Which Desktop Charger?

Hi all,
After peoples thoughts on which high capacity desktop charger presents best value for money fitting the following:
at least 2x USB C (one must be at least 90-100w)
2x USB A charge ports
I have found one that looks OK on AliExpress however not sure of quality etc: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002346936199.html

Any bargains/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


  • There's some on amazon too but perhaps not as cheap

    I probably wouldn't want to guinea pig an unproven one

  • +3

    Don't buy random uncertified chargers from Aliexpress that you cannot trust.

    Buy something local for both peace of mind it meets required specs/standards, ensuring less likely to damage your equipment/battery and having warranty.

  • I bought a https://www.amazon.com.au/Charger-Charging-Station-Display-W... and it works a treat for micro-USB, C and fast charge C.

    My mate's Samsung charged up quickly via the wireless pad.

  • i've got one of these in every corner of the house because they're so damn cheap https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/zendure-super-port-4-100w-dual-...

    it's just casually charging the m1 air @ 60w so i can't speak to your 100w requirement, but at least on paper it's suitable

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    at least 2x USB C (one must be at least 90-100w)

    What are you wanting these for? are you looking at charging / powering a laptop?

    • Yes, exactly

  • Satechi makes good quality chargers, I got mine off Amazon during a sale.

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