Sonos ONE Speaker (Gen2) $279 Delivered @ Living Sound + Vision


Sonos One - 2 Pack $545

$542.5 from Sonos with unidays

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Living Sound + Vision Brisbane
Living Sound + Vision Brisbane


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    For the newbies this is not a Bluetooth device

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      No but it works pretty well with Spotify as per my understanding

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        Yep, over wifi. They are awesome.

        • I already have the sonos arc, will adding 2 of these add much in terms of the listening/watching experience?

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            @jaygee: for me, I prefer adding the Sub then two of these..

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            @jaygee: Installing them beside/behind will get a richer surround sound. The Arc is pretty good on its own. If yhou had to, I would prioritise getting the Sub to pair with the Arc over 2 x ONEs for maximum impact. Or, all of them if you can afford it!

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            @jaygee: I bought the 2 pack and 2 stands from amazon to use them as rear speakers with my arc. Hopefully all the available atmos content on Netflix would justify the purchase!

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              @bigpoppa: I have the arc, sub and ones as surrounds. The ones sound awesome, they add soooo much to the experience. Enjoy.

              • @Jebus: Spent more than the new Sony a9 surround speakers which sound phenomenal!

  • I got the Sonos One SL, which is identical but doesn't have a microphone for an assistant. Much better value usually.

    If you have an Apple TV (Gen 4?) you can set these as the output device through AirPlay and they sound amazing. Super easy process to flip over while you're watching something - no pairing etc.

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    Any fives on sale?

    I’m grumpy still the lattitude + 15% good guys sale was missed due to lack of stock and no rain Chequers

  • This or Audio Pro C5?

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    Will anyone price match? Can you organise a price match with click and collect? Am in Melbourne and retail still shut to walk in…

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