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Bluedio Hi Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Earphones Mini in-Ear Pods $12 (Was $23.99) + $1.99 Delivery @ ledtopderlights2011 eBay


Great units. Got a pair. Great sound (maybe a touch too much bass). Good battery and quality. Can't beat them at 50% off $12. Grab em before they are gone!

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  • Can anyone else vouch for the quality? Do these fit nicely in your ears?

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    • I read that some ozbargainers even binned them after buying and using once.

      Mine also kept playing when putting them back in their case. They always stayed connected to the phone (so much for the "face recognition").
      I haven't used them in a very long time, and used "forget" in my bluetooth menu.
      Getting them out of the case feels like a struggle (they click pretty tight).
      The earphones and case are huge, quality wasn't that good either - feels cheap.

    • Well got mine today. (For the price it is fine. It feels like $15-20 earbuds)

      Build is cheap.
      This is me comparing this to a normal one like 'Edifier tws 200'

      Charging case compared to 'Edifier tws 200' is quite big is the nicest I can put it. Not as close to being nice to use either.
      Charging contacts are pin type (dc barrel jack type 😔 like 90s is back). So you have to push it in.

      No charge out of the box. Will update here once I check the audio quality. Not much hope though.

      • K. Tested the Audio.

        If you can get a good fit. Sound is quite good. Surprisingly good for this price point.
        Def redeams itself from other problems I mentioned above

  • Another seller has them for $13.99 with free shipping as their standard price. Wouldn’t be a true 50% off. Still good price gonna grab one!

    • Hi Can you please post the link for it.

  • yeah they fit my ears really well. even after an hour running no discomfort nor dropping out.

  • i should add even talking people say it comes through fine! other than maybe some wind noise.

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    Thanks getting one , price of a subway sandwich! aint hurt :)

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    Ebay threw in a 5 dollar promo code so… 7 bucks delivered!

  • Got the $5 code too, down to $7 is ridiculous. I'll have a pair for my work PC and one for my phone too.

  • I guess you can't really complain about anything for this price point. Wouldn't hurt to have a pair of these as a backup in the backpack.

  • What is the $5 code?

    • Appeared at check out, thought about writing it down but I was too quick to check out

  • oooh lucky you!

  • Was about to take a punt until I read a comment with these that are similar to other earbuds, even when in the case they still remain connected and only way around that is turn off blutooth on your source device, but annoying cause I have other blutooth devices that I use regularly and don't want to have to turn off bluetooth

    • I can confirm you can simply hold down the button on each of them and they turn off.

      • Do you know if by turning off Bluetooth and turning it back on will disconnect the earbuds and keep them disconnected?

        Was going to buy a couple as stocking fillers for kids and don't want them to be too complicated.

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          Usually no if you turn Bluetooth on straight away. But if you keep it off for some time, the earphones will turn themselves off after some time to preserve the battery.

  • -1

    Anyone else got the $5 code to share? TIA!

    • How do these compare to the posted by OP?

      • i took a chance

        it seems to good to be true with ANC and a case that shows charge level!

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    Dunno anything about these, but I've had a cheap pair of over ear Bludios for a few years now, quality is fantastic, battery is superb, very happy in the product, with that in mind, I'd reccomend the brand based on my experience.

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      Can confirm.

  • so this Bluedios brand is good quality? for $12 I guess got nothing to lose even if they last for 1 year!

  • I have these, they're really bad in my opinion.
    The casing is also huge and feels cheap.

    • Besides the case what makes it bad?

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        They stay connected to your phone (even when you take them out of your ear and put them in the case).
        The buds feel cheap and are hard to get out of the case. The buds are quite long, sound wasn't that great (opinions might differ).
        I only used them one day, didn't feel like trying longer.
        I actually had 2 pair, just ended up giving the brand new one away.

  • How about the call quality? is it any good

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    Call quality is good. Spent hours on it. Wind noise is the only concern. Though for 12 bucks call quality is amazing

    • Thanks for the reply. If possible, pls comment on the battery life?

      • Still too early to say longest I have used them for is about 4 hours.. so it's at least that

        • Nice. It's good then. I'm ordering 1 now :)

  • Just received mine - the case definitely feels cheap but tbh it wasn't as bad as what others have commented on in terms of taking them out the case and fitting my ears. Quality is decent but easy to pair with my phone and I like the ability to pause and restart my music based on motion.

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    I got these today as well. I think they're pretty crap.
    -Case definitely feels cheap as others have commented.
    -They don't turn on an off when they come out of the case like other wireless buds do ($20 Dudios ones do anyway)
    -They're actually hard to get out of the case due to the way the charger fits in, it's not a magnetic operation.
    -Have to turn each one on individually.

    So I got them for $7 so I can't complain - I'll have them connected to my other laptop that doesn't need headphones often. But they're a long way off the $20 Dudios I have, so comparing the $12 v $20 there is a big gulf.

    • I agree (and I only paid $1 for them).

  • They are cheap and a bugger to get out, but they work and sound $12 OK. Paired and worked out of the box first time with Linux Mint, with no issues. Range about 4m, so fine for my office, but can't make it to the kitchen. But they keep going when I return.

    OOS on ebay. Reported.

  • Got them today.
    Sound quality is average but I mainly use for podcast so it’s OK.

    The Play/Pause thing is a pain however, and not suitable for podcasts.

    They are supposed to detect when you take them off and pause playing, which is does. However if you Pause with the button, then take them off, and hold in your hands, it will detect that as being back in your ear and start playing again.

    If I turn them fully off (long press button on each side), put them in the case, press case button to start charging, then when they are fully charged they turn back on, connect to the phone and start playing while still in the case. WTF is that about!!

    This is a real pain for podcast as I lose my position in the episode.

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