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Free Shipping Code for Selected Bulky Items - Certa 4.7m Multipurpose Ladder - $119.99 Delivered @ Kogan


Kogan 48hr free shipping on Selected Bulky Items.

Had been eyeing this for long time and with Free shipping comes to $99.99 delivered.

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  • Kogan just bumped up the price by $20

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    I have this ladder. This ladder is not steady. Would rather spend some more to get a better one from local Bunnings

    • Thanks for that, good to know. You mean it’s uneven on the ground?

      • +1

        Got the ladder during last free ship promo. Thought it was a good deal considering the postage.
        Yes. When you on the step above the folding point, you would feel shaky. I am around 80kg tho. Maybe it is an other kind of reminder for me to lose weight…

        • Are you 5'1?

          • -1

            @grasspun: 80kg is a healthy weight for someone who is 6'4".

            It's the top end of healthy for someone who is 6'.

        • It's not safe to step above the top three rung of any ladder. If someone is supporting it from below, you may go up one rung and straddle it.

          I bought the one that comes with platforms a few months ago and I'm very pleased with it.
          It's light and versatile

        • Do you mean the very first folding point and above? This ladder has three of them.

          Why do you think it's shaky, apart from your weight (which is alright, I guess)? The hinges are bad or is it uneven overall?

        • I don't agree. I also have this ladder and think it's quite good for the price. Yes it's not completely rigid but just be sensible and take some care. If you want something super steady you can get it but at almost triple the price. Not joking, here is a gorilla one. Not as long but very heavy duty.

  • Cool I’ve been after a ~5m ladder, and with free shipping this is a bloody good deal. I’m just pretty concerned with the quality. Even extension ladders around this length are at least around the $300 mark (eg. https://www.totaltools.com.au/114573-gorilla-extension-ladde... ).

    Reviews are pretty positive though.

  • +1

    Waiting for others' feedback before committing…

  • I've been eyeing off those telescope ladders. Need something to get up to my gutters.

    Pulled the trigger on this one. Not expecting rock solid sturdiness fully extended but 1/2 or 3/4 should be right.

    • +2

      So instead of one point of possible failure, you have about 20?

      • -3

        The latches that click the telescope bits into place seem sturdy enough. I'm not a fat (profanity) so didn't bother me.

        Not like I'm gonna be pulling kittens off the top of trees or anything.

        • I had one of those telescopic ladders. I ended up putting it by the curb-side (shiny and near new), because they are dangerous. It is not sturdy, and when you are you working hard and tired, it is easy not to notice that one out of the many moving parts has not clicked in place. In my case, the ladder folded double while leaning against the roof of the patio and I fell forward.

          Don't believe me? Read this

          And don't be rude to people who try to save your life.

          • @Make it so: Fair enough, I wasn't 100% convinced hence hadn't bought one.

            I also wasn't having a go at Manny. Unless it's some $20 dodgy ladder I'm assuming any one with decent reviews is fit for purpose for your average adult.

            If I was overweight yeah I'd go buy a $500 Bunnings ladder.

            • @Shard: They don't have decent reviews

              I'm not overweight myself, and I thought it can't surely be all that bad. But I was wrong and will never buy a cheap ladder again. It's not worth the savings.

              • @Make it so: The telescope one I was looking at was on Amazon, seemed a bit more sturdy than similar models from other sellers.


                I looked into them last week, was going to think it over to next month. This one seems better so I've pulled the trigger (got it for original $99 discounted price).

                My use case is cleaning gutters once a year, maybe the odd lightbulb. Not looking to paint a house or DIY construction.

                edit: fixed wrong link

                • @Shard: Hard to tell from a picture. Just be careful that's all.
                  I rarely use my ladder, but when I do I want to feel confident that it won't come crashing down.

                  Gutter cleaning tip: walk around your roof with a leaf blower on a day where the stuff in the gutters is dry enough to get blown out (don't fall off the roof).

                  • +1

                    @Make it so: Thanks for the tip! Front gutter that needs cleaning is on a veranda, don't think it'll hold my weight.

                    When it arrives and I get the job done I'll report back on how the ladder went.

                    • @Shard: Ladder arrived late last week. Got my gutters done today.

                      Ladder worked like a champ, perfect for what I needed it for.

                      I went as high as 3/4. Could go 4/4 but probably want someone holding the base just in case.

                      Thanks again OP. Good $99 investment for when I need a ladder a few times a year.

  • +2

    I was told not to get these kinds of folding sectional ladders by a tradie friend. They are not safe and and he recommended the 2 piece sliding ladders and the 2 piece A ladders.

  • Have the equivalent from Bunnings - Syneco, can recommend, very sturdy (and likely worth it for the extra cost!)

  • Appears to be only bulk items sold by Kogan, not marketplace sellers.

  • I have this. Came with bent platform pins. Complained and kogan sent another free. No need to return. It's quite narrow but for the occasional job it's fine. Free shipping is awesome

  • Seems cheap …

  • Where do you enter the code on Kogan Checkout? No option displays for my anywhere.. Logged in/out, mobile, 4g, wifi, incognito, adblock off… What am I doing wrong?

      • Thanks… Problem is, box doesnt appear.

    • I had this issue as well. As far as I could tell, you can't apply a coupon if the item you are buying is from a marketplace seller.

      • Item I am trying to buy has the code in the description. Sold by Kogan.

        • Do you want to share the link and I will see what I see? Wouldn't surprise me if it was something dodgy on Kogan's end.

  • Showing $119 to me with free delivery

    • +1

      Same for me, after typing the code in. Otherwise the delivery is not free.

      Funny enough, on the product page, the ladder is $119, but in the dropdown it's $99.

      • Ya, i was a little surprised to see as well. They must have bumped the price up after checking on how many clicks they are getting on that particular item,

  • +1

    Price bumped up by $20… Mod can take it down, as not much of deal then.

  • +1

    After reading all the reviews I purchased this one -
    A little shorter, little more in price, but sturdier and wider. Similar to Gorilla at Bunnings.

  • +2

    As others have said above, these ladders absolutely stink and are a legitimate safety hazard.

    When using one of these in any way above the first couple of rungs they have a tendency to wobble around. Joints never seem to be solid. I would not buy any in this style. The only thing worse is the telescopic type.

    This type as mentioned above is much, much better. https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/certa-449m-ultimate-multipurpos...

  • Thank you, OP.
    I bought one.

  • +1

    Don't buy. Very dodgy and poor quality. They refunded me. I can't even stand on it as it starts dancing/wobbling. Posing a great personal safety risk.

  • I've got this one, a bit shorter but you don't need any bigger for most jobs and any bigger would be impractical for your indoor jobs. It's very sturdy, no wobble at all when extended.


  • I have one and it's sh*t - I don't trust it at all and it's a waste of money considering price and quality. Paired with a Kogan $20 jack it's really not that much of a good deal. I wish I paid more and got a better quality - this one will end up hard rubbish within a year. Am 6ft 76kg maybe for lightweight folks?

  • I wouldn't say it's poor quality. Seems pretty sturdy but main issue is that it is very narrow so for the height it has a high tipping risk. When used as an A frame it is ok if you don't climb too high. Again don't buy this if you intend on using it regularly. For occasional use it is good value. I'd be scared using this to get up onto the roof without someone holding it. Mind you I'm only around 66kg.

  • Would buy but can't enter the code. Box to enter code doesn't appear. Same as someone else mentioned above.oh well.

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