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50% off Filter Coffee: 250g Bags from $10 + Delivery (Free Delivery with $30 Spend) @ Bureaux


Just received this email from Bureaux. Free delivery over a $30 spend (after discount is applied), $5 delivery fee otherwise.

I have a subscription with these guys and quite enjoy making a pour over with their filter roasts. Enjoy!

N.b. discount only for filter roasted beans. 3 varieties available at time of posting.

A special offer for subscribers — it’s 50% off filter coffee bought online.

This is a first for us, but we figure it's worth a shot.

Due a late cancelled order, we're currently holding a lot more roasted filter coffee than we're comfortable with.

And because we only sell coffee up to 14 days from when it was roasted, unless some small miracle occurs, a good portion of this coffee is headed for green waste or pre-ground for charity.

We'd much rather see these batches be enjoyed and not destroyed, we've got a special offer for our newsletter subscribers.

For the next week, you can get 50% off all filter coffee bought online — just by using the code OVERSTOCKED at checkout.

We're really hoping this is a one-time thing, so jump on this opportunity to stock up your cupboards, gift a friend, or be the lunchroom hero on your first day back at the office.

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    What is the roast date on these coffees?

    • Second this. This should be included always. Appreciate the fact you don't sell beans long after roasting but you fail to include roast date

      • I pulled the trigger and bought a 1kg bag. Hopefully it’s still fresh once it arrives

    • Mine arrived today and roast date is 20th on all varieties. I read Wednesdays they roast so checks out.

      • Yeah mine too. Great deal in the end!

  • What style grind is a medium/coarse?

    • Plunger grind profile. Would only recommend this for certain immersion style brews like French press. What kind of coffee you brewing?

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