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50% off Colombia Single Origin ($20.99/kg) + Delivery (Free Upgrade to Express) @ Lime Blue Coffee


50% discount (only $20.99 per kg, usually $41.98 per kg) off our current incredible featured rotating Single Origin Coffee from Colombia until 25/10/2021 (unless sold out before).

Flat Rate Shipping: $8.99 Australia Post (Free upgrade to Express Post), $7.99 Shipit-Courier's Please

Fresh Coffee Next Roasted Friday 22nd October With Rolling Dispatch.
Delayed Dispatch Requests Welcomed (Roasting Within 48 Business Hours of Dispatch). On the cart page in the "special instructions for seller" box, simply write delayed dispatch and list your ideal dispatch date

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  • +13

    You know I do love pure Columbian product

    • +10

      This is from Colombia though…

    • +36

      Hey C,

      Thank you again for another awesome order with us, your continued orders mean a great deal to our small hardworking team!

      I can confirm you submitted your delayed dispatch order note perfectly, "Could I push this off to Oct 22nd but ensure it's not with aus post," as such your fresh coffee has not been dispatched yet and is scheduled for dispatch tomorrow. If you're running low on the good stuff, would you like us to dispatch your order to you ASAP today?

      • +3

        Now that’s good service. Nice touch

      • +4

        I actually sent an email today needing a later dispatch. Can you please have a look?
        I think people misinterpreted my last comment lol
        I ordered delayed dispatch cause I was still going through my current batch of coffee. That delayed order hasn't come yet but I am already keen to order more LBC cause they're that good!

        • Really appreciate your follow up clarification message, thank you!!!

          Just responded to this morning's email, order note update all take care of :)

          Very happy to know we're still in your good books, love the sounds of more orders, woohoo. Absolute music to my ears re: "they're that good," we'll keep working hard to improve the Lime Blue Coffee experience even more!

        • Understandable because if you didn't intend anything negative with your post, your writing certainly needs work

  • +4

    Any deals on decaf?

    • Why tho?!

      • +7

        Because people drink decaf maybe?

      • +9

        You have people who enjoy coffee but are sensitive to caffeine, or people who are breastfeeding and are recommended not to have caffeinated beverages. Plenty of reasons to have decaf.

        • +4

          Yep im sensitive to caffeine and really only drink it on weekends. Also decaf is good if i want a coffee at night

      • Because it makes me poo everywhere.

        On a serious note, If I drink 1 caffeinated coffee in the morning I crash by midday and end up quite grumpy. Decaf doesn't give me that feeling I end up feeling quite peppy all day.

    • There'll will be in the near future, could you please send an email to [email protected] and we'll put you on the "notify about SWP Decaf deals" list :)

  • Free delivery for 2kg OP?

    • Ooh, that would entice.

  • Does rolling dispatch mean that the beans are roasted at a later date and posted at a later date? Or will the beans be all roasted together meaning the beans posted later will be old?

    • Morning :)

      Nice question!

      Rolling dispatch means we dispatch as quickly as our resources allow. We always strive to dispatch super fresh coffee within 48 business hours of roasting. We also roast on demand, to prevent wastage, so generally speaking when we charge (drop the raw/green coffee into the roaster drum) a roast the coffee is already spoken for aka has a designated new home before it's even roasted.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions :)

      • This is great. I absolutely love this coffee. I bought 2kg this morning because the last batch was so good. But if I bought another 2kgs. Could the shipping be delayed 2 months or so and sent out freshly roasted? Or is this too hard?

        • Nevermind I figured it out

          • @neilsen64: Awesome, never too hard for us :)

            Woohoo, absolutely music to my to know you "love" our coffee!

            Please be sure to reach out if you have anymore questions :)

  • Hi @LimeBlueCoffee - I recently got a KG of coffee so am well stocked for now… I note you mentioned delay delivery is available. Up to what period is possible to delay dispatch? e.g. could I delay dispatch a month?


    • Fantastic to hear from you, I really appreciate you taking the time to reach out!

      Thank you so much once again for your recent order with us, it truly does mean so much to our team!

      Delayed dispatch 1 month from now will work perfectly :)

      • Keen to try some, do you offer coarse grind for cold brew?,

      • How do you organize delayed dispatch?

        • Nice question, thanks for asking!

