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[Hack] McSpicy Burger $7.35 (Usually $8.70) @ McDonald's via mymacca's App


Maccas App a double McSpicy $10.85
minus one fillet -$3.50
bringing it to a regular McSpicy burger for a price of $7.35
not the $8.70 of a McSpicy.
A "healthy" $1.35 savings

Still rather a Zinger but……

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    This is the true spirit of ozBargain… congratulations on your first post!

  • +11

    it's been a while since a McD hack

    • +3

      This works with every ‘double’ burger..

  • +49

    Okay this one is an actual hack but please for the love of Ozbargain can we please not go back to "$0.80 Pickle, Cheese and Sauce Burger" deals

    • +11

      Remember the one with the free bun. Lol

      • +4

        I remember the negative 80c burgers, didn't realise until til I check out the receipt later.

    • +2

      Name does not check out

  • +15

    I love the McSpicy. Definitely more spicy than a Zinger.

    • +21

      Haven't had any fast food items from Hungry Jacks, Maccas or KFC that are actually spicy-hot. What they call 'hot', some would say peppery at best.

      • +9

        I have a mate that couldn't finish a full zinger double because it was too spicy. No complaints here, just meant more for me - but I was pretty baffled that anybody finds them actually spicy.

        • +4

          Each to their own. Its a tolerance thing. If you dont eat spicy very often then you arent used to it. I have a mate who says Toothpaste is 'too spicy' and burns his mouth

          • +6

            @jackwoz: should get him to brush more

          • @jackwoz: In spring the air gets too spicy for me some days

          • @jackwoz: LMAO to be fair I think that toothpaste does kind of burn your mouth, it's a different kind of "spice" though

      • This is the spiciest I've ever had of all 3. Not spicy enough though.

        • +1

          Our version is milder than the McSpicy in Singapore, I've always bought one (or four) when I'm visiting. Was excited when it's finally here but left disappointed

          • @djprima: The McSpicy in Indonesia is actually spicy too, they're delicious. The McSpicy they sell here is pathetic.

          • @djprima: Omg you just brought back memories of visiting Singapore and going to their Maccas in the before time.

    • +1

      I always ask for extra Supercharged sauce when I get KFC. The sauce itself is great, but they never put enough of it on unless I ask for more.

    • +1

      I would like it if they ever assembled it properly.

      • The chicken is too long so when combined with the Mayo it slips out easily.

    • The Hellfire burger at Red Rooster trumps both IMO. But it has a spicy sauce as opposed to a spicy fillet.

      The discontinued McSpicy with the jalapeños from Maccas was great.

  • +1

    Would this also make a meal deal cheaper?

    • +1

      Just checked - it doesn't; meal prices stay the same as unmodified Double McSpicy meal prices.

  • Not this again 🤦‍♂️

  • +15

    $7.45 for a Zinger burger combo in the app. Not sure what McD is thinking coming with an inferior product at a higher price. Surely that's bad economics.

    • -11

      Yeah, I'm down voting as the KFC zinger is a higher quality patty, not one glued together and with the inclusion of a drink and chips better value.

      Needs to be closer to $5 to be any deal.

    • +2

      $5.95 combo if using survey for chips and drink.

  • +5

    Missing 5.95 for two Zinger burgers :(

    • +23

      It's the very definition of a good deal. You're getting the same product for cheaper than the normal price. Feel free to go pay full price.

        • +2

          You could set up a second McDonalds counter selling McSpicys, and then order them in the app for people who buy them. Then it's arbitrage.

  • Is this a promo price? Each maccas prices are slightly different if you change location on the app…

    • +1

      Probably the price for the location of OP. It's certainly different between stores but you'll still save either way with the method.

  • +3

    minus one fillet


  • +3

    So happy they got the McSpicy right, nearly on par with what you get in Asia. I was a bit worried when they got this on the menu because those spicy nuggets they had for a while were crap.

  • -2

    Or you can just have the burger with 2 patties. Why would you take off a patty? Won't be enough for a meal then

    • Won't be enough for a meal then

      Or you can have the single which has about 30% of your recommended daily energy requirement.

      • Based on a guy or a chick?

        • Based on an "average adult"

  • That's not a bargain.

    • -1

      Who you kidding, best bargain you get out of this forum would be hacks and price errors lol

  • -1

    What a geek to come up with this.

  • Hope this taste better than the HJ spicy chicken burger. Do not reconmend

  • +1

    just bought one yesterday, pretty tiny and not worth the price tag

  • +4

    I miss the days when Maccas was shit food but affordable, now it is shit food but very pricey junk food.

    • you got me (profanity) up paying $8 for a mcd burger..

    • +2

      If anything I feel like the quality (and quantity for that matter) has dropped over the years.

      • Even the bit of melted cheese stuck on the wrapper was delicious back in the day.

  • It's garbage, get a Zinger instead, cheaper, tastier, more filling.

    • those fries tho

  • You little genius

  • +1

    Have resigned myself to the fact that we'll never, ever see a "spicy" burger based upon the most glorious Merciless Pepper of Quetzalacatenango! Sadness…

  • F yeah! that's a deal I like

  • I will only upvote on McD deals for $1 food or Free Big Mac LOL

    • +1

      That's next month deal. $1 Big Mac

  • $8.70! It’s like $9.30 at my local maccas..

    • $8.45 at my local, $7.10 with the hack. But meh, will wait for 40% off day to try out both the double McSpicy and cheese and bacon McSpicy.

  • Thanks OP, especially when the $8.75 McSpicy Burger appears unavailable on my Maccas App for my local store.

  • Do they do trade ins?

  • +1

    ozbargain, where you dont need a bargain, you just need the cheapest price for that item.

  • Wow wtf is the love for such a small saving. Is the burger that good?

    • +1

      I wouldn't say it's "that good" at $7.35, but now knowing you can save $1.35 through this trick is good to know for those that like ordering it normally.

  • That's a spicy deal my friend.

  • $6.65 for me

  • It is not a [HACK], just calculation.

    • LOL

  • +1

    Can anyone remember years ago when Dominos introduced online ordering and they had those $3.95 coupons? You’d minus onion… add beef, minus capsicum and add roast chicken…. Good times. 🐔😏🤡

    • You could also do multiples! My mates did this when we were back in uni
      minus onion… add prawns, minus capsicum add prawns… Etc.

      The pizza was absolutely rubbish but it just felt satisfying with what you got for 3.95

      Things were awesome in the old days. I don't know if you still rmb getting The Works from pizza hut
      Awesome deal for $7

      • The red onion hack hasn't been able to.be done for a while.

  • I wonder if you removed all the ingredients, is there a scenario where mcdonalds actually pays you?

    • In Russia…

  • Pissed that they took away the small double beef and bacon meat for $4.95 :(

  • +1

    I’ll put money on the fact they’ll give you a chicken less burger. The staff can’t tell the difference between -1 and no.

  • love the app hacks for food :)

  • +1


  • You can actually reduce the cost on all double burgers by taking out patties except for the double Mcspicy which now has a minimum of two patties.

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