good replacement for canned air.

        Tech Yes City uses a metrovac datavac afaik.

        Some air compressors can work but generally they are too bulky and the ryobi 3.8L can take 17 seconds to fill up between sprays.

        This one is the cheapest looking so far.

        • Hmmmm… Your computer has parts that are quite sensitive to static charges. If this blower has an in built heating element in it, chances are it's going to create static. Not good.

        • Might be a tad to strong unless there is a low setting on it. Also as Moomoosan says below you'd want to minimise risk of static and just chance of damage to components

        • For PC/electrical components, definitely go for something like the Datavac:

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      Another technique is to run low pressure water over the surfaces of the car (i.e over the hose) so that there will be less water sticking on the panels then use the microfibre towel to dry it out

      I believe it's called water sheeting

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        Yep if you run the water hose without the fitting with a constant stream of water at an angle near parallel with the surface to get the water to run onto the body in a waterfall over it. The majority of water should sheet off car leaving less water spots. Less drying.

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    These things work better if you have decent wax on your car already, FYI

  • It says $99 in cart but the sun total say $139??
    What’s going on here..

    • getting the same :(

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        Ordered around 3am, picked it up 10 mins ago.. got it for 99.. Hope it works well.. My mate has the blowR mini and was happy with it.. Would have wanted that one but wife would kill me if she finds out its 300 bucks.. Don't want to risk not getting a "blow" for a month.. 😉

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    got it for $99 now :)

  • I just want to say air drying rocks. Often when I need to quickly start the next detailing process, there will be water trapped in areas where the wiping doesn't get to. But with compressed or blowing air, it forces everything out. Especially the wheels, I can get the tyres to dry much quickly and start applying product and not wait for ages.

    It's not for drying a large panel you will have a very unhappy result but for areas your wipes can't reach this is the best option.

  • Just picked one up from the Taren Point store - great price!

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