          On the cart page in the "special instructions for seller" box, simply write delayed dispatch and list your ideal dispatch date, we'll take care of the rest :)

  • I bought 1kg to find out what the fuss is all about

    • +1

      Terrific, thank you so much for placing your first order with us, woot woot, please know this is an opportunity which mean a great deal to the team!

      We hope you thoroughly love our fresh coffee :)

  • How is this compared to Moments to Memories? I really liked it

    • +1

      Nice question!

      In term of flavour I'd say this one is between our South Central Blend and Peru Single Origin from earlier this year. This Single is a touch fruitier than our Moments blend. That said if you really liked Moments, then I'd be surprised if you didn't really like this delicious SO too :)

  • I ordered some but then wondered - is this a dark roast? Medium? Light? I assume its medium or dark given the notes there but just wanted clarification. Planning on using for both espresso and v60, have struggled with dark dark roasts on the v60.

    • +2

      Appreciate the double check, better safe than sorry!

      It's a Medium roast, we roast omni to suit both Espresso and Filter (V60) methods, made a V60/Pour Over this morning to kick start my day today :)

      • What method/recipe did you use? :) Too many options out there!

        • We put our recommended recipes on the bag labels, specific to each Single and Blend :)

          We write them as ratios on the label, if you'd like a more specific guide relative to your exact setup just let me know whether you have a 01, 02 or 03 size V60 and what size Espresso basket you have?

          • @LimeBlueCoffee: espresso I'm pretty experienced, but I am a n00b at v60. I have a 02 size v60. Looking forward to seeing the v60 recipe on the bag!

            • +1

              @admira: Nice!

              For 02 V60 I'd recommend the following:
              21 grams of dry ground coffee, 350 grams (ml) of 94 degree c filtered water, total brew time 3:00-3:30 mins. If you want even more specific info about bloom volume, pours quantities… happy to assist further, just please send an email to [email protected] :)

      • p.s. woot woot your order is truly appreciated by the whole team, thank you so much!!! :) :) :)

  • -1

    How will you ensure you don't sell out of stock if I ask for delayed dispatch of 5 weeks?

    • Magic.

      • haha Love that answer Gav!!!!!!!!!!!

    • +1

      Great question!

      We've ensure that if we run our of stock with this Single that we'll be able to source more green/raw coffee to cover this deal for rolling and delayed dispatch orders. If there's ever a Single that once it's sold out we can't get more in the near future, we include a comment about that in our messaging :)

  • +1

    This or UCR?
    Would you recommend Colombia Single Origin for V60 pourover?

    • +1

      We generally don't comment on other roasters, so I'll leave let the terrific Oz B community address your first question.

      Based on how my Brekkie V60 Pourover kick started my day this morning, I'd say this Colombia Single Origin it's perfectly suited you V60 Pouover, of course this likely sounds a tad biased, so there's only really one true way to find out if this one is a winner for you :)

  • Hey rep, is this one going to be roasted same level as Brazil one previously?
    Just struggling to get through 2kg of over-roasted ones I bought from Agro Beans.
    Want to get the right roast ones.
    Really like your Brazil ones bought few times before.

    • These appear to be darker than the Brazil peaberry, which I loved. Unfortunately, I cannot get as good of a pour over brew out of the Colombia. A month after roast, the grinds still foam up like crazy during the first pour after bloom, and cups generally tend towards the bitter end, even with a shorter, lower temperature extraction.

      • Thank so much for you recent orders with us and wonderful compliment about our Brazil Peaberry, woohoo, both are truly appreciated by the team!

        Hmm at first glance on your Colombia comments it looks like your grind size may be too fine and/or coffee to water ratio too low. 94 degree c should be a winner for Pour Over with this one, much lower temps are suited to darker roasts. Fantastic to hear you're still getting some nice crema a month after roast, let's work together to get you as delicious a cup as I enjoyed this morning :)

        I suspect there may be a bit of back and forth messages to perfect your morning kick start, so could you please send an email to [email protected] to get into a bit more depth about how you are brewing?

    • Nice to hear from you, I really appreciate you taking the time to reach out and thank you truly once again for your recent orders with us!!!

