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Romoss USB-PD & QC 3.0 18W 40000mAh Power Bank $49.49, 30000mAh $33.74 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Romoss Amazon AU


Romoss are back with a handful of power banks on sale including the massive 40000mAh power bank. There's also a heap of other capacity power banks on sale too.

All power banks below except the Sense4 Mini feature 18W USB Power Delivery and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging. The PEA40 and LT20PS+ both feature a digital display that'll show information like the capacity, fast charging status, current and voltage levels. ​Please check the individual listings to see the features of each.

The Sense 4 Mini 10000mAh power bank features standard charging.

AU stock and free shipping with Prime (or orders over $39)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • These batteries are huge. For example, it appears that both the 30000mAh and 40000mAh exceed airline regulations, and can't be carried onboard.

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    Not sure why anyone needs such a huge battery pack with only 18W output. It would make sense if it could charge a laptop and you were hauling it around to a remote area, but this thing can charge your phone like 10 times over…

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      Camping usually. Many people use these as UPS for their Raspberry Pi's too since they pass through charge.

      • Are they really camping if they're using a 40Ah battery pack…

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          Not everyone goes hiking up a mountain with a pack. For me when I take my van out camping around the state on a road trip it's great to have a power bank for charging so I can reserve the solar for other things.

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          Car camping.

          These can come in handy to power lights, recharge mosquito zappers, USB fan, etc

          I got the 60,000 mAh Romoss for the above reason.

      • Do they all support pass through charging?

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    • Convenience, I've the 40,000mAh velcroed underneath my desk, use it to charge mouse/controller/earphone/headphone/fitbit, lasts forever.

  • I bought the 30000mAh one on my last road trip and found it quite useful when i stayed at unpowered sites for days. It kept my phone and head light charged.

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    I don't need it but every so often more power is more useful…. travel where power isn't available for whatever reason and phone essential…. guitar rig setup for powering pedals through 5>12v usb adapters…. I can thing of plenty of uses…. Bought a 40000mah!

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    Bought a 20000 one. Worked well till it disappeared 😂 let's see if 30000 have same issue

  • I wanted to buy two - the mini and the 40k but the promo code only worked on my first order (wanted to buy them separately). Any help appreciated.

    • Sure I will speak to Romoss tomorrow.

      • Thanks!

      • +5

        I hope a better discount on the 60000 variety ;)

        • +3

          Same here. Waiting for a food price on the 60000

      • Wanted to add a cable but can't apply for the $2 discount

      • Any chance you managed to speak with them?

        • Yeah. Unfortunately it's just one per customer for this promotion. For the next one they'll allow it.

  • +3

    Guys can you please do a deal on the 60000 pack.


  • Yes I need a few more 60s. deal please

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