Buying a M.2 NVMe

i need help buying a M.2 NVME that is quite good 1tb ofcourse i found one on amazon let me know if that's good or not seems alright for its price.


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    It's pretty slow by M.2 NVMe standards which is why it's cheap, although still faster than most SATA SSDs. Also pretty low TBW.

    Depends what you want it for. Will be fine in a laptop, not so much in a PS5.

    • It's dramless so sustained writes will result in HDD transfer speeds.
      Also it's PCIe 3 NVMe so not compatible with PS5

  • i want it for my pc just mostly to download games on i have two other ssd's but there low storage

  • Depends on usage, if you're talking a drive to do a lot of gaming using Microsoft's DirectStorage, a whole lot of read/writes doing visual work or farming Chia, not a good choice. For a $30-40 more you can get a drive twice as fast with a whole lot more write capacity.

    If it's a home office machine and you just need the storage, it's a great price and will do fine. You won't get heaps faster boot times and application loading times via a faster drive and 200 TBW will probably be fine for many years.

  • You can try to find Kingston A2000, WD SN550 (careful to find pre part swap model : etc. Specially cheaper with Ebay deals

    A2000 : $143 <- would be a good choice with DRAM

    SN550 (DRAM less ?): $138
    I got one from this link but I was fortunate to get a pre part swap model (
    But it can't be guaranteed, depends on the luck

    I have some games on a Seagte Fircuda 510 500 GB (, it works well.

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