Australian Minecraft Server Hosting, 40% off First Month from A$3 @ FadedServers


Hey Everyone!!!

It's me again back with more discounts for everyone. :)

Who loves a bit of Minecraft after work or perhaps after school? I sure do, so I'm proud to start selling Minecraft servers available on our new Game Server management panel which comes with amazing one-click features such as installing new modpacks, mods, and plugins; everything you need to get you started!

As far as I'm aware, we're pretty damn cheap as is when it comes to Australian hosting, and on top of that, we're launching with 40% off your first month to get you up and running.

Use code MININGWITHTHEBOYS2021 for 40% off your first month on Australian Minecraft hosting promotion expires 30/11/2021.

Visit to order!

I'd love to hear what you guys think down or if you have any feedback, let me know the comments!

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  • +3

    How much dedotated wam does each server have?

    • Looks like 1gb for the base price and + $5 for each gig thereafter.

    • I had to look up dedotated wam just to be certain. Made me laugh, cheers

  • +1

    For the uninitiated (in Minecraft) like me, what does this server do? Does it run the Minecraft? How do I connect to it (ie. which Minecraft app do I use to connect)? I can only play with other Minecraft users if I invite them to join, can't I?

    • +2

      The server hosts a Minecraft world for use with the Java version of the game. Anyone you give the server IP to can join. It is possible for the Bedrock versions to join these but it requires setting up a plugin called Geyser.

      • Thanks Altashi.

      • Does it use your own computer's processing power at all? i.e could you run a heavily modded Minecraft version on an older laptop.

        • +1

          It does still use you're computers processing. The pack will run almost exactly the same as playing singleplayer.

  • +3

    Check out first. Completely free, they just shut down when no active users.

    • How is that even remotely sustainable? Who is paying for that?

      • Ad revenue apparently. And minecraft servers aren't exactly "beefy". Spun up on demand, so it'll be costing them bugger all. Pretty smart tbh.

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