Buying a Headset for Mainly Gaming Any Recommendations?

Hey guys im intrested in buying a headset for mostly gaming is there a headset,headphones that you would recommend.
I checked a headset that looked quite comfotable which is the Logitech G733 quite good reviews aswell. since i need a headset that'll work well with glasses, since i wear glasses it'll be great if get a headset that'll be nice and confortable. if not i get a harsh feeling on the side of my head that the back frame of my glasses are just grinding my head so please help me out here.

my price range is 170 and below thanks.


  • Do you require a headset that has a microphone?

    You will never get a good value "gaming" headset with a built-in microphone compared to a nice headset and a microphone on the side.

  • no i already have a microphone

  • ATH-M50 Or ATH-AD500X on sale are solid choices

  • where are they on sale

    sennheiser or similar. if in ear, sennheiser or soundpeats, depending on budget.

  • I've been using a set of Steelseries Arctis 7's for 2 years now and they are excellent. Above your budget but would recommend if you can stretch it. I've got a large head and thick frame glasses and they fit well. Once you go wireless its hard to go back.

    If you can't go higher then you can get the corded version, Arctis 5.

    • Are they wireless or can you recommend a really good solid wireless gaming headset?

      Don't really care much about price just looking for the most solid one for a glass wearer also with great everything and good comfort.

  • true thx

  • i might just buy a Steel series acrtics
    5 headset

  • I got a pair of sennheiser momentum 2 second hand for near new condition on ebay for that price and they have been amazing.

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