      I agree a better safe than sorry approach is the ticket when it comes to securing the good stuff. I'm wrapped to know you "really like" to Lime Blue Coffee you'd ordered from us recently and so will the team when I share your terrific feedback. This one is similar, but a touch darker/more developed. Visually the Brazil Peaberry looks like a darker roast than this Colombia Single origin but it's technically a slightly lighter roast, bit of a visual mind trick, it's a smidgen lighter due to the following factors, lower altitude, lower surface area due to the Peaberry bean size and natural process. I'd say that you won't like or dislike this one compared to the Brazil based on roast profile/darkness, the difference will be in the flavour :)

  • Hey peeps, is this dispatched in 1 x 1kg bag or is it in multiple smaller ones?

    • 1 x 1kg

    • Nice question!

      The default is 1kg bags. However, we do have an option for 500g bags, which is an additional $3 per kg (this includes the 50% discount) to cover the extra packaging, label and time to pack. To select 500g bags simply click the drop down menu on the product page under the "packaging" variant :)

  • Got some last deal. Good coffee still enjoying.

    My general complaints on the price of coffee in general will continue though. I need to watch some more docos on how they farm this stuff to understand.

    • +1

      This is dirt cheap at these prices. Most premium roasters charge $50-60 a kilo.

      • +1

        I know dude!!! I am not cmplaining about Lime Blue; I am drinking one of their cups of coffee right now!!!. Just in general. I am cheap skate.

        Premium roaster doesn't really have a meaning. Perhaps it means they want to take your wallet and roast it but never give it back.

  • My partner says this stuff is equivalent to Campos (his all time fave beans). Great job Lime Blue.. 2x 1kg bags ordered for delayed dispatch :)

    • Campos seem to have a crazy following in Sydney; Camperdown…..

      Perhaps they are Professor Copperfield's Miracle Legumes. Not the real magik beans though.

    • As mentioned above we generally don't comment on other roasters, that said WOOHOO for your Partner saying his experience with Lime Blue Coffee "is equivalent to … his all time fave," that was such thoughtful and wonderful feedback for you to share, thank you so much, huge smile on this side of the screen :) :) :)

      I'm so happy we're in your good books, we'll keep working hard to stay there!

      Amazing, thank you sincerely for placing that terrific order with us, you order and fantastic comments really do mean the world to the team :)

  • Will this be okay for plunger coffee, as it does give you the plunger option?

    • All good, purchased AirJo as couldn’t wait for answer

      • Daim son. Patience is a virtue.

        • Nah, ADHD and the benefits of competition set in

          • @snipercat: LMAO! This should be the name, theme and teachings of the new social network.

            • @Naigrabzo: Yeah and throw in there, still no answer on questions 17hrs later. This company is dead to me now!

              • +1

                @snipercat: Shucks, only about an hour between your initial question and you closing the book on the need for an answer, you must be having a super busy week!

                As you shut the book on a need for an answer at lightning speed I thought you did not want an answer anymore, apologies for this assumption. Yes this Single is well suited to Plunger coffee, as per the messaging on the product page we roast it to suit filter and espresso brew methods, "Brew Method = Espresso or Filter - Omni Roasted." If your question related to pre-ground coffee, you would have simply needed to select the Ground Filter option and could have added an order note requesting your order be ground to suit Plunger coffee :)

        • :)

          • @LimeBlueCoffee: LMAO! Thanks for the entertainment on the MOnday morning @limebluecoffee. What a nightmare it must be running a simple coffee business but having to answer questions as soon as they are asked or lost business! You'd better have your phone while on the can or even in your sleep.

      • Can still order them on delayed dispatch. But yeah, virtual chill pill granted. :D

        • Spot on Gav, delayed dispatch requests are always welcomed :) :) :)

  • Ordered with delayed start.

    This lock down has increased my caffeine intake… 2 x 21 grams each days.

    1kg only last less than 1 month nowadays.

    • Cool story bro

    • Fantastic, thank you so much for placing an order with us, it's truly appreciated by the team!

      Nice volume too :)

  • Hey guys, anyone got any feedback with using couriers please for delivery?

    • +2

      Bought dozens of things delivered by them, including lime blue coffee and never had an issue. Faster than auspost recently with the delivery pauses.

      • Thanks mate. I'll give it a go.

    • Hopeless. Just allow a week ie 5 wds from shipping. Then nag Courier please on 5th day. The actual courier with your item will most likely then get a hurry up. You should get it the next day all of a sudden. They will dump it on door step like all the orher delivery ppl during covid. Theyll take a pic and go

  • Some of you lot saying you need delayed delivery cos you bought a kilo bag recently, out of interest how long does it take you to go through a kilo? For me at my place, two of us as fairly heavy coffee drinkers go through a kilo about every 10 days

    • +1

      3 weeks give or take. Consume approx 50-70g across the household daily

    • +1

      8 weeks going through a k, single coffee drinker, usually one double shot a day (sometimes skip)

  • Hi OP, what is the quantity recommended to dial in for ground espresso to get the best quality coffee reflective of the Colombia beans?

    • +1

      Great question!

      We always include brew guides on each label. Do you drink your coffee black or white? Also is your coffee basket size 54mm or 58mm?

      • That’s great news as I decided to bite the bullet and purchase my first bag! I drink it black and basket size is 54mm.

        • +3

          How wonderful, thank you truly for ordering with us, it really does mean so much to the our small hardworking team!!!

          Appreciate the info, give the following a shot when the good stuff arrives:

          Black Espresso Guide 1 : 2 Ratio = 18 grams of dry ground coffee in the 54mm basket : 36 grams of espresso extracted : 27 seconds should be your approximate extraction time

          If you ever change to a 58mm basket the change the 18 to 20 and 36 to 40 :)

          • @LimeBlueCoffee: May i ask if the setting above is also the same for white coffee? Thank you

            • +2

              @savvy7: Love your question, your Oz B username is ringing true!

              Here's our white/milk coffee guide for 54mm and 58mm baskets:

              54mm baskets
              Milk Based Guide 1 : 1 Ratio = 18 grams of dry ground coffee in the 54mm basket : 18 grams of espresso extracted : 18 seconds should be your approximate extraction time

              58mm baskets
              Milk Based Guide 1 : 1 Ratio = 20 grams of dry ground coffee in the 58mm basket : 20 grams of espresso extracted : 18 seconds should be your approximate extraction time

              Please note these are just a guide not strict rules (that takes away the fun :) so you can follow them to a tee, loosely or not at all. Also, these are doses that apply to the vast majority of baskets these size, of course there are always curve balls e.g. a 54mm basket that will max out at 16 grams or a 58mm baskets that needs at least 22 grams of coffee to prevent the coffee puck getting saturated. Automatic dosing machines are another slight curve ball, which is where the ratios come in handle for all machines e.g. Breville Oracle Touch's say they dose 20-22 grams, safe to say they'll pretty much always dose 22 grams, jump on the 1 : 1 ratio and this translates to 22 grams of dry ground coffee in the 58mm basket : 22 grams of espresso extracted : 18 seconds should be your approximate extraction time.

              For those of you in the Oz B community who enjoy filter coffee white (with milk), I'd highly recommend a 3 : 1 brewed coffee to milk ratio by that I mean 75% of your cup has brewed filter coffee and 25% has milk, this should result in nice flavour and mouthfeel. Ironically, a splash of milk (5% of so) in a filter coffee will likely taste stronger than having it black (without milk).

              Feel free to fire off any other questions you may have. We're quite a small hardworking team and everyone interprets things in their own way, so I can't guarantee it'll be a instant response or that it'll be the perfect answer to suit you, but I can promise we will answer any other questions you have the best way we can :)

              p.s. When I post a deal for Lime Blue Coffee onto Oz B I get notifications for new comments and replies to comments. This unsolicited deal post was made by a truly thoughtful Lime Blue Coffee customer (thank you immensely once again :), so I've only been getting notifications about relies to comments @LimeBlueCoffee makes. I just discovered how to change the notification settings so I get an alert every time a new comment is made, rather than just when a comment I make is replied to… this makes me think I need to bump up my Oz B tech skills quick sticks haha

  • +1

    I bought 2kg from the last offer, great coffee!

    • Wow, thank you truly for your recent awesome order with us and your fantastic feedback, both are sincerely appreciated by the team!!!

  • +1

    Bought some last deal. Absolutely love it. Recommend it for anyone thinking of giving it a try!

    • +1

      What an amazingly thoughtful thing to say, thank you truly for your recent order with us and outstanding feedback, both really do make a positive difference to the team and mean so much to us :) :) :)

  • I'm running out of coffee in the next 7 days, so I'm giving this a try.

    • Fantastic to hear, thank you so much, your order really does mean a great deal to the team and is an opportunity we won't take for granted :)

      Fingers crossed the good stuff arrives before you need to start looking for the coffee panic stations button!

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