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Seagate FireCuda 510 500GB 3450MB/s PCIe Gen 3 NVMe M.2 (2280) SSD $79.20 ($77.22 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Shopping Express eBay


Seagate FireCuda 510 500GB M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD $79.20 after 20% off, $77.22 after 22% off.

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    Any 2TB deals?

  • Is this ps5 heatsync compatible?

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      By the looks you'll need the 530 model. I got excited there for a sec….

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      Definitely not going to be able to play PS5 games off this. It's not PCIe 4, and minimum transfer rate required is about 5500MB/s, this is listed at 3450MB/s

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        the ps5 will automatically just reject gen 3 or lower, so if it's not gen 4 you won't get any action out the ps5.

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      Are console owners slow in the head? This is asked every nvme deal. You can clearly read that it's a PCIe 3 drive.

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        unfortunately, most people are dumb when it comes to technology and computer components. That is why people in IT think everyone is stupid, but in reality, they are just not educated on computer parts in general. Can't blame people that aren't in the IT field.

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          this is true in most fields (Medicine, Engineering, etc etc). Weird how rarely people understand it.

        • I doubt it has anything to do with being in the IT field. It clearly states on Sony's website that it needs to be gen 4. The listing will state clearly what gen the drive is. It's more like ignorance and laziness on their behalf.

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            @thousandsuns: You're also under the assumption that people read yes it could be ignorance and laziness. But people are flat out not reading emails why would you think they would go to a website and read it? Been in the IT industry for almost 2 decades. People don't read, then they play dumb when they do something stupid or wrong, and you should never have faith in people actually reading or doing the right thing. Always consider everyone as a (mod: edited), that is the harsh truth.

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              @kungfuman: I'm not sure if we're arguing or agreeing? If morons cannot spend enough time looking up the right information for their own needs, they don't deserve to be spoon fed the solution. Spamming the same question everywhere shows stupidity and ignorance all the way.

    • these are compatible heat syncs for the ps5 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/133774179033?_trkparms=amclksrc%...

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    could have saved another $3.68 :( got one 2 weeks back with the previous deal

  • If your want a new 500g SSD and the new Battlefield on PC, this might be relevant: Buy it from BHP for $130 delivered bundled with a WD 500GB WD_BLACK SN750 SE NVMe Internal SSD. When you minus $69, makes the SSD like $60. 24hr sale I believe.

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      To be fair, it's actually $163 delivered as you need to include shipping & GST. Also, can you redeem out of region codes?

      Subtotal: $89.99 USD
      Shipping $17.00 USD
      Duties & Taxes $10.70 USD
      Total $117.69 USD

      • Yeah my bad. When you go through the order it didn’t include the one of the prices so the PayPal screen showed $129.xx delivered, but does actually work out to be $169. Also on Amazon for about )150 delivered I believe (again on back order).


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    Please keep in mind if you thinking about getting these for a PS5, LOOK ELSE WHERE only GEN 4 drives are SUPPORTED.

    if you attempt to put a gen 3 drive in a ps5 it will promptly reject the drive.

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    No deal. The name of the product is not long enough.

  • Edit: nevermind, found the anwser.

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    Thanks OP. Bought it for my lenovo legion 5

  • My barracuda 510 500gb m.2 failed after 10months!

    • I have the 520 1tb model still going after 1 year do you have a heat sync on it?

      os is your thermals bad in your case? most of the time that kills those drives no matter the brand its always the thremals and heat.

  • um…duh is this for muh PS5? asking for a mate.

  • Any ssd m.2, just as storage I can pair with my NvMe on b450m?

  • Can a Dell Inspiron 7567 take advantage of it's full potential?