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Binbok RGB Big Joycon for Nintendo Switch US$47.59 (~A$63.51) + Delivery @ Binbok


15% OFF code for Binbok big size RGB Joycon. The code works on all of the colors of Binbok big Joycon, including blue&green, red&blue and all black.

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  • Any deal on the normal Switch Controller? Also where do you ship from?

    • Hi! There is another code Binbok10 that works on all of the products on our website, but it's 10% OFF. We ship the products from Shenzhen, China.

      • Thanks very much for that :)

  • How does this compare to the slim that was posted the other day? Does it have the improved D pad?

    • +1

      The slim version does not have back mapping buttons. Yes, we have improved the d pad in our newest batch of products.

      • Thanks OP, ordered

  • +1

    I have https://binbok.com/product/binbok-rgb-joycon/ , I can recommend them, kind of a must buy if you are planning to play it exclusively handheld and do long sessions

    • Have you tried the hori split pad? Is the build quality of this good?

      I have a hori, but not sure if it would be worth picking these up (in built gyro is a big plus though).

      • I have never used the Hori but if you have them you probably do not need these unless you are the features that the Hori doesnt have.

        • Gyro is probably the only thing I miss sometimes, but even then it's not in every game. Could always sell my Hori's anyway.

          So you reckon these have a good build quality?

          • +1

            @mangobango: Yeah these are solid build quality, feels very nice to use but since it comes directly from China you'll have to wait 2-3 weeks for it to arrive

            I am no expert though so i'd advise you to ask some more people

            • @Freestyle: All good, appreciate the comment :)

              A lot of these ones have pretty bad build quality which you would notice straight away. If you reckon these feel good then they must be.

  • Do these have the wake up version or is that limited the Slim?

    • The big version also has home button wake up function.

  • Is there a way to turn the rgb off on the controller? Would love to get these but I am not a fan of the rgb.

    • +1

      Sure, you can hold the Turbo button and double press the Joystick to change the light modes or turn off the light.

      • thank you, got a pair.

  • Hi, can you play as two players wireless using these? eg Mario Tennis or Super Mario Party or Overcooked or Smash

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      Picture 13 shows table mode so assuming the pictures are accurate, yes.

      • Would the shape of them make it uncomfortable to play horizontally?

  • These are great!!

  • Does this deal include the black joycons as well? And do the black ones have the "improved d pad"?

    • Yes, this deal includes the black one, but not the slim version. Yes, it has improved d pad.

  • +1

    I’ve had a pair of these (blue/green) for a 2 months or so

    The good: they are super comfortable and it’s hard to go back to joycons. Home button to wake up, d pad is okay, +/- buttons work fine, no deadzones on the thumbsticks, programmable RGB/vibration/back buttons, works great when off the switch as a pro controller replacement. Gyro works great for games like splatoon. You can use them separately for two players but their shape makes it weird. Haven’t used the turbo buttons.

    The not all good: thumbsticks get dirty quickly and the vibration on the left controller is very loud. Had a few disconnection issues but strangely depending on the game (Twewy:Neo). Some drifting may pop up but easily fixed by quickly disconnecting and reconnecting (again only with Twewy: Neo) I read it can be avoided by making sure not to touch the thumbsticks when connecting. Back buttons can only be programmed to buttons on the same joycon.

    All in all, I think it is a pretty good purchase. I don’t think I can go back to using joycons

    • thanks for the review! ordered a pair.

  • @reipzr looks like sale is over might have to wait for next time.

    • Next time I'll post the transparent one.

  • Controllers arrived yesterday, and feel great. However the left joy con doesn’t have rumble! How do I turn it on? I’ve tried pressing the turbo button + L thumb stick. Also updating via software doesn’t work… not a dealbreaker